Landmine Marathon/Scarecrow – Split (Level Plane)

‘Tis a cool concept for a split – two bands that actually don’tsound like each other, Landmine Marathon continuing in their rumbling, primitive (lots of Bolt Thrower) approach to crusty death Read more […]

Dead to Fall – Are You Serious? (Victory Records)

With nothing more to show than a reputation as a good live band, Chicago’s Dead to Fall have veered off the metalcore path with a tongue-and-cheek album ragging on the scene they have been bottom-feeders Read more […]

To-Mera – Delusions (Candlelight Records)

Clearly one of the more left-field and adventurous albums to feature standard female vocals, Delusions from To-Mera is a bit too much on the experimental side, the band unable to recreate the sterling Read more […]

Agalloch – The White (Vendlus Records)

Limited to only 2,000 copies, The White is an EP featuring various ditties Agalloch has recorded the past three years. ‘Tis a cool thing because their latest few length, Ashes Against The Grain one Read more […]

Hellhammer – Demon Entrails (Century Media Records)

For anyone in search of a good read and some of the most honest and bare-bones insight on the 80’s metal underground, check out Tom G. Warrior’s Are You Morbid? – Into the Pandemonium of Celtic Frost. Read more […]

Iron Maiden – Live After Death DVD (Sony BMG)

The second part in Maiden’s “Story Of” series, the Live After Death DVD not only features the live concert in which bears its name, it also contains a 60-minute documentary detailing the recording Read more […]

Vader – Lead Us! (Regain Records)

Although Lead Us! contains no new material, it’s pretty kewl, as Vader has always been reliable in terms of churning out something new at least once a year with some odd quirk. This time, it’s the Read more […]

Biomechanical – Cannibalised (Earache Records)

Live, Biomechanical may be notoriously hit and miss, but on record they’ve never been known to under-perform. Cannibalised continues in that vein, this time offering up much more of a challenging, Read more […]

Stuck Mojo – Southern Born Killers (Napalm Records)

Sheesh, it really was 10 years ago when Stuck Mojo were all over the place on WCW Wrestling? My God, where does the time go? Their Rising album was their arguable peak, the album that allowed the band Read more […]

Martriden – The Unsettling Dark (Candlelight Records)

Matriden’s home state of Montana has about as many palm trees as metal bands, which is why Matriden is quickly earned a rightful position amongst the North American modern black metal scene. The band’s Read more […]

Various Artists – Pagan Fire (Nuclear Blast Records)

A compilation of the best-of-the-best epic folk metal bands (sans Borknagar and Tyr), Pagan Fire is an excellent introduction into another one of metal’s niches that is only picking up steam. Heading Read more […]

Ascension of the Watchers – Numinsoum (Thirteenth Planet)

The promo copy of this comes with a blurb just under the band logo that simply states, “FEAT. Burton C. Bell.” A few small words which carry with them a lot of history and lumps Ascension Of The Watchers’ Read more […]

L’ Espirit du Clan – Corpus Delicti (Galy Records)

This one sat in the pile for a while, ignored probably because yours truly cringes whenever he sees a bunch of neo-metallers dressed to the nines in baggy, hip-hop clothing. Needless to say, when Corpus Read more […]

Avantasia – The Scarecrow (Nuclear Blast Records)

With Edguy taking a break after the mostly good Rocket Ride album, mainman Tobias Sammet has resurrected his Avantasia project, this time with a cast of characters culled outside of the metal world, giving Read more […]

Death Angel – Killing Season (Nuclear Blast Records)

Of all the thrash reunions and revival going on of late, Death Angel is one of the few that has been able to keep its head above water, immune to the pressures of creating something ‘old-school’ and ‘brutal’ Read more […]

Nifelheim – Envoy of Lucifer (Regain Records)

Seven years since their last album (2000’s Servants of Darkness), Sweden’s Nifelheim return with Envoy of Lucifer. One would think such a delay in releases would spark some unbridled creativity, but Read more […]

Primordial – To The Nameless Dead (Metal Blade Records)

There have been few, if any hiccups in Primordial’s run as Ireland’s exo-de-facto metal band. Maybe 2002’s Storm Before Calm ranks as something of a disappointment, but that was the album that succeeded Read more […]

Gorgoroth – Reissues (Regain Records)

Long before Gorgoroth became the resident Drama Queens of black metal, they were regarded as one of the more promising bands on the Norwegian front. The albums in question – Under the Sign of Hell, Antichrist, Read more […]

Doro – All We Are – The Fight (Locomotive Records)

Obviously this is some sort of stop-gap release, the usually prolific Doro putting together her most popular solo and Warlock tunes for a five-song, five video EP. The only song that really broke Doro Read more […]

Endstille – Endstilles Reich (Regain Records)

Pretty ugly and unrelenting, these Endstille fellows. Their political values have always been in question since a handful of their lyrics deal with weaponry from World War II and since they are German, Read more […]

Neuraxis – Live Progression (Galy Records)

Now signed to Prosthetic Records where no doubt bigger things will be in store, Montreal’s Neuraxis are doing the ‘ole contractual obligation release with Live Progression. Recorded in front of an Read more […]

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