Song Premier: Orphalis’ ‘Watch them Descend’

Tuesday, 6th June 2023

We’re incredibly excited to premier an explosive piece of death metal savagery with “Watch them Descend” via the German veterans Orphalis, hailing from the band’s soon to be released fourth full-length As the Ashes Settle.

For connoisseurs of the brutal and technical side of death metal, these Dortmund natives are what you’ve been looking for. However, Orphalis definitively transcend these simple genre labels, as there’s a progressive and melodic side to their complex song structures and varying time signatures that combine to form a wholly unique, crushingly cathartic experience. Think Psycroptic in terms of eclecticness, but with a distinctive edge that’s all their own.

Their latest song that we’re debuting exemplifies those properties with memorable melodies and gargantuan riffs, with a multi-faceted vocal attack that blends seamlessly with the thumping rhythms. Listen and watch along with this super cool lyric video:

Orphalis have been smashing in our respective faces since 2010, continuing to refine and hone their sound with each subsequent release. Their latest, As the Ashes Settle, drops on our helpless selves on August 25th on Transcending Obscurity Records. Pre-orders for the album are up and ready, as well as a full merchandise line, via Bandcamp, the Transcending Obscurity official store, and the label’s European store for those residing in that part of the globe.

Orphalis’ As the Ashes Settle is:
Thomas Szczecina – Vocals
Jens Dürholt – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Morten Formeseyn – Guitars
Thomas Köhler – Bass
Phillip Hatcher – Drums

Artwork by Artwork by Adam Burke

Track listing:
1. As the Ashes Settle
2. Ritual of Conflagration
3. Watch them Descend
4. The Wolves Draw Near
5. An Effigy to Humanity
6. Staring into Ruin
7. Moon Supremacy
8. From Shadows Arisen
9. Labyrinth Configuration
10. To Embrace Defeat
11. Crowned in Hatred

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