Song / Video Premier: Bray Road’s ‘Feed the Beast’

Thursday, 1st June 2023

We’re excited to premier the first track and music video for Wisconsin thrashers Bray Road and their upcoming third full-length Focused. Fierce. Relentless…, due to howl into your psyche on July 15th.

The band’s thematic premise is that of a werewolf-like creature that has reached legendary status, claimed to have been seen on a road of the same name in Elkhorn, Wisconsin; first in 1936, as well as several other times since. This creature has been nicknamed the Beast of Bray Road, and no doubt is a fitting subject for that of some kick ass thrash madness, to which Bray Road is all too happy to provide.

As for the song, expect an abundance of fast, galloping thrash riffs, with crossover/punk inspired vocals that compare to that of legends DRI in terms of structure and ferocity. It’s to the point, snappy, and ferocious.

The video itself is a fun slice of campy B-horror madness that’s close to this scribe’s heart. The story revolves around the fellows from the band dealing with an overzealous and all-around cruddy/abusive boss, of which drummer Peter Kissane states, “It’s time” post verbal lashing to signal the release of this beastly werewolf to wreak vengeful havoc on their unsuspecting office pest. The rest, well, check out the video itself! It’s a wacky good time.

Bray Road was formed back in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Nino Nienas, releasing their first album Pounded into Dust a year later. Adding a second album with Feast upon the Helpless in 2017 and an EP titled Formation in 2019, the band’s third LP has the band ready to roar with an aggressive thrash attack, resulting in their biggest release to date. The album drops on July 15th, and you can pre-order the CD here.

Bray Road is:
Nino Nienas – Vocals/Guitars
Peter Kissane – Drums
David Moran – Bass

Photo by: Hobbes Caltous

Track Listing:
1. Goodbye, Ms. Godfrey
2. Nobody’s Junior
3. Feed The BEAST
4. Possible Violence
5. Ride
6. Dark Passenger
7. Takes One To Know One

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