August 2021 Album of the Month – The Night Flight Orchestra’s Aeromantic II

This one probably comes as no surprise to any avid DR reader, as any new Night Flight release seems to hit in everyone’s sweet spot even if it doesn’t resemble metal in the least.  There’s something to Read more […]

July 2021 Album of the Month – Helloween’s Helloween

On the heels of a very successful global reunion tour, the one and only Helloween has brought forth what many had been hoping for since the touring began – a brand-new effort that features 3 vocalists Read more […]

June 2021 Album of the Month – Fear Factory’s Aggression Continuum

An album that has been stuck, itching to come out for several years now – at times questionable if it could be released, Fear Factory finally make their return with Aggression Continuum. A release that Read more […]

EP Stream: World Below’s Dereliction

It’s Wednesday, and you’ve still got half the week to go. If you need a little anger management to make it through, we have you covered with a pissed-off EP stream of Philadelphia, PA’s World Below. Read more […]

At the Gates – Ongoing Nightmares

A band that has thrived on being experimental throughout their years, despite the massive impact of Slaughter the Soul, At the Gates post-comeback have been really doing their best to avoid redundant waters. Read more […]

Killing Addiction CD Giveaway

Dead Rhetoric and Xtreem Music are giving away copies of Killing Addiction’s new Mind of a New God CD to five (5) lucky winners. Here’s the scoop: Following the death of guitarist and original member Read more […]

Split Stream: Ritualistic and Radamanthys’ Ritualmanthys

In the mood for some technicality, melody, and brutality in more or less equal quantities? Get an early start on your July 4th festivities with our stream of Radamanthys’ and Ritualistic’s upcoming split Read more […]

May 2021 Album of the Month – Sumo Cyco’s Initiation

Just squeezing through tough competition with Alluvial and Frozen Crown, Canadian act Sumo Cyco snag album of the month for their energetic and fun Initiation. An album that twists and turns, sticks in Read more […]

April 2021 Album of the Month – Cannibal Corpse’s Violence Unimagined

This far into their career, it would be easy (and even understandable) for death metal champs Cannibal Corpse just to continue rehashing the formula an churning out more material for touring. Instead, Read more […]

Yellowtooth – The Burning Illusion CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away copies (and a sticker) of Yellowtooth’s new The Burning Illusion CD to five (5) lucky winners! Working with Year of Desolation/Prime Specimen guitarist/studio engineer Read more […]

Song Premiere: Millstone’s “Everything is as it Should Be”

We at DR are happy to showcase the ripping third single from Siberian metal act Millstone in the form of “Everything is as it Should Be.” The song comes from their upcoming release, Isle, which is being Read more […]

Cruz Del Sur Music CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric, along with Cruz Del Sur Music, are giving away a copy of the label’s (and sub-label Gates of Hell Records) latest releases to one (1) lucky winner. Up for grabs is: Adamantis – Far Flung Read more […]

Video Premiere: Adarrak’s “Through the Fabric of Time”

It’s that time again at DR, that time of course, being a fresh video to roll out. We are showcasing a new video from Singapore death metal act Adarrak for the song “Through the Fabric of Time,” which Read more […]

March 2021 Album of the Month: Orden Ogan’s Final Days

Continuing to reach higher and higher with each album, Orden Ogan have really nailed it with their latest in Final Days. Massive hooks to sink into, addictive melodies and harmonies, and some straight Read more […]

February 2021 Album of the Month: Epica’s Omega

A pretty varied 2021 so far, with February having some strong efforts from many acts across metal’s many facets. Epica managed to just squeeze out the winner this time, with their first full-length in Read more […]

January 2021 Album of the Month: Tribulation’s Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

The first of our picks for the new year, Tribulation reigned supreme with their newest offering Where the Gloom Becomes Sound. Continuing to polish their gloomy, gothic atmosphere combined with NWOBHM, Read more […]

Song Premiere: Revulsion’s “Lihaan Sidottu Kirja”

We are happy to partner up with Transcending Obscurity Records to share a new track from the upcoming self-titled album from Revulsion. The first full-length effort from the long-running Finnish band Read more […]

Deathblow – Insect Politics CD + Vinyl Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving away a CD copy to one lucky winner, and, a vinyl copy to a separate winner, of Deathblow’s new Insect Politics full-length. The band’s second full length since 2014’s Prognosis Read more […]

November 2020 Album of the Month: Dark Tranquillity’s Moment

A favorite among much of the DR staff, Dark Tranquillity have always carried the torch high for melodic death metal. Previous record Atoma was a high water mark for the band, and Moment manages to outdo Read more […]

March in Arms – Pulse of the Daring CD Giveaway!

We are currently giving away a copy of March in Arms’ Pulse of the Daring CD to one (1) lucky winner. Originally recorded in November 2018, Pulse of the Daring is finally ready for release. After months Read more […]

October 2020 Album of the Month: Enslaved’s Utgard

Enslaved show no signs of slowing down with their latest release, Utgard. In fact, there’s a youthful hunger to this album, with some pieces that make it sound different from previous releases yet still Read more […]

Ignitor – The Golden Age of Black Magick CD Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric and Metal on Metal Records are giving away a CD copy of Ignitor’s new The Golden Age of Black Magick album to two (2) lucky winners! The Golden Age of Black Magick consists of eight newly Read more […]

September 2020 Album of the Month: Amaranthe’s Manifest

It was a real close one this month, with a few titles like Vanishing Point and Amiensus also vying for some attention, but ultimately Amaranthe’s Manifest won out. A deserving victory, as the band’s one Read more […]

Madrost – Charring the Rotting Earth CD, Cassette and T-Shirt Giveaway!

Dead Rhetoric and No Life Til Metal Records are giving away a prize package from California technical progressive death metallers Madrost. Founded in the summer of 2007, Madrost focuses on precision songwriting Read more […]

Song Premiere: Coexistence’s “Detach from the Abyss”

We have some mind-boggling tech death for you to start out your week here at Dead Rhetoric. We’ve partnered up with Transcending Obscurity Records to bring you a premiere of a new track from Coexistence, Read more […]

Song Premiere: Hateful’s “The Irretrievable Dissolution Process on the Shores of Time”

We at DR are stoked to premiere a new slab of death metal to help get you through the workweek. This one comes from the Italian act Hateful, who will release Set Forever On Me on September 25 through Read more […]

August 2020 Album of the Month: Unleash the Archers’ Abyss

Unleash the Archers has been gaining the favor of the metallic masses (and DR) for quite some time. Apex was a shining beacon of thrilling heavy metal, and follow up Abyss takes all of the pieces of their Read more […]

July 2020 Album of the Month: Imperial Triumphant’s Alphaville

A continued force within extreme metal, and not afraid of pushing boundaries, it comes as no surprise that Imperial Triumphant’s latest release is both oppressive and impressive. Alphaville sees the band Read more […]

June 2020 Album of the Month: Beyond the Black’s Horizons

Bands evolve, bands change their sound. Fans are often insistent to embrace those changes, particularly when they make a turn towards the ‘mainstream’ or embrace more pop-driven elements. But Beyond Read more […]

Song Premiere: ORCumentary’s “The Time of the Orc Has Come”

Start off your Fourth of July weekend (for those of us in the States that is) with a fresh track from Connecticut’s ORCumentary. “The Time of the Orc Has Come” is the first single from the one-man band’s Read more […]