Endless Recovery – Revel in Demise (Witches Brew)

Tuesday, 8th December 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

Suspended in perpetual recuperation, prepare for the onslaught Greek thrashers Endless Recovery beget on their second full length Revel in Demise. A fairly active quintet since their start earlier this decade, the band have released product on an annual basis for four consecutive years. One look at their Facebook profile promo picture shows an evil penchant for raw, unbridled chaos – dark sunglasses plus fire and blue hues speak volumes as do the t-shirts professing their affinity for Bathory, Enforcer, Razor, and Sodom.

High octane speed is the main component to Endless Recovery’s style – in all facets vocally, musically, riffing, and tempos these musicians are out for blood and tearing up the airspace for all its worth. Bassist Panayiotis Alikaniotis gains equal footing as the deadly twin guitar riffing, making for entertaining segment shifts during the stop/start sections of “Reaping Fire” and “Hypnos”. The soloing is totally ballistic, go for broke insanity that serves an adrenaline rush purpose, but will not vault Apostolos Papadimitriou or Tasos Papadopoulos into the fluid shred Olympics for competitive study.

One band certainly that comes to mind through the caustic raspy vocals of Michalis Skilros and the building nature of their blitzkrieg riffs plus general song construction is early Kreator. Numerous spins for the title track and “Lurking Evil” speak to a group that knows Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill very well – down to the occasional freak out screams that seemingly pop in out of left field during “Leather Militia”. The brief sojourns into mid-tempo parts give the listener that aural time to breathe, before the next sledgehammer salvo sonically crushes anything that dares cross its path.

An original take on the genre we’ve come to know and love – not really. Endless Recovery embody the roots of Canadian and Teutonic thrash, throwing caution to the wind and digging deep into the well of 1985 for their relentless pursuit of raw ideas that the underground hordes treasure.

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