Song Premier: Dyssebeia’s ‘Sacrificed on the Threshold’

Tuesday, 19th September 2023

We’ve got a big song premier that’ll take a lot of you fine folks pleasantly by surprise. Debuting exclusively at Dead Rhetoric is the latest song by the brand new Swiss progressive blackened melodic death metal duo Dyssebeia, in the form of “Sacrificed on the Threshold” from their upcoming first album Garden of Stillborn Idols.

Dyssebeia – according to the band, ‘the allegory’s name of impiety and ungodliness in ancient Greece’ – was founded by Alexandre Sotirov (vocals) and Merlin Bogado (guitars). They are joined by Sam Jakubec and Duran Bathija of Stortregn, who recorded the drums and bass respectively for this song and the full forthcoming album.

The above long form description of the band’s sound is quite expansive, and it doesn’t quite begin to fully articulate the many influences and styles that have been incorporated into their complex and surprisingly cohesive mixture. Imagine the melancholy of In Mourning and Insomnium, enhanced by the technicality of Be’Lakor, the blackened tinge of Fatal Embrace, and constructed in the vein of the forward thinking progressive stylings of Barren Earth. An eclectic combination, to be sure, and it’s one fans of the aforementioned artists will definitely want to give a spin.

“Sacrificed on the Threshold” begins with soothingly wistful clean guitars setting the mood, quickly followed by a soaring melodic lead and a complex tapestry of guitar wizardry. Top those off with smooth progressions, cerebral changes in tempo, and Sotirov’s gritty harsh vocalizations. Salivating yet? Dive into the song below:

Dyssebeia’s debut full-length, Garden of Stillborn Idols, will be released on November 17th via Transcending Obscurity Records. Pre-orders for the album live now, as well as a full merchandise line, via Bandcamp, the Transcending Obscurity official store, and their European store for those residing in that part of the globe.

Dyssebeia’s Garden of Stillborn Idols is:
Vocals – Alexandre Sotirov
Guitars – Merlin Bogado
Bass – Duran Bathija
Drums – Sam Jakubec

Album artwork by Bryan Teach

Track listing:
1. Mors Tua, Vita Mea
2. Retribution
3. Moon Bearer
4. Sacrificed on the Threshold
5. Hatch
6. Black Swarm
7. Funeral Ink
8. Apophenia

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