Song Premier: Dreams of Gray’s ‘A Beginning’

Thursday, 29th February 2024

Coming off of a well-received debut EP early in 2023 titled The World After, Chicago’s Dreams of Gray are gearing up for a second EP later this year. Today, we’re excited to premier the first single off of said yet to be titled EP, “A Beginning.”

Dreams of Gray is the musical vision of Luis Rivera, who has created an eclectic sound consisting of a variety of influences – from melodic death metal, thrash, doom, and even classic metal, emerging with an amalgamation of his very own. His death metal roots with Abolisher are ever apparent – especially vocally – while a plethora of other influences help give each song their own identity.

With “A Beginning,” there’s an embrace of the doom metal side of things, with big riffs dominating the atmosphere, while Rivera’s midrange clean vocalizations add a new dimension to Dreams of Gray’s array of styles. Blackened tremolos give a cutting edge within the bridge, transitioning to an emotive and bombastic finish. Plenty to sink one’s teeth into, and everything comes together nicely. Quite a teaser for the upcoming EP, but don’t just take our word for it! Listen for yourself:

This single will officially drop on March 1st via Bandcamp and various streaming services. Keep an ear out for more information on the upcoming second EP, slated for release sometime in the middle of 2024.

Dreams of Gray is:
Guitars & Vocals – Luis Rivera

Mixed and mastered by Josh Middleton of Sylosis

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