Song Premier: Terra Builder’s ‘Solar Temple’

Thursday, 21st September 2023

Excitement abound with another exclusive song premier here on Dead Rhetoric! This time, we’ve got a fresh track from the debuting death/grind powerhouse Terra Builder titled “Solar Temple,” which is part of their soon to be released first album of the same name.

Terra Builder is a project comprised of a group of quality and accomplished musicians from various realms of heavy music, resulting in an eclectic creative force. The lineup features guitarist/growler Tobias Buck (Neaera/Our Loss is Total/I the Unlord), vocalist Rene Wichmann (I The Unlord), guitarist Ben Guddorf (ex-Steel Death), bassist Lutz Lambert (ex-Neorite), and drummer Yannick Bussweiler (Ferndal).

What we’re given with this quintet can be described as unbridled ferocity, amassed in a conjuration of aggressive rhythms and riffs heavier than a load of Oganesson. No punches are pulled, with some elements comparable to Aeviterne’s penchant for blistering riffs and the suffocating aura of Altarage.

“Solar Temple” brings the crunch immediately with nastily galloping riff insanity, finely complimented by guttural growls and menacing tremolos to create a burgeoning atmosphere. This track never loosens its tight grip, from grinding intensity to technical prowess, and one can imagine the rest of the album will be just as unrelenting. Smash some old furniture with us to this shiny new tune:

Terra Builder’s well anticipated debut album, Solar Temple, will be released on September 29th via Transcending Obscurity Records. Pre-orders for the album live now, as well as a full merchandise line, via Bandcamp, the Transcending Obscurity official store, and their European store for those residing in that part of the globe.

Terra Builder’s Solar Temple is:
Guitars & growling vocals – Tobias Buck
Guitars – Ben Guddorf
Bass – Lutz Lambert
Drums – Yannick Bussweiler
Vocals – Rene Wichmann

Album artwork by Micha Schneider/Odetoblack
Band logo by Rohhalusmu

Track listing:
1. End of Orbit
2. Interplanetary Portal
3. Constant Cosmic Failure
4. Abyss
5. Solar Temple
6. Dead Celestial
7. Total Overcome
8. Carbon Based Misery
9. Cryogenic Sleep

Terra Builder on Facebook

Terra Builder on Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Records on Facebook

Transcending Obscurity Records on YouTube

Transcending Obscurity Records (including official store)

Transcending Obscurity Records US Store

Transcending Obscurity Records European Store

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