Song Premier: Dead and Dripping’s ‘Aural Interference With Uncanny Subconscious Frequencies’

Tuesday, 2nd May 2023

We’re thrilled to premier a fine piece of audio annihilation in the form of “Aural Interference with Uncanny Subconscious Frequencies” from New Jersey death metal practitioners Dead and Dripping, which is part of their upcoming album Blackened Cerebral Rifts.

What Dead and Dripping offer up is uncompromising brutal death metal with a technical flair, that’s both chaotic and menacingly focused. A multitude of different vocal growls form together with dizzying guitar work to culminate in a work of savage death metal ferocity. Those who like their death metal to tear their earholes to shreds need to take heed. Don’t just take our word for it – check out this freshly cut track below!

Dead and Dripping is a solo project of Evan Daniele (also of Sentient Horror), who meticulously crafts every aspect of their brand of carnage. Blackened Cerebral Rifts is the project’s third full-length since materializing in 2016, and will be released to the universe on August 11th on Transcending Obscurity Records. Pre-orders can be made for the album, as well as an impressive line of merchandise, via Bandcamp, the Transcending Obscurity official store, as well as the label’s brand new European store for those within that region of the world.

Dead and Dripping’s Blackened Cerebral Rifts is:

Evan Daniele – All music and lyrics

Artwork by Jason Wayne Barnett

Track listing:
1. Tragic Ascent Of Absurdity’s Pale Moon
2. Humanoid Statues Parading Condescending Gestures
3. Aural Interference With Uncanny Subconscious Frequencies
4. Infinitely Plummeting Into Violet Portals Of Delusion
5. Hopeless Desire For Reprieve
6. Meticulously Unraveling The Serpentine Consciousness
7. Kaleidoscopic Visions Of Porous Obsidian Eternities
8. Molecular Degradation Upon Warped Onyx Stoves
9. Hysterical Mirages of Otherworldly Calamity

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