Cerebral Bore – Maniacal Miscreation (Earache Records)

Friday, 22nd March 2013
Rating: 8/10

Typically, gore-ridden brutal death metal doesn’t deviate a whole lot. Which isn’t always a bad thing, considering there are some fantastic and very consistent acts out there. However, it is nice to get something off the beaten path that hits just as hard. Enter Cerebral Bore.

This Scottish four-piece has been around since 2006, with Maniacal Miscreationbeing their debut release in 2010. It has since been re-released by Earache, and thus should have a nice wide distribution. And deservedly so – this is tight, crunchy brutal death metal played in their own style. Immediately, comparisons of Devourment and Dying Fetus come to mind, but let it be known that they are in no way a carbon copy of these or any other band. Cerebral Bore has carved out their own niche – and it’s quite the refreshing listen.

So much death metal these days is simply all speed and no substance. As a long time follower of many styles of this genre, there are so many generic, dull copycat bands that it can get quite frustrating to sift through the mediocrity. Cerebral Bore, however, get it – speed is good, but the riffs are pounding, the vocals are varied, and there’s some true song writing going on with the complex structures on display. Songs like “Epileptic Strobe Entrapment” and “Entombed in Butchered Bodies” are so hard hitting, yet diverse, that they really draw in the listener. Tracks such as the title track bring on some insanely heavy doom riffing, and a lot of back and forth time changes that make this album as interesting as it is full on brutal.

The vocals are also all over the place (in the best way possible), with growls, shrieks and everything in between thrown into the mix. Nice to see another female vocalist kicking some serious tail, and Cerebral Bore’s Simone “Som” Pluijmers is a name that no doubt will become much more known in the metal scene in the coming years due to her immense tone and ability. There’s even much lyrical comedy to be had as well – just check out “24 Year Party Dungeon” and you’ll get that drift. Absolute madness.

Another impressive bit is that this album is entirely self-produced, and it’s done so in a very suitable and professional manner. Maniacal Miscreation sounds just as it should – gritty with tons of punch. The fact that there are actual songshere – not just a mish mash of fast drums and guitars accompanied by low register grunts – is very welcome and shows a creativity that more bands desperately need. The tempo changes are all perfectly timed, with every element coming together with precision. By in large, this is the most impressive aspect of Cerebral Bore, which is putting them ahead of the pack in this cluttered scene.

Cerebral Bore is a band to keep an eye out for. They have a great debut album on their hands, of which any fan of this style of death metal should be able to enjoy, along with those who may not delve into this genre as often. Much quality is on display within Maniacal Miscreation, and if this group can get themselves on a few good tours, their stock should rise considerably.


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