Chaosweaver – Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger (Napalm Records)

Any band that purposely namedrops the likes of The Kovenant must have little, or no regard for people’s perception. The Kovenant, of course, was the much-maligned Dimmu Borgir/Mayhem electronic black Read more […]

Oddland – The Treachery of Senses (Century Media Records)

Anyone that has been in a band and has entered a Battle of the Bands knows they’re practically rigged. The judges are in cahoots with at least one of the bands, or said band has paid a truckload of money Read more […]

Mortillery – Murder Kill Death (Napalm Records)

Hailing from Edmonton, Canada (most known to ardent hockey fans where Wayne Gretzsky won several Stanley Cups before their team exodus to America), Murder Kill Death, the debut album from thrash band Read more […]

Crystal Viper – Crimen Excepta (AFM Records)

Female-fronted power metal bands can’t be counted upon to make any sort of major leaps and bounds when one year separates their releases. In the case of Poland’s Crystal Viper, last year’s Legends was Read more […]

The Undivine – Delusional Noise (Inverse Records)

Here’s a new one: A Finnish metal band sounding Brazilian. Metal never ceases to fail when it comes to geographical flip-flopping, eh? The Undivine are a Finnish five-piece, who have been around since Read more […]

Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme (Relapse Records)

The Gallagher/Beasley/Williams formation has not only been Dying Fetus’s longest lasting incarnation, it is perhaps their most productive. The time the band spent shaking off the cobwebs after the dissolution Read more […]

Rise to Remain – City of Vultures (Century Media Records)

If your father was the lead singer for Iron Maiden you’d try to sound as different as possible, right? That, and you’d be up Steve Harris’ butt to include more songs from Somewhere in Time in the Read more […]

Generation of Vipers – Howl and Filth (Translation Loss Records)

Post-metal has never cared about vocals. They’re an afterthought, just like guitar solos are in sludge, modesty is in power metal, and showering is in grind. Not like it matters, for post-metal’s beauteous Read more […]

Ihsahn – Eremita (Candlelight Records)

Anyone who has followed Ihsahn’s post-Emperor trajectory shouldn’t be surprised by an album like Eremita. The black metal dribbles are scant, while the progressive, avant-garde elements have been Read more […]

The Cory Smoot Experiment – When Worlds Collide (Metal Blade Records)

The November 2011 death of guitarist Cory Smoot rocked the world of GWAR and metal. Largely responsible for their post 2004 War Party output, Smoot’s portrayal of the Flattus Maximus character led Read more […]

Architects UK – Daybreaker (Century Media Records)

Busy blokes Architects UK are, with the paint barely having dried from last year’s well-received The Here and Now. Subsequent tours had the band out and about with Rise Against, thus padding their reputation Read more […]

Allegaeon – Formshifter (Metal Blade Records)

Boasting a hearty mix of technical death metal and classic melodic death metal, Colorado’s Allegaeon hit the ground running with an impressive debut in Fragments of Form and Function in 2010. Said Read more […]

Delain – We Are the Others (Sensory Records)

While many groups quake at the pressure of releasing a third album, the Dutch symphonic metal five-piece Delain seem to thrive at the prospect of proving to fans that they will be a force to reckon with Read more […]

Holy Moses – 30th Anniversary – In the Power of Now (SPV Records)

Hard to figure out what the real purpose of 30th Anniversary – In the Power of Now is, for Holy Moses have long been a b-league female-fronted thrash band, meaning there’s no hit or hits to be found. Read more […]

Kreator – Phantom Antichrist (Nuclear Blast Records)

Much more fuss about a Kreator release than say, a Destruction or Sodom album. A lot of that is owed to 2001’s Violent Revolution and 2005’sEnemy of God, two of the best “return to form” thrash albums Read more […]

The Agonist – Prisoners (Century Media Records)

Lots to digest with Prisoners, which is odd for a lot of us since most bands of the female-fronted ilk don’t necessarily cause anyone to split hairs. It’s like the stuff was created to be so disposable Read more […]

Fear Factory – The Industrialist (Candlelight Records)

Admittedly, Fear Factory probably went too extreme on 2010’sMechanize. They’re not going to top that one in terms of sheer brutality, especially in the hyper-staccato department where guitarist Dino Cazares Read more […]

Dawnbringer – Into the Lair of the Sun God (Profound Lore Records)

A continuation of sorts from 2010’s excellent Nucleus, Into the Lair of the Sun God finds American-based traditional metallers Dawnbringer stretching their wings out a bit more, resulting in a cerebral Read more […]

Be’lakor – Of Breath and Bone (Kolony Records)

Suckers for melody, but necessarily all forms of melodic death metal we are, a band like Australia’s Be’lakor apparently has the right idea when piling on the harmonies over the course of their third Read more […]

Process of Guilt – Faemin (Bleak Recordings)

A Portuguese take on the post-metal sound, Process of Guilt’s third album Faemin may not confuse anyone with the dreamy, melodic haze of Isis, Cult of Luna, and Ghost Brigade, but it takes the visceral Read more […]

Carach Angren – Where the Corpses Sink Forever (Season of Mist Records)

Black metal has yet to become a Broadway production, but Denmark’s Carach Angren certainly want it to happen on their third album, Where the Corpses Sink Forever. There’s a theatrical quality to the Read more […]

Marduk – Serpent Sermon (Century Media Records)

“Fistfucking God’s Planet” for the better part of 20 years (has that line made it onto a t-shirt yet?), Sweden’s Marduk are about as consistent as any band in black metal. In fact, they’re probably Read more […]

Jorn – Bring Heavy Rock to the Land (Frontiers Records)

One of the elite vocalists of the past decade or so in the melodic hard rock/power metal arenas, Norway’s Jorn Lande literally can sing the phone book and most would worship his every ad pitch or series Read more […]

The Reticent – Le Temps De Detruit Tout (Heaven and Hell Records)

Opeth gets a lot of love these days and understandably so – Akerfeldt and his band of merrymen have effectively opened the door for thousands of progressive metal seekers. With success comes a sort of Read more […]

Mercury Tide – Killing Saw (Limited Access Records)

fter numerous false starts with the now-defunct (and sorely missed) Angel Dust, German vocalist Dirk Thurisch has resurrected his Mercury Tide side project. Killing Saw is the band’s first album since Read more […]

Mares of Thrace – The Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon)

At this particular juncture, a sludge duo doesn’t sound very enticing. Blistering doesn’t need to use his third (and quite precious) brain cell to figure out how it will sound, probably because our Read more […]

Bodyfarm – Malevolence (Cyclone Empire)

Silly Blistering, reading the name “Bodyfarm” made us think of “Phat Farm” or just a farm in general. Then after gradually connecting the dots (thank you, coffee), we came to the realization that Read more […]

Antigama – Stop the Chaos EP (Selfmadegod Records)

Someone should make it a law that grind albums cannot be more than five or six songs. Obviously, that would make all of them EP’s, which would give these bands less real estate when trying to cram in Read more […]

Hexen – Being And Nothingness (Pulverised Records)

Since every American label is either stacked to the gills or tired of signing like-minded retro thrash metal bands, Los Angeles thrashers Hexen opted for Singapore-based Pulverised Records for the release Read more […]

Grand Magus – The Hunt (Nuclear Blast Records)

Nuclear Blast’s roster has long been in tip-top shape (something we don’t say just because we’re friends with their PR folks), but man, Grand Magus was quite the steal for them. You can say the same Read more […]