October 2022 Album of the Month: Acid Witch’s Rot Among Us

Friday, 4th November 2022

Detroit psychedelic death doomsters Acid Witch release new albums on Halloween. (Talk about great planning!) Their first studio opus since 2017’s Evil Sound Screamers, Rot Among Us pulls from the band’s now patented array of death metal, doom metal, psychedelic rock, stoner, NWOBHM and even a bit of horror synth (think John Carpenter). It was enough to take home Album of the Month honors for October 2022, as described by Matt Bower in his 9/10 review.

Rot Among Us is by far Acid Witch’s most potent concoction to emerge from Cauldron Cave. Featuring elements from each previous album, while introducing new sounds to the beastly brew, it is the band’s darkest and most mature album to date, yet also its catchiest, as you will be singing along to these songs, humming the melodies and banging your head from the moment you hit Play. So doom on, tune off and drop out with the Witch!

Check out the full review at this location!

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