Ravage – Beware of the Spider

In the early 2000’s, this scribe caught Ravage at a live show opening for Lizzy Borden at a venue called Jarrod’s Place in Attleboro, Massachusetts – striking a friendship with the band that continues Read more […]

Suldusk – Pushing Through Musical Boundaries

Setting the underground abuzz with a potent debut back in 2019 entitled Lunar Falls, Suldusk has come a long way in the past five years. Starting off as a one-woman effort from Emily Highfield, the years Read more […]

SETYØURSAILS – Overcoming Demons

SETYØURSAILS left a major impression with their previous album, Nightfall. A personal album that was able to hit a variety of sonic tones and avoided any one genre in particular. With their new album, Read more […]

Leaves’ Eyes – Of Myths and Legends

Returning triumphant after 2020’s The Last Viking, symphonic metal act Leaves’ Eyes this time takes a turn towards the mystical and magical with their new album, Myths of Fate. Not a concept album this Read more […]

Disbelief – War of the Mind

Photo: Axel Jusseit A staple of the German metal scene, Disbelief have been plugging away since 1990 combining aspects of groove, sludge, thrash and death into their sound. Killing Karma is the group’s Read more […]

Týr – Prepare for the Next Battle

Photo: Gaui H. When it comes to a traditional brand of progressive folk metal, there’s nothing quite like the aural, out of body experience pouring through the discography of Týr. Active since 1998, Read more […]

Vicinity – Passengers in Life

Photo: Daniel Almli & Steffen Normark Progressive metal has always been a constant staple in this scribe’s life – branching off from artists like Fates Warning, Queensrÿche and Dream Theater into Read more […]

Hammer King – Carry the Torch

Photo: Anne Swallow Hoisting the flag for heavy metal high, Hammer King continues to execute well-played anthems ready to appease followers that savor the classic elements of the style. König und Kaiser Read more […]

Kill the Lights – Melodies of Death

Many bands saddled with the ‘supergroup’ status tend to release an album, see where it takes them, and then tend to vanish. Rare is an act that not only rises further into their own, but continues to raise Read more […]

Resin Tomb – Inevitable Putrescence

Metal from down under has been on a roll for quite some time, with newcomers entering the fray on a regular basis. One such who has assembled a sound that’s virulent and shatteringly abrasive is Resin Read more […]

Alterium – The Power of Fantasy

Rising from the ashes of power metal upstarts Kalidia, Alterium are a new act featuring several of that band’s faces, most notably that of vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini. Taking the spirit of that band’s Read more […]

Lords of Black – Let’s Be Heroes Again

When it comes to a versatile band willing to put out a mix of traditional, power, and progressive metal material, lately you would be hard pressed to not be smiling when taking in the discography of Lords Read more […]

Hypoxia – Roaring With Defiance

While the death metal genre has been evolving into multiple sub-categories, there’s nothing like a strong old school sounding act like Hypoxia that remembers to write solid songs beyond the impressive Read more […]

BRAT – Welcome to Bimboviolence

Photo: Greta Gerstner A whirlwind of grindcore, powerviolence, and death metal, BRAT hail from the incredible New Orleans heavy music scene – as a result developing a sound that is quite explosive Read more […]

Leather Lung – Emerging From the Ashes

Photo: Raz Asraai When it comes to gritty stoner doom metal that also takes into account aspects of the DIY punk, hardcore, and heavy music scene, there seems to be no better breeding ground for artists Read more […]

Illumishade – Lighting Up A New Side

Bursting onto the scene with some launching power due to vocalist Fabienne Erni and guitarist Jonas Wolf’s presence in the band Eluveitie, Illumishade stayed in the public ear due to their ability to make Read more […]

Firewind – Mindful When United

Photo: Tim Tronckoe Glorious times for melodic power metal followers – especially when a new Firewind album hits the streets. Stand United as the tenth studio record sees these gentlemen continue Read more […]

Grey Skies Fallen – Mournful While Exuding Hope

New York’s Grey Skies Fallen has been a vital act to the US underground metal scene. Their fusion of influences across doom, death, and progressive lines ensures each recording contains some distinctive Read more […]

Lutharo – Riding Within Euphoria

Toronto, Canada has within their ranks another modern melodic metal beast in the form of Lutharo. Steadily establishing their diverse style that includes elements of power, thrash, death influences, a Read more […]

Judas Priest – Shattering the Invincible Shield

Metal journalism has been in this scribe’s blood since the late 1980’s. After decades of talks with musicians around the globe, there are only a few personal bucket list conversations that would be Read more […]

Hands of Goro – Step Into the Outerworld

Photo: Jehn w.a. Seeking to establish a sound that may be the Third Wave of British Heavy Metal, California’s Hands of Goro as a three-headed monster injects everything from punk to classic rock into Read more […]

Sonata Arctica – Into the Cold Beyond

Photo: Jaakko Manninen Bonafide headliners when it comes to power metal, Sonata Arctica feels the time is right to pivot back into more conventional waters through their latest album Clear Cold Beyond. Read more […]

Myrath – Carrying On

Photo: Leo Margarit Combining elements of progressive metal with their cultural, Middle Eastern influences, Myrath have made an impact with their music since changing names from Xtazy in 2006. Through Read more […]

Suicidal Angels – Fighting for Humanity

When it comes to the resurrection of thrash during the early 2000’s, one of the European acts who built a buzz for the new generation is Greek act Suicidal Angels. They’ve arrived with this eighth Read more […]

Durbin – Piercing Steel

The combination of fantasy, magic, and mysticism have always been hallmarks when it comes to creating a new world for heavy metal. Durbin brings out the traditional follower of the movement – when artists Read more […]

Morta Skuld – Fighting Underdogs

While many remember the early death metal pioneers from countries or states like Sweden or Florida, there were other quality acts in the 1990’s sprouting up from the Midwest like Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Read more […]

Surgical Strike – Nonstop Hate

Photo: Marcel Huebner Just as important in the thrash genre as the Bay Area, Germany has always been a solid market not just for its fervent appreciation of the movement, but it’s own domestic output. Read more […]

Darkest Hour – A Wealth of Experience

One of the first American acts that started to really showcase some influence from the Gothenburg scene in this scribe’s memory is that of Darkest Hour. Injecting Scandinavian melodies into a more visceral, Read more […]

Infected Rain – Vehicles for Emotion

Continuing to change and evolve with each album, Infected Rain sit as one of the more prominent bands of the current modern metal scene. But it’s not something that happened over night. Working independently Read more […]

Dust Bolt – Follow Your Instincts

Photo: Niklas Niessner Growth is a constant factor as we age. We absorb, collect, and process new experiences. We shouldn’t be surprised that coming out of this global pandemic, many artists in the Read more […]

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