Necrofier CD + Shirt Giveaway!

We are stoked to be partnering with Season of Mist on a giveaway with Houston black metal upstarts Necrofier! The band will be taking part in the 2024 “Decibel Magazine Tour” in support of Hulder, Devil Read more […]

January 2024 Album of the Month: Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation

Glorious times for this veteran U.K. metal entourage in Saxon. Their profile has never been bigger in all parts of the globe – even gaining a chance to tour stateside with Judas Priest when Thunderbolt Read more […]

November 2023 Album of the Month: Sadus – The Shadow Inside

One of those Bay Area bands who straddled the thrash with speed and death angle styles starting in the early ’80s, Sadus made a solid impression on the scene through albums such as Illusions, Swallowed Read more […]

September 2023 Album of the Month: Night in Gales – The Black Stream

Within melodic death metal circles, those truly in the know have Night in Gales near the top of the most influential and finest of the many acts the genre has to offer. The Germans have returned with The Read more […]

Song Premier: Terra Builder’s ‘Solar Temple’

Excitement abound with another exclusive song premier here on Dead Rhetoric! This time, we’ve got a fresh track from the debuting death/grind powerhouse Terra Builder titled “Solar Temple,” which Read more […]

Song Premier: Dyssebeia’s ‘Sacrificed on the Threshold’

We’ve got a big song premier that’ll take a lot of you fine folks pleasantly by surprise. Debuting exclusively at Dead Rhetoric is the latest song by the brand new Swiss progressive blackened melodic Read more […]

Song / Video Premier: Ignited’s ‘Bloody Satisfied’

We’re thrilled to be premiering the brand new music video and first single for Brazilian heavy metal upstarts Ignited, which will be part of the band’s exciting forthcoming sophomore album Cradle of Read more […]

Song Premier: Orphalis’ ‘Watch them Descend’

We’re incredibly excited to premier an explosive piece of death metal savagery with “Watch them Descend” via the German veterans Orphalis, hailing from the band’s soon to be released fourth full-length Read more […]

April 2023 Album of the Month: Fires in the Distance – Air Not Meant for Us

Our April 2023 Album of the Month selection is Air Not Meant for Us, the phenomenal sophomore full-length from the quickly ascending melodic death/doom metal project known as Fires in the Distance. Forming Read more […]

Song / Video Premier: Bray Road’s ‘Feed the Beast’

We’re excited to premier the first track and music video for Wisconsin thrashers Bray Road and their upcoming third full-length Focused. Fierce. Relentless…, due to howl into your psyche on July 15th. The Read more […]

Song Premier: Dead and Dripping’s ‘Aural Interference With Uncanny Subconscious Frequencies’

We’re thrilled to premier a fine piece of audio annihilation in the form of “Aural Interference with Uncanny Subconscious Frequencies” from New Jersey death metal practitioners Dead and Dripping, which Read more […]

Album Premier: Birdflesh’s Sickness in the North

We’re estatic to premier Birdflesh’s latest and much anticipated new album Sickness in the North! Being their first full-length since 2019’s Extreme Graveyard Tornado, we’ve been presented with another Read more […]

March 2023 Album of the Month: Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed

Our March 2023 Album of the Month selection is Vast Reaches Unclaimed, the buzzing debut melodic death metal album from Majesties. Formed by Obsequie’s Tanner Anderson and Inexorum’s Carl Skildum and Read more […]

Song Premier: Olkoth’s ‘The Resurrectionist’

We’re incredibly excited to premier “The Resurrectionist,” which is the latest crushing single from US based death/black metal upstarts Olkoth, taken from their soon to be released first full-length At Read more […]

Blind Oath Merch Bundle Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away a Blind Oath merchandise bundle including an LP, CD, t-shirt and sticker to one (1) lucky winner. Here’s the scoop: Formed in 2018 in the rusted Bible Belt city of Tulsa, Read more […]

February 2023 Album of the Month: Insomnium – Anno 1696

Our February 2023 Album of the Month pick is Anno 1696, the new platter from long-running Finnish melancholic melodic death metallers Insomnium. Anno 1696 is a concept record about the “Great Famine” Read more […]

January 2023 Album of the Month: Obituary’s Dying of Everything

Obituary’s 11th studio foray, Dying of Everything, has snagged our Album of the Month honors. It’s not really much of a surprise since the Floridians are the bastions of consistency and savagery. But, Read more […]

December 2022 Album of the Month: Hammers of Misfortune – Overtaker

Hammers of Misfortune founder, guitarist and songwriter John Cobbett coined “psychedlic thrash” as the term for the band’s recent Overtaker album. He’s spot-on. The album, in typical Hammers fashion, is Read more […]

Song Premiere: Hellevate – ‘Dagon’

We are stoked to be premiering “Dagon,” a song from Kansas City thrashers Hellevate. Playing melodic thrash metal with a mixture of extreme and power metal thrown in to keep listeners on their toes, Hellevate Read more […]

November 2022 Album of the Month: Threshold – Dividing Lines

Long-running U.K. progressive metallers Threshold have returned with Dividing Lines, their first album in five years. It also happens to be our November 2022 Album of the Month. Here’s what Matt Coe had Read more […]

Scars of the Flesh – In Darkness Alone Giveaway Bundle

We are stoked to giving away a Scars of the Flesh bundle with an assortment of goodies to one (1) lucky winner, including: Black shirt featuring Scars of the Flesh’s The Hooded One artwork; In Darkness Read more […]

October 2022 Album of the Month: Acid Witch’s Rot Among Us

Detroit psychedelic death doomsters Acid Witch release new albums on Halloween. (Talk about great planning!) Their first studio opus since 2017’s Evil Sound Screamers, Rot Among Us pulls from the band’s Read more […]

Song Premiere! Madrost’s ‘Zombie Grinder’

We are streaming “Zombie Grinder,” a cut from Southern California progressive thrashers Madrost’s Lost Lives Volume 1 live album. “This particular version of ‘Zombie Grinder’ showcases it in its beginning Read more […]

Epoch of Unlight – At War With the Multiverse CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving a CD copy away of Epoch of Unlight’s new At War With the Multiverse album to one (1) lucky winner. Here’s the scoop: Their first album in 17 years, At War With the Multiverse Read more […]

Song Premier: Algebra’s ‘Constricted’

We are stoked to be streaming “Constricted,” a song from Swiss thrashers Algebra’s forthcoming Chiropetra album. Here’s the scoop: Algebra have become one of the most reliable machines in metaldom Read more […]

August 2022 Album of the Month: Soulfly’s Totem

Totem, the 12th studio album from the venerable Max Cavalera and Soulfly, finds the legendary Brazilian dishing out tribal thrash like its the early 1990s all over again. In fact, age has done little to Read more […]

Negative 13 – Mourning Asteri Full Album Stream!

Post-punk sludge masters Negative 13 are back! Nearly 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut, Negative 13 is set to return with Mourning Asteri. We are stoked to be streaming the album in Read more […]

June 2022 Album of the Month: Kreator – Hate Über Alles

German thrash institution Kreator release an album every five years. It’s a time period necessitated by their nose-to-the-grindstone focus on touring and their status as an elite band whose studio albums Read more […]

May 2022 Album of the Month: Decapitated – Cancer Culture

Polish death-mongers Decapitated made some less-than-brutal choices on their previous two outings, 2014’s Blood Ritual and 2017’s Anticult. However, on their latest opus, Cancer Culture, Vogg and crew Read more […]

Song Premiere: Miscreation’s ‘VI’

We are quite stoked to premier “VI,” a track from Canadian tech-death merchants Miscreation’s Miscreation MMXXI EP. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy, Miscreation’s intelligent Read more […]

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