Disbelief – Killing Karma (Listenable Records)

Friday, 26th April 2024
Rating: 8.5 / 10

Comfortably cruising along since arriving on the scene in 1990, German band Disbelief has been a steady force for the underground metal movement. North America may remember this act best during the mid-2000’s, when the album 66Sick came out on Nuclear Blast in 2005, although they’ve been a part of the Massacre (and now Listenable) rosters for quite a long time in their career. They’ve arrived at this eleventh studio record poised to capture followers who still crave authentic metal of the heavy variety.

Ok, let’s get into it! The new Disbelief album Killing Karma is out April 26 via Listenable Records and believe you me it will tear your head off. Case in point, the title track. This is the sound of zombies coming to eat your brain. Next up we have “The Scream That Slowly Disappeared” which features a killer riff that easily makes for one of the record’s best cuts. There’s nothing subtle about “With Deep Regret”. It is basically the soundtrack to a beat down.

“Inhuman Whore” is like a sonic beat down alongside “Morbid Man” and “Condemnation”, which is another favorite due to those killer riffs once again. Now “Flash of Inspiration” is a killer track and this guy’s favorite! “The End of Gods” is another grinder of a tune in keeping with the feel of the album. Bottom line is you’ll love this record and Killing Karma from Disbelief is one you should definitely add to your collection if the death/thrash side crushes the sonic palate.

Standout Tracks: “With Deep Regret”, “Condemnation “, “Flash of Inspiration”

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