Negative 13 – Mourning Asteri Full Album Stream!

Thursday, 7th July 2022

Post-punk sludge masters Negative 13 are back! Nearly 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut, Negative 13 is set to return with Mourning Asteri. We are stoked to be streaming the album in full below!

The long-awaited second full-length from these veterans of the Pittsburgh, PA scene bears the mark of a band born anew. Retaining the groove-laden and abrasive fury from their early work, Mourning Asteri takes the band’s infusion of stoner, sludge and doomcore to a new level.

Edward Banchs (guitar): “We are more than happy and relieved to finally get this album out into the world. It took us the better part of 2021 to write it after 12 years of not playing together. So this is quite the exhale. It’s a great representation of who we were, who we are now, and where we want to go musically. Lyrically, this album comes from a dark place of loss, mourning and the feeling that happens when we have to let go though we know all we want to do is hang on.”

Scott Fisher (vocalist/lyricist): “This album should be used as a pain reliever. Darkness brought to light. Channeling loss, love and redemption. Art created heals all wounds.”

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