March 2023 Album of the Month: Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed

Monday, 17th April 2023

Our March 2023 Album of the Month selection is Vast Reaches Unclaimed, the buzzing debut melodic death metal album from Majesties. Formed by Obsequie’s Tanner Anderson and Inexorum’s Carl Skildum and Matthew Kirkwold, the trio put together a biting slice of melodic death metal that pays homage to the early origins of the genre, while also adding their own special touch. Ultimately, Majesties’ attention to detail paid off, culminating in a record crafted with great care and fondness that has taken the metal world by storm, as stated in our Daniel Barkasi’s review:

What Majesties have managed to do is create a release that encompasses everything that was fresh and exciting about the formation of melodic death metal, add in their own spin on the genre, and formulate a classic that will stand the test of time. The cold winters of Minnesota have suited these gentlemen well! Vast Reaches Unclaimed is a near flawless piece of music that is ingrained into this scribe’s brain, as it will many others. The melodies are infectious, vocals fierce, rhythm section pulsating, and songwriting as intricate as anything you’ll hear all year. We can wax poetic all day about Majesties, however, it’s time to give this another spin or a hundred.

Check out the full review here, as well as our interview with the band!

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