ReviewsFluisteraars – Dromers (Eisenwald)

Fluisteraars – Dromers (Eisenwald)

Fluisteraars (Dutch for “whisperers”) may be a mouthful to attempt to pronounce, but their debut album, Dromers, will undoubtedly have you wanting to give it your best shot to share your new found knowledge of this up and coming black metal act.  Taking influence from the likes of Agalloch, Drudkh, Primordial, and even Opeth, Fluisteraars play epic length songs (three songs in this 35 minute effort) that manage to keep things interesting, and even add a bit of their own flavor to the mix.

Fluisteraars often keep to a mid-paced tempo, with some occasional, effective shifts into more aggressive territory.  The riffs really shine when they give off a majestic feeling, such as around the 11-minute mark of “De Doornen” or just before the 2-minute mark of “Kuddedier,”  There is a prevalent use of some acoustic guitar here as well, which adds a pleasant atmosphere to the mix.  Closer “Wortels Van Angst” has an interesting acoustic interlude that slowly builds back into a barrage of blast beats, ending the album on a high note.  Admittedly, some of the riffs have a tendency to linger on, but most of the time they hit the right notes to become almost hypnotic in form.  There was only one moment in “De Doornen” where it seemed as if they meandered a bit too much.

For an album that nurtures the need for both the more primal black metal as well as the more “earthly,” Dromers comes across as accessible yet raw.  If you enjoy any of the aforementioned bands in the opening, this is one band to look out for in the future.

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