ICS Vortex – Storm Seeker (Century Media Records)

He of the husky, bear-skinned throat, towering persona and fleet-of-fingered bass skills, ICS Vortex (real name: Simon Hestenes) is best known for his decade-long stint with Dimmu Borgir, which ended abruptly Read more […]

All Pigs Must Die – God Is War (Southern Lord Records)

Somewhat of a post-metal/hardcore supergroup, with members of Converge, Bloodhorse, and Hope Conspiracy in the mix, All Pigs Must Die is a d-beat du jour that doesn’t let up. On their debut God Is War, Read more […]

Revocation – Chaos of Forms (Relapse Records)

Poised to be the next breakout band in thrash, Boston’s Revocation could become this era’s Coroner if they played their cards right, something that’s quite evident on their third album, the domineering Chaos Read more […]

Black September – The Forbidden Gates Beyond (Prosthetic Records)

Seriously, who isn’t putting out records from Chicago these days? It’s like everywhere you turn, a new band from Chicago has a new album coming out. And being that the metal scene loves a good geographical Read more […]

Powerwolf – Blood of the Saints (Metal Blade Records)

If we didn’t know better, then we would think Powerwolf were some recently re-activated NWOBHM band, back for another shot of glory. Seriously, doesn’t “Powerwolf” slide in nicely next to Angel Read more […]

Flourishing – The Sum Of All Fossils (The Path Less Travelled Records)

The type of album that spits and gnashes at you, Flourishing’s The Sum Of All Fossils isn’t your mother’s grindcore album, nor is it emblematic of anything else involving the “core.” Rather, it’s just Read more […]

Isolation – Closing A Circle (Eisenwald)

Hard to reconcile with an album in which the vocals are this porous, but such is the case for Germany’s Isolation and their debut full-length, Closing A Circle. On the surface, the band’s wintry mix of Read more […]

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Agony (Nuclear Blast Records)

Always thought “Fleshgod Apocalypse” was a gnarly name, one that evoked visions of all things savage and cinematic. Plus, it’s not very often someone uses “apocalypse” in their moniker and comes Read more […]

Diamond Plate – Generation Why? (Earache Records)

Someone’s gotta keep this retro thrash ship afloat, right? It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the scene would eventually burn itself out after every loafer with a classic Slayer shirt Read more […]

Blood Stain Child – Epsilon (Coroner Records)

We’ve long preached as to how there’s virtually nothing you can’t do in metal, and while there have been plenty of misses along the way (i.e. anything involving rap, for starters), there’s always Read more […]

Benedictum – Dominion (Frontiers Records)

Veronica Freeman is woman and hear her roar. And this just isn’t any banshee wail – Freeman has a serious pair of balls (of the hypothetical nature, of course) on her, and it’s enough to make most Read more […]

Ghost Brigade – Until Fear No Longer Defines Us (Season of Mist Records)

Ghost Brigade is a band that needs to be heard. To those who haven’t caught wind of the Finnish melancholic metal masters, do so without hesitation. Their previous album, Isolation Songs was a monster Read more […]

Falconer – Armod (Metal Blade Records)

Falconer has always been an interesting listen. They’ve never been quite like other power metal bands, and for the most part, have been a quality and different offering. Their folk-inspired tunes have Read more […]

Demonical – Death Infernal (Metal Blade/Cyclone Empire)

With Entombed taking their good ‘ole time in between releases and Dismember regaining their bearings, the void of straight-Stockholm death metal is being filled by the likes of Diabolical, Impious, and Read more […]

Blacksmith – Strike While the Iron’s Hot (Heaven and Hell Records)

Continuing the Lost Relics series of metal bands who maybe didn’t get their just credit the first time around, upstate New York traditional metal band Blacksmith have unleashed Strike While the Iron’s Read more […]

Vader – Welcome To the Morbid Reich (Nuclear Blast Records)

Like vintage wine, the originators of Polish death metal Vader haven’t lost any edge or taste on their ninth studio platter Welcome to the Morbid Reich. When most men at 45 start preparing for a quieter, Read more […]

Altar of Plagues – Mammal (Profound Lore Records)

Coming off a “breakout” album, metal bands of the less-adventurous nature than Ireland’s Altar of Plagues tend to play it safe. Figuring their audience will lunge at anything they toss out, certain Read more […]

Dying Fetus – History Repeats EP (Relapse Records)

Released primarily as means of something to promote for the band’s stint on the 2011 installment of the Summer Slaughter tour, History Repeats is a mostly all-covers EP cobbled together by Dying Fetus, Read more […]

40 Watt Sun – The Inside Room (Metal Blade Records/Cyclone Empire)

Counting (or math for that matter) is not Blistering’s forte, but we are of the belief that there are a total of less than ten riffs on 40 Watt Sun’s The Inside Room. Naturally, this compels one to Read more […]

Mayan – Quarterpast (Nuclear Blast Records)

The side project of Epica guitarist Mark Jansen, Mayan is certainly a grandiose lot; sort of a mix between brutal death metal, and the symphonic mummers Jansen is usually popping out in Epica. Not necessarily Read more […]

Intensus – Intensus (Metal Blade Records)

Totally unrehearsed and improvised, Intensus’s self-titled debut is the type of album that would make Pro-Tools lovers and perfectionists cringe. This is actually a cool idea, something bands of this Read more […]

Battlecross – Pursuit of Honor (Metal Blade Records)

Hailing from Michigan, Battlecross are a unit ready for solid collision course across the touring globe thanks to its potent debut record, Pursuit of Honor. Blurring the lines of old-school thrash and Read more […]

Fullforce – One (SPV Records)

Like stepping in a puddle with one’s socks on, power metal “supergroups” are largely an unpleasant experience. Because power metal is such worn-out brand of metal that needs to be totally spot-on Read more […]

Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory (Relapse Records)

Has it really been eight years since Exhumed released Anatomy is Destiny? It’s amazing how quickly time flies by but then again, to an Exhumed fan, eight years probably seems like three decades. For Read more […]

Behemoth – Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (Metal Blade Records)

Stating the obvious, nothing can stop Behemoth. Not even a life-threatening disease, something that threatened the very existence of the band when mainman Nergal was stricken with Leukemia earlier this Read more […]

Aurvandil – Yearning (Eisenwald Records)

Aurvandil’s Yearning is one of those “Where have you been the last five years?” black metal albums. And yeah, black metal has been a lot of places in this span of time (still waiting on a good Read more […]

Rev 16:8 – Ashlands (AFM Records)

Not the usual fare typically released by AFM Records (read: these guys would scare the label’s melodic rock contingent), Sweden’s Rev 16:8 emerge as the label’s most extreme act, with Ashlands being Read more […]

The Living Fields – Running Out of Daylight (Candlelight Records)

A sobering, yet seductive mixture of string work and Goth metal, The Living Fields paint quite the bleak picture on their second album, the appropriately-titled Running Out of Daylight. Naturally, anytime Read more […]

Bringers of Disease – Gospel of Pestilence EP (Translation Loss Records)

Gospel of Pestilence is what happens when two bands of disparate styles (Mouth of the Architect and Acheron) get together to kick around some vintage and necro black metal in the form of Bringers of Read more […]

Haemmorhage – Hospital Carnage (Relapse Records)

Full-blown Carcass worship has long been an exciting proposition to death metal bands without an original bone in their bodies, and for Spain’s Haemmorhage, mining the vintage works of Symphonies of Read more […]