Gorgoroth – Reissues (Regain Records)

Long before Gorgoroth became the resident Drama Queens of black metal, they were regarded as one of the more promising bands on the Norwegian front. The albums in question – Under the Sign of Hell, Antichrist, Read more […]

Doro – All We Are – The Fight (Locomotive Records)

Obviously this is some sort of stop-gap release, the usually prolific Doro putting together her most popular solo and Warlock tunes for a five-song, five video EP. The only song that really broke Doro Read more […]

Endstille – Endstilles Reich (Regain Records)

Pretty ugly and unrelenting, these Endstille fellows. Their political values have always been in question since a handful of their lyrics deal with weaponry from World War II and since they are German, Read more […]

Neuraxis – Live Progression (Galy Records)

Now signed to Prosthetic Records where no doubt bigger things will be in store, Montreal’s Neuraxis are doing the ‘ole contractual obligation release with Live Progression. Recorded in front of an Read more […]

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