Song Premier: Destroyer of Light’s ‘Waiting for the End’

Tuesday, 19th March 2024

Texas based Destroyer of Light have created an impressive discography since 2012’s self-titled debut, releasing a total of four full-length efforts while making their mark within the landscape of the methodical soundscapes that doom metal has to offer. Their fifth album Degradation Years will unfortunately be their last, and the band are insistent on going out with a bang.

With that in mind, we’re extremely proud to offer the premier of the second single off of said final album in the form of the hypnotic “Waiting for the End.”

Vocalist/guitarist Steve Colca sets the scene: “‘Waiting for the End’ started out as an improvised jam. As we started to piece the song together, the chorus riff emerged. Keegan (guitarist Keegan Kjeldsen) wrote this really cool Blue Öyster Cult-type melody lead that just fit the mood the more we worked on it, and the vocal melodies and arrangements came, we realized that this is a pretty pop-oriented song. We had started writing songs for the album and the songs were already sounding more experimental, so we decided to roll with it.”

“Lyrically, it is about people in power tearing us apart and watching us destroy ourselves. I don’t know why but I get this image of Jack Palance in Tango & Cash sitting in his leather chair, looking at 50 TV’s, just waiting to push the button to light off explosives.”

The track is indeed a trippy adventure, kicking off with an alluring clean guitar driven piece, quickly layered with Colca’s soulful croon that harkens back to a memorable period of psychedelic rock. The track picks up some steam – especially with that slick earworm of a solo – all while remaining infectiously catchy without losing the overall hazy mood the band have concocted. Check it out:

Degradation Years will release on April 5, and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. Be sure to also check out the first single from the album “Cruel World” now!

Destroyer of Light’s Degradation Years is:
Guitars & Vocals – Steve Colca
Guitars – Keegan Kjeldsen
Bass – Mike Swarbrick
Drums – Kelly Turner

Recorded at Austin’s Orb Recording Studios (Grimes, The 1975) and mastered by James Plotkin (Voivod, Botch, Thou).

Track listing:
1. Cruel World
2. Waiting for the End
3. Perception of Time
4. Failure
5. Man with No Name
6. Blind Faith
7. Where I Cannot Follow

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