Serenity – Elevate Memoria

What’s a symphonic-oriented power/progressive metal band to do when you release a great studio album for The Last Knight at the start of 2020- only to have touring cancelled as a global pandemic spread Read more […]

Legendarium – Death’s Hand In Yours (Self-Released)

An international duo consisting of musicians from the Netherlands and Italy, Legendarium started in 2017 as the brainchild of Laurence Kerbov. Seeking out a drummer in Stefano Vaccari, Laurence tackles Read more […]

Gomorra – Dealer of Souls (Noble Demon)

Establishing themselves under this recently modified Gomorra moniker for their 2020 Divine Judgement album, this Swiss group’s history reaches back to the mid-90’s as The Gonorrheas. Confident in the Read more […]

Katarina McGinn Best of 2022

Not having to sit around and review every single release that comes through my inbox has been a blessing in the best way this year.  It gave more time to truly appreciate the releases that caught my ear, Read more […]

(Echo) – Witnesses (Black Lion Records)

Diverse coverage has been a staple of this site since its inception – tastes for the scribes running across numerous genres underground and above. Hailing from Italy, (Echo) perform in an atmospheric Read more […]

Induction – Spreading the Fire

It’s helpful to have any leg up when entering the metal scene these days. For Induction, this power/symphonic metal act possesses guitarist Tim Hansen within its ranks – the son of legendary Helloween/Gamma Read more […]

Lyzzärd – The Abyss (Fighter Records)

Formed out of a literal brotherhood between singer Tiago Quelhas and guitarist Ricardo Azevedo in 2013, Lyzzärd is a Portuguese heavy metal act that have released an EP and debut album Savage over their Read more […]

Headfist – This New World… (Self-Released)

Sometimes challenges occur in finding passionate, committed musicians to cohesively agree to a style, cause, plus the hard work ethic it takes to get a band off the ground. Chile thrash metal act Headfist Read more […]

November 2022 Rapid Fires

As we enter the final stretches of 2022, there are still plenty of records to consume, process, and devour – in a variety of genres across the metal platform. Here is our latest look into more quick hitting Read more […]

Call of Charon – The Sound of Sorrow (Massacre Records)

While other acts may have delayed their next release, German modern death metal act Call of Charon felt the need to follow-up 2019’s Plaguebearer debut album with a quick five-song EP assault in The Read more […]

Imha Tarikat – Hearts Unchained – At War with a Passionless World (Lupus Lounge)

Imha Tarikat’s second foray, 2020’s Sternenberster, was a Gatling gun of vocal exhortations. Founder, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ruhsuz Cellât (real name: Kerem Yilmaz) peppered, sprayed, Read more […]

Enemy Eyes – Cultivating New History

Vocalist Johnny Gioeli has been involved in one hundred records now with the release of this latest band Enemy Eyes. Grateful for the opportunity to showcase a newer side to his voice and songwriting, Read more […]

Threshold – Dividing Lines (Nuclear Blast)

One of the most underrated bands in progressive metal to these ears remains UK’s Threshold. Active since the late 80’s, their discography contains a wide array of melodic material featuring solid songwriting/musicianship Read more […]

Enemy Eyes – History’s Hand (Frontiers Music)

The 100th official release associated with vocalist Johnny Gioeli, his work is well known in the rock/metal circles. Be it Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell, Crush 40, or his own solo ventures, globally people Read more […]

Gomorra – Standing United

Best known as the homeland to Celtic Frost and Coroner, Switzerland has made a small imprint on the metal scene over the decades. Aiming to put their stamp on things is power/thrash metal outfit Gomorra. Read more […]

Steelwings – Still Rising (Pure Steel Records)

Part of the first wave of Swedish heavy metal during the early 80’s, Steelwings released four demos and a single before arriving at their self-titled debut album in 1989. Then a prolonged hiatus ensued, Read more […]

Leather – We Are the Chosen (Steamhammer/SPV)

Arriving at the third studio album as Leather, vocalist Leather Leone dug down deep for We Are the Chosen to hold nothing back in hopes of captivating the legions who love her powerhouse pipes over the Read more […]

Mantric Momentum – Heavy on the Hooks

A lot of productivity has taken place in terms of newer studio projects or bands due to the excessive time away from the stage over the past few years because of a well-known pandemic. Originally developing Read more […]

Mantric Momentum – Trial by Fire (Frontiers Music)

Originally developing as a singles-oriented outfit full of guest musicians to support guitarist Christer Harøy’s songwriting with Jacob Hansen, Mantric Momentum soon shifted into a full-album deal for Read more […]

Leather – Back in Control

It’s always a pleasure to speak to the majestic metal singer Leather Leone – back again for her third album under her Leather moniker with We Are the Chosen. Teaming up with younger musicians that Read more […]

Detraktor – Full Body Stomp (Massacre Records)

Beyond advancing up the label ranks from Violent Creek with their debut album Grinder to Massacre Records for Full Body Stomp, German thrash group Detraktor also had a bit of a shuffle in instrumentation/players Read more […]

Freternia – The Final Stand (Rock of Angels Records)

First awareness for Swedish power metal act Freternia to this scribe came back in 2002, when their second album A Nightmare Story came out on Spanish label Arise Records. Seemingly falling off the radar, Read more […]

Edge of Haze – Validation in Diversity

We tend to embrace a lot of Scandinavian metal at Dead Rhetoric – especially acts from Finland. Here’s another DIY band that we’ve been following on the site for quite a few years with Edge of Haze. Read more […]

Doomsday – Depictions of Chaos (Creator-Destructor Records)

Developing a love of crossover thrash from the Bay Area, Doomsday formed in 2018 to include members from various hardcore / metal outfits – pumping out a steady set of material in the form of an EP, Read more […]

Soul Grinder – Anthems from the Abyss (MDD Records)

When aiming to establish reliability or consistency in the metal realm, it helps to have a healthy, creative impulse to grind out the material, release it, plus perform on any live stage that will potentially Read more […]

Sodom – Revel in Attack Mode

There aren’t many groups that make it forty years, even in heavy metal, but that’s where we have arrived in the career of German thrash unit Sodom. Marking this anniversary given the lack of show, Read more […]

Scattered Storm – In This Dying Sun (Blood Blast Distribution)

Fresh off their debut EP release Oblivion from last year, Scattered Storm of El Paso, Texas returns for their second EP In This Dying Sun. Together for three years, they’ve added bassist Brian Fausnaugh Read more […]

Nicklas Sonne – Resonance (Prime Collective)

Already establishing himself within the progressive metal world through his work in Defecto, guitarist/vocalist Nicklas Sonne has assembled songs that didn’t necessarily fit that mold to issue his first Read more […]

Jaded Heart – Harder and Faster

Probably not as well known in North America as they are in mainland Europe and the Far East, Jaded Heart have been a consistent band releasing melodic hard rock/heavy metal since the 1990’s. Pulling Read more […]

Empire Drowns – Nothing (Uprising! Records)

A quintet that features members/ex-members of acts like Withering Surface, Saturnus, A Sun Traverse, Meridian, and Ukraft, Empire Drowns started in 2011 and released their debut EP Bridges in 2013. Nine Read more […]