Suicidal Angels – Fighting for Humanity

When it comes to the resurrection of thrash during the early 2000’s, one of the European acts who built a buzz for the new generation is Greek act Suicidal Angels. They’ve arrived with this eighth Read more […]

Durbin – Piercing Steel

The combination of fantasy, magic, and mysticism have always been hallmarks when it comes to creating a new world for heavy metal. Durbin brings out the traditional follower of the movement – when artists Read more […]

Morta Skuld – Fighting Underdogs

While many remember the early death metal pioneers from countries or states like Sweden or Florida, there were other quality acts in the 1990’s sprouting up from the Midwest like Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Read more […]

Surgical Strike – Nonstop Hate

Photo: Marcel Huebner Just as important in the thrash genre as the Bay Area, Germany has always been a solid market not just for its fervent appreciation of the movement, but it’s own domestic output. Read more […]

Darkest Hour – A Wealth of Experience

One of the first American acts that started to really showcase some influence from the Gothenburg scene in this scribe’s memory is that of Darkest Hour. Injecting Scandinavian melodies into a more visceral, Read more […]

Infected Rain – Vehicles for Emotion

Continuing to change and evolve with each album, Infected Rain sit as one of the more prominent bands of the current modern metal scene. But it’s not something that happened over night. Working independently Read more […]

Dust Bolt – Follow Your Instincts

Photo: Niklas Niessner Growth is a constant factor as we age. We absorb, collect, and process new experiences. We shouldn’t be surprised that coming out of this global pandemic, many artists in the Read more […]

Eternal Storm – A Rising Tide

Having made a splash with their debut From the Ashes in 2013 and the expansive Come the Tide in 2019, Eternal Storm have been on the ascent, refining their eclectic approach to extreme metal. Heavy doses Read more […]

Rifforia – Ready to Destroy

Can’t say there have been a lot of father/son tandems playing together in metal bands during the history of the genre – but similar to the case of Udo and Sven Dirkschneider for U.D.O., it’s happening Read more […]

Selected Singles – January 2024

Decided to jump right back in with a second round of these, hopefully I can stick to a monthly column as there’s seemingly plenty of material out there to get covered. This month, we will look at the following Read more […]

Hiraes – Awakened Resilience

Storming into the melodic death metal community with their first album in the middle of the pandemic, Hiraes are back for round two with Dormant. Comprised of ex-members from Dawn of Disease and Critical Read more […]

Any Given Day – Unbroken Spirits

With three full-length albums already under their belts, Germany’s Any Given Day have been making a name for themeselves in the German metal scene for over a decade. Their newest album, Limitless, is their Read more […]

Saxon – Hurling Fire and Steel

Photo: Ned Wakeman Veterans of the classic British metal style that elevated this music to a global audience, Saxon continues to produce high quality studio albums even in these modern times. Hell, Read more […]

Advocacy – Perseverance Through Decoherence

Progressive rock / metal may always be a niche style in terms of acceptance, but the following and exploration in terms of where musicians take these genres has never shined brighter as it has in the current Read more […]

Dissimulator – A Lower Form of Resistance

Not very often you hear bands in 2024 willing to tackle an advanced form of technical thrash while also injecting a bit of death, avant-garde angular aspect to their sound. That’s what you’ll hear Read more […]

Domination Campaign – Launching the Storm of Steel

A side project established by Psycroptic members Jason Peppiatt and Joe Haley, Domination Campaign explores older pure death metal influences through their style of tones, songwriting, plus war-inspired Read more […]

Lord Dying – Nothing Is Everything

Photo: Neil DaCosta Continually evolving from record to record, Lord Dying can’t be merely categorized as a sludge metal outfit. Aspects of psychedelia, progressive rock, all the way through to stoner Read more […]

Metalite – New Expeditions

Having made a name for themselves in the modern metal community with their commitment to merging power metal glory, cinematic gravitas, and elements of electropop, Metalite have become a force to be reckoned Read more […]

Rome In Monochrome – Pushing Ego Out of the Equation

Italian sextet Rome In Monochrome embraces a wide array of influences when it comes to their style. Dubbing themselves ‘ghost metal’, listeners can expect everything from post rock, alternative to Read more […]

Exit Eden – Breaking the Mold

Debuting in 2017 with an album of pop-turned-metal covers in Rhapsodies in Black, and composed of all-star vocalists from the symphonic and modern metal scenes, Exit Eden hit the ground running. But when Read more […]

Daniel Barkasi Best-of 2023

Pictured above: Myself with one of our kittens, Akasha, who’s absolutely mad in the best way. Another year that blasted by very quickly, and here we are, with another year end list. What a crazy year Read more […]

Striker – Rev Up With Ultrapower

The heavy, power, and traditional melodic metal landscape is in great shape thanks to bands like Striker producing high quality songwriting year after year. These Canadians continue to explore horizons Read more […]

Hyloxalus – Stare Into the Black Hole

Photo: Charis Windrim We at Dead Rhetoric love to cover as many artists as we can, in diverse genres no matter if they have a major label / distribution support on down to those climbing the ranks on Read more […]

Everdawn – Seek the Silver Lining

Residing on the East Coast of the USA in New Jersey, Everdawn displays an intriguing blend of sounds and approaches going into their latest studio album Venera. The fourteen songs contain elements of AOR, Read more […]

Selected Singles – December 2023

With the way that people consume music changing, alongside the way that groups release music in smaller packages (EPs, singles), it seemed like the right idea to start looking at ways to cover those releases Read more […]

Hitten – Making Passion Last

Together now for well over a decade, Spain’s Hitten have developed a sound that incorporates a host of classic heavy metal and melodic hard rock influences – along with power and speed elements – Read more […]

Katarina McGinn Best-of 2023

Despite some small personal health setbacks at a few points, 2023 felt like the year of ‘getting back to normalcy,’ for me at least. Getting back into the double-digits for live shows over the course Read more […]

David E. Gehlke Best-of 2023

The intrepid Matt Coe recently shared the factoid that this site has eclipsed 18,000 posts. Dead Rhetoric was launched ten years ago with Mr. Coe under the premise of delivering a healthy dose of insightful Read more […]

Axenstar – Victorious Symphony

Fortunate to access promos from this Swedish power metal outfit since the start through their debut album from 2001 Perpetual Twilight, Axenstar arrives strong as ever for their eighth studio platter for Read more […]

High Spirits – Investigate the Other Side

Almost fifteen years running, Chicago-based act High Spirits continues to resonate to those who love classic hard rock/heavy metal done from a passionate, purity perspective. It’s all about catchiness Read more […]

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