Dead Week in Review: October 19, 2014 – October 25, 2014

Saturday, 25th October 2014

We don’t have enough pissing matches. Metal is too much of a brotherhood/fraternity/whatever you want to call it to resort to headline-grabbing name-calling. A shame – most of these guys never say what’s really on their mind about their metallic brethren, but Machine Head’s Robb Flynn is the exception. After Machine Head cancelled their North American tour with Children of Bodom in order to finish their new album, Bodom mainman Alexi Laiho made a relatively harmless comment that “Shit happens, life goes on” in reference to the tour’s cancellation. Flynn, this week responded, saying Laiho’s response was “bitch-ass” and called out Bodom’s fanbase, proceeding to go on a mini-rant about his band’s viability. Interesting stuff? Definitely. A middle-school response from Flynn. Most definitely. – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
Judas Priest aren’t hobbling to the finish line, a breath of fresh air from their previous tours. Check out a review of their Pittsburgh date here.

Swedish progressive metallers Soen are not only helped by the fact they have an ex-Opeth member in their ranks (Martin Lopez), but also their new Tellurian album is quite good. Bassist Stefan Stenberg fills DR in.

Legendary American melodic metal outfit Riot V (known to most simply as “Riot”) are back with a new album and singer. Main songwriter Mike Flyntz phoned on our Matt Coe with the scoop.

Perhaps the most anticipated album of the year, At the Gates’ At War with Reality is going to be scrutinized to the nth degree. No problem for lead guitarist Anders Bjorler, who chatted it up with Kyle McGinn.

Said At the Gates reunion album is given a three-way review. Want to know our thoughts? Then click here.

Perhaps the new face of Scandinavian melodic metal, Norway’s Triosphere are back with the first album in four years, the excellent The Heart of the Matter.

Los Angeles death metal crew Abysmal Dawn prove to be remarkably consistent, as found on their new Obsolescence album.

Obituary continues to do the same thing over and over again, with significant results. Inked in Blood continues that trend.

A young power/thrash band to keep an eye on: Michigan’s Blackgate.

Those in search of mournful melodic doom/death need look no further than Woccon’s Solace in Decay.

Can Unearth get out of their little metalcore box on Watchers of Rule?

Sister Sin keep it street-level and excellent on Black Lotus.

Unique Leader keeps popping ’em out: Hideous Divinity and their Cobra Verde album being the latest in a string of excellent 2014 albums.

The vocal combo of Russell Allen and Jorn Lande make melodic metal glory on The Great Divide.

The news in ten
1. Deathcore maroons Suicide Silence get their own mobile app.
2. The above-mentioned Sister Sin stream their new album in full.
3. Arch Enemy covers Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law.”
4. Carcass release the lyric video for b-side “Livestock Masterpiece.”
5. Enslaved checks in from the studio.
6. Job for a Cowboy posts an impressive new jam.
7. Hammerfall teams up with an NHL team.
8. Soilwork signs a new management deal.
9. At the Gates to headline Decibel’s 2015 North American tour.
10. Crowbar releases “Symmetry in White” video.

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