Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds (Dark Descent Records)

Sunday, 2nd February 2014
Rating: 8/10

Coming off of two highly regarded EPs, Abysmal Thresholds marks the first time these Finns have given us a full-length release.  Looking at the gorgeously macabre artwork that adorns its cover, cave-dwelling, filthy, 100% pure death metal is what Corpsessed is all about.  A few listens to Abysmal Thresholds and you’ll agree that the band has matched the seemingly growing hype surrounding them with this debut.

While not exactly a retro-sounding album, there is a certain aesthetic to the band’s sound that will definitely appeal to such a crowd.  An apt analogy would be early Incantation, as both bands revel in the ability to play at both breakneck and lumbering paces with an equally menacing approach.  Both also display some distinctly evil sounding riffing, with some ominous guttural vocals that add more to the overall atmosphere than carry the band.

For a purely death metal release, Corpsessed obtains a great deal of atmosphere that draws in the listener.  There is not much in the way of “cheating” either.  The band does use some keyboards in a few instances to aid them (“Necrosophic Channeling”) but do not think for a second that it waters down their brutality.  They do truly capture that otherworldly feeling that many death metal releases miss out on with super slick, clean productions.

While chock full of heavy riffs (“Transcend Beyond Human”), it really is the atmosphere that keeps Abysmal Thresholds so engaging.  Greatly benefited by a production that gives it enough filth to let the guitar riffs ooze yet not so cumbersome that it falls apart like a disgusting mess, Corpsessed are waving the death metal flag high on this one.

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