January 2024 Album of the Month: Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation

Saturday, 3rd February 2024

Glorious times for this veteran U.K. metal entourage in Saxon. Their profile has never been bigger in all parts of the globe – even gaining a chance to tour stateside with Judas Priest when Thunderbolt was released, as well as developing a couple of inspiration-related records (Inspirations and More Inspirations) showcasing different influences of their childhood. The trend continues with Hell, Fire and Damnation, which explains it why snagged our Album of the Month honors for January 2024.

According to Matt Coe, when it comes to the second/third generation of heavy metal’s enduring appeal, Saxon belongs front and center in the conversation due to their ability to not just parade out a bevy of standouts from their past but create an equal amount of killer tracks over the course of their discography from the ’90s, 2000s, all the way through to 2024 through Hell, Fire and Damnation. Still believing in the album format, let’s hope retirement isn’t in the cards for another five or ten years.

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