Kryoburn – Three Years Eclipsed (Candlelight Records)

Coming at you with an intriguing combination of industrial and melodic metal sensibilities, Kryoburn returns for their sophomore release Three Years Eclipsed. Their first album, Enigmatic Existence, Read more […]

Engel – Thernody (Season of Mist Records)

Boasting such a fantastic lineup of musicians – all of which have made considerable impact on the Swedish metal scene with their former groups – you’d think that Engel would be flowing with creativity Read more […]

Debauchery – Kill Maim Burn (AFM Records)

The inundation of trendy, “core”-based death metal is eventually going to swing the pendulum back in the direction of more simple-mindedbands like Debauchery. With Kill Maim Burn (originally released Read more […]

Intronaut – Valley of Smoke (Century Media Records)

Often buzzed-about, California’s Intronaut have been coddled by the metal press, who often claimed these guys were the next logical step from Isis and friends. ‘Tis hasn’t quite been the case, as Read more […]

A Forest of Stars – Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (Transcendenal Creations)

“A Forest of Stars.” Sounds celestial, doesn’t it? And yeah, it’s not a total stretch to say this United Kingdom-based black metal ensemble at least have some of those airy and poignant moments Read more […]

Wormrot – Abuse (Earache Records)

Not sure how Blistering let this one slip by since the summer; maybe it was all the shitty baseball being viewed. Or not. Getting to Wormrot’s debut album Abuse now, at the tail-end of 2010 does reveal Read more […]

Obsidian – Point of Infinity (Candlelight Records)

Dutch tech death metal Obsidian arrive with their second album, Point of Infinity. Hurling their sound of polyrhythms, thunderous grooves and roaring twisted death at audiences since their 2002 unveiling, Read more […]

Atlantean Kodex – The Golden Bough (Cruz del Sur Music)

As far as traditional metal offerings go, you’re not going to cull a more remote outfit than Bavaria’s Atlantean Kodex. Not having much to do with one particular scene or country works in the band’s Read more […]

Agalloch – Marrow of the Spirit (Profound Lore Records)

Nary a flaw in Agalloch’s discography, and perhaps one of the few bands in the underground who will remain unblemished, John Haughm and crew return with the much-anticipated Marrow of the Spirit. Read more […]

Shadows Fall – Madness in Manila: Shadows Fall Live in The Philippines 2009 DVD/CD (Everblack/Ferret Music)

Seriously, how long are Brian Fair’s dreadlocks going to get? They’re practically touching the floor, which makes one wonder if the dude has a good chiropractor or has a really strong neck. We’re Read more […]

Mushroomhead – Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children (Megaforce/Filthy Hands Records)

The debate whether Mushroomhead are more valid and better than Slipknot is now a long-gone proposition (for the record, they are), and it has allowed the Cleveland-based troupe to gradually carve out Read more […]

The Devil Wears Prada – Zombie EP (Ferret Music)

Widely considered one of the worst bands going (Blistering has avoided these guys like the plague, obviously), The Devil Wears Prada have enjoyed a continual upswing since their emergence in 2007, thus Read more […]

Grand Magus – Monument Reissue (Metal Blade Records)

Totally hate the fact these guys are lumped in with the stoner scene – they’re so superior to that, it’s not even funny. Frankly, in terms of straight-up traditional metal bands, there may be no Read more […]

Oceano – Contagion (Earache Records)

Oceano is such a predictable band and Contagion came across as such an obvious-sounding record, that Blistering debated on not even listening to the album at all prior to reviewing it (blast you, promotional Read more […]

Aborym – Pyschogrotesque (Season of Mist Records)

Like Red Harvest and Tidfall, both of whom could never manage to make cyber black metal click, Aborym has also suffered from the same indignity, even as the Italians truck in and out various “stars” Read more […]

Halford – Halford IV: Made of Metal (Metal God Productions)

The cover…is this a Nascar racing game for the PS3? You should know better, Halford. One can understand the cross-promotional aspect of having an actual race-car adorn the Metal God banner (which is Read more […]

Cradle of Filth – Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa (Nuclear Blast Records)

There’s little debate over how increasingly extreme Cradle of Filth has become over the years, and it’s not a reach to say they’re heavier than their more black-like contemporaries (and rivals) Dimmu Read more […]

Magic Kingdom – Symphony of War (Limb Music)

Anyone remember the days of the original Metal Mania’s on MTV with Dee Snider hosting during the mid 1980’s? If so, you might remember like me, your first encounter with Sweden’s Yngwie Malmsteen. Read more […]

God Dethroned – Under the Sign of the Iron Cross (Metal Blade Records)

Usually as veteran bands evolve, one expects commercial aspects to creep into the group psyche in the hopes of making underground origins blossom into career-sustaining recording and touring cycles. Read more […]

Addicted to Pain – Addicted to Pain EP (Hear N Now/Megaforce Records)

A bit like a junior Pro-Pain, Albany’s Addicted to Pain’s claims they are thrash seem to be a bit unfounded, as this 4-song EP is in the vein of meat-and-potatoes, American metal. You know, the no-frills Read more […]

Children of Technology – It’s Time To Face the Doomsday (Hell’s Headbangers Records)

Talk about kicking it old-school, Italy’s Children of Technology’s It’s Time To Face the Doomsday will only be released on vinyl and tape. Seriously, who has a tape player nowadays? Maybe those Read more […]

Dio – At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (BBC Recordings)

Golden times these were for Dio, especially in ’83, just when Holy Diver hit and exploded. As the title suggests, At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 captures the Man (and his top-notch band) Read more […]

Salome – Terminal (Profound Lore Records)

Fresh-faces are always welcome in the awfully-tired stoner doom or general doom scene (excuse Blistering’s lack of enthusiasm here), so leave it to a chick and two dudes to breathe some life into the Read more […]

Jaldaboath – Rise of the Heraldic Beasts (Napalm Records)

Weird, but isn’t one Alestorm enough for the world? It’s no sweat off anyone’s back to have Swashbuckle around, who are far more mean and thrashy than Alestorm could ever be, so perhaps it’s only Read more […]

At Vance – Decade (AFM Records)

Argh. The dreaded best-of compilation. Debate resounds as to whether bands truly desire these contractually obligation cash-grabs or if record labels believe consumers are mere sheep locking into a “must Read more […]

Athorn – Phobia (AFM Records)

Hailing from the festival metal Mecca of Germany, Athorn seemingly arise out of nowhere to label rank status in a mere two years, releasing only one EP Livable Hatred in the process. But the five-piece Read more […]

Equilibrium – Rekreatur (Nuclear Blast Records)

A band that is very much a conglomerate of everything that Pagan/folk/epic metal is (and that’s a lot), Equilibrium have yet to figure out what kind of band they are on their second album, Rekreatur. Read more […]

Murder Construct – Murder Construct EP (Relapse Records)

Rounding up a bunch of death metal veterans for a project is hardly new (actually, it’s quite overdone), yet when it’s done right, and when it sounds like the band actually gives a fuck, the results Read more […]

Creation’s End – A New Beginning (Sensory Records)

Boasting a pseudo all-star lineup with former Riot/Masterplan singer Mike Dimeo and James Labrie guitarist Marco Sfogli in the ranks, Creation’s End are the stinging example that for the millionth time, Read more […]

While Heaven Wept – Triumph: Tragedy: Transcendence – Live At the Hammer of Doom Festival (Cruz del Sur Music)

It’s an utter crime to label these guys as doom, ‘cause there so much more to them. Like, so much more. One of the more cult and widely-respected American metal bands of this era, While Heaven Wept Read more […]