ReviewsWoccon – Solace in Decay (Deathbound Records)

Woccon – Solace in Decay (Deathbound Records)

Just after discovering Woccon’s previous EP The Wither Fields earlier this year on Bandcamp, the band released the song “Giving Up the Ghost,” stemming from their first official full-length record, Solace in Decay. Several months later, listening to Solace in Decay in full, Woccon delivers on their potential and provides an enjoyable romp that death/doom metal fans should be seeking out.

Woccon’s sound doesn’t deviate too far from some of the genre’s best. There are definitely some shades of bands such as Daylight Dies, Insomnium, Novembers Doom, and Rapture. Woccon sticks to the heavier end of things, focusing solely on harsh vocals, allowing their biggest strength to rightfully take the lead: jaw dropping and gorgeous guitar leads and melodies. Leadoff single “Giving up the Ghost” doesn’t take long before you are front and center with some of these melodies, and doesn’t shy away from some occasional blast beats either. There is a careful balance of tempos throughout, moving easily between death, doom, and even black metal influences. Some other highlights include the uptempo and driving “This Frozen Soil” and the more dream-like “Valadilene,” which has some almost post-metal rhythms that guide its beginning. They also use some piano to great effect as well, such as on “And the World Wept” and the instrumental “Whereever I May Be.”

For their first full-length, this is some impressive stuff. With Woccon’s grasp of the genre, it’s safe to say that these guys will probably gain some reputation quickly, and certainly have what it takes to be the future leaders. Pushing towards an hour, the length does go a bit too far (as stereotypical and cliché as it might seem to say, some occasional cleans could help counter this), Solace in Decay is worth your time. Full of sorrow and melancholy, the fall season suits it perfectly, like watching the falling of the leaves.

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