Serenity – Elevate Memoria

What’s a symphonic-oriented power/progressive metal band to do when you release a great studio album for The Last Knight at the start of 2020- only to have touring cancelled as a global pandemic spread Read more […]

Katarina McGinn Best of 2022

Not having to sit around and review every single release that comes through my inbox has been a blessing in the best way this year.  It gave more time to truly appreciate the releases that caught my ear, Read more […]

Induction – Spreading the Fire

It’s helpful to have any leg up when entering the metal scene these days. For Induction, this power/symphonic metal act possesses guitarist Tim Hansen within its ranks – the son of legendary Helloween/Gamma Read more […]

November 2022 Rapid Fires

As we enter the final stretches of 2022, there are still plenty of records to consume, process, and devour – in a variety of genres across the metal platform. Here is our latest look into more quick hitting Read more […]

Enemy Eyes – Cultivating New History

Vocalist Johnny Gioeli has been involved in one hundred records now with the release of this latest band Enemy Eyes. Grateful for the opportunity to showcase a newer side to his voice and songwriting, Read more […]

Gomorra – Standing United

Best known as the homeland to Celtic Frost and Coroner, Switzerland has made a small imprint on the metal scene over the decades. Aiming to put their stamp on things is power/thrash metal outfit Gomorra. Read more […]

Mantric Momentum – Heavy on the Hooks

A lot of productivity has taken place in terms of newer studio projects or bands due to the excessive time away from the stage over the past few years because of a well-known pandemic. Originally developing Read more […]

Leather – Back in Control

It’s always a pleasure to speak to the majestic metal singer Leather Leone – back again for her third album under her Leather moniker with We Are the Chosen. Teaming up with younger musicians that Read more […]

Edge of Haze – Validation in Diversity

We tend to embrace a lot of Scandinavian metal at Dead Rhetoric – especially acts from Finland. Here’s another DIY band that we’ve been following on the site for quite a few years with Edge of Haze. Read more […]

Sodom – Revel in Attack Mode

There aren’t many groups that make it forty years, even in heavy metal, but that’s where we have arrived in the career of German thrash unit Sodom. Marking this anniversary given the lack of show, Read more […]

Jaded Heart – Harder and Faster

Probably not as well known in North America as they are in mainland Europe and the Far East, Jaded Heart have been a consistent band releasing melodic hard rock/heavy metal since the 1990’s. Pulling Read more […]

The Offering – Beware of the Elephant

Once establishing yourselves as artists, the challenge becomes satisfying your own creative itch while hopefully maintaining (as well as expanding) those who want to become a part of your following. For Read more […]

Defleshed – Back to the Grind

Originally active during the 1990’s and early 2000s, Defleshed produced a series of demos and albums combining a vicious attack of death/thrash that spoke to the intensity and purity of those genres. Read more […]

October 2022 Rapid Fires

Now that we are in the depths of the final quarter of 2022, there’s more than enough releases to tackle for those wishing to quench their thirst for any type of metal. We welcome you once again to our Read more […]

Dragonland – A Celestial Journey

Eleven years between records seems like an eternity in the metal realm – but such is the case for Swedish symphonic power metal band Dragonland as their latest record The Power of the Nightstar hits Read more […]

Nicklas Sonne – Truth in Resonance

Best known for his work in the Danish progressive metal act Defecto, Nicklas Sonne felt the time is right to deliver a solo album of material in Resonance that carries a different level of creative diversity Read more […]

Warkings – Quest for the Dark Sorceress

Wasting no time creating another record, international power metal band Warkings bring a sense of reverie, strong imagery, heralding ancient warrior times through their material. Morgana is the fourth Read more […]

Iron Allies – Union in Steel

Respectful admiration for their body of work over the years led to a new metal band featuring vocalist David Reece and guitarist Herman Frank with Iron Allies. Both part of the Accept family during various Read more […]

Munroe’s Thunder – Darkness, Betrayal, and Bravery

Back in 2014 this writer had the great opportunity to speak with ex-Metal Church vocalist Ronny Munroe about his latest solo album at the time, Electric Wake. Years in the making, we find the opportunity Read more […]

Rhythm of Fear – Architects of Pain

It’s exciting to hear younger artists taking a wide range of influences across the thrash, hardcore, crossover spectrum beyond the 80’s to develop newer material with their own twist on things. Florida’s Read more […]

Borealis – Escape from Reality

When it comes to versatility within the power/progressive metal landscape, those hungry for a younger act creating addictive material, look no further than Canada’s Borealis to fill that need. Their Read more […]

No Return – Relentless Requiem

Stalwarts of the French death/thrash scene, No Return embraces a take no prisoners assault on the senses through their decades of records and performances. Their eleventh studio album Requiem continues Read more […]

After All – A New Beginning

Starting in the late 80’s, Belgian act After All have been delivering a brand of speed/thrash metal that contains solid melodic hooks plus interesting riffs, songwriting, and overall musicianship-oriented Read more […]

Behind Your Fear – Embrace the New Ways

Many longtime music fans probably remember the sultry voice of Stefanie Duchene during her time in the late 90’s/early 2000’s with German gothic metal act Flowing Tears. She’s now back on the scene, Read more […]

Queensrÿche – Peaks and Valleys

Veterans of heavy metal, Queensrÿche strives to move forward with new records that celebrate the passion they have for their artistry. Digital Noise Alliance is the group’s sixteenth studio record – Read more […]

September 2022 Rapid Fires

The September 2022 edition of Rapid Fires, our short review column, boasts the usual array of the underground’s finest. Up for review this month is Dark Forest, Evermore, Hartmann, Infidel Rising, Power Read more […]

Kill Division – Peace in the Court of Public Opinion

This four-piece group contains well known players to those familiar with the extreme metal landscape. Ties to Gruesome, Megadeth, Venom Inc., plus work in the past with Malevolent Creation shouldn’t Read more […]

Allen / Olzon – Diamonds in the Rough

The days of artists only sticking to one musical outlet for their entire career rarely exists – especially if you want to remain relevant plus pay the bills as a working musician in today’s society. Read more […]

Trauma – Another Awakening

Best known for Metallica plucking their bass player Cliff Burton to join their group, Trauma would go on to release a debut album Scratch and Scream on Shrapnel Records plus get the chance to play on bills Read more […]

Splintered Throne – Beware of the Reaper

Excelling at a traditional form of heavy metal with classic and power influences from the 70’s/80’s, Oregon’s Splintered Throne perform in a comfort zone based on a style they were exposed to during Read more […]

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