Deals Death – Point Zero Solution (Spinefarm Records)

Just when you thought it was safe to write off Deals Death as Sweden’s resident Children of Bodom doppelgänger, Point Zero Solution drops and radically alters that perception. Showing much more stylistic Read more […]

Gyze – Fascinating Violence (Coroner Records)

Interesting to hear the Japanese take on melodic death metal – it’s not like the American one, you can bank on that. These bands (Blood Stain Child, Evilchoir, and Gyze) tend to eschew major reliance Read more […]

Grime – Deteriorate (Forcefield/Mangrimm)

Rather easy to figure out where these Italian lads are headed…and it’s not pristine and lean fluffy metal. Grime is an Italian trio who formed in 2010, and after a successful self-titled 2011 demo, have Read more […]

Devildriver – Winter Kills (Napalm)

Good grief does Dez Fafara sing a lot. The off-again/on-again vocalist of nu metal jokers Coal Chamber seems to be unaware of the band he has behind him in Devildriver, for Winter Kills (the group’s sixth Read more […]

Dark Design – Prey for the Future (Heaven and Hell Records)

Active since 2008 and finally unleashing a debut album, North Carolina’s Dark Design performs in one of those tough sell genres of metal: progressive power/thrash. You know the type: musicianship is Read more […]

A.M.S.G. – Anti-Cosmic Tyranny (Profound Lore)

A.M.S.G. stands for “Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam,” or “For the Greater Glory of Satan” for you non-Latin buffs. This Edmonton, Alberta black metal troupe came to a life a year after the Gorgoroth Read more […]

Arceye – At First Light (Hostile Media)

The U.K. has become a hotbed for modern thrash, housing lead dogs Evile and Sylosis, as well as the emerging Savage Messiah. All three are technically-proficient, yet fully aware of the style’s backlogged Read more […]

Dead in the Dirt – The Blind Hole (Southern Lord)

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in a band rehearsal room knows that feedback is quite possibly one of the most annoying things ever. Next to playing one’s instrument while another band member Read more […]

Ashes of Ares – Ashes of Ares (Nuclear Blast Records)

A Matt Barlow/Van Williams combo in the early 00’s would have set the North American underground ablaze. Now…not so much, but it’s not their fault the two bands they were so intrinsic to (Iced Earth Read more […]

Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive (Sumerian)

Chicago’s Born of Osiris are presently at the three-album crossroads, the point where a band needs to decide to stick with what they got, or see if the grass is greener on the other side. Being that Read more […]

Caladan Brood – Echoes of Battle (Northern Silence Productions)

Are you one of the people who felt a bit let down by the latest Summoning effort Old Mornings Dawn, after such anticipation? [Yes! – ed.]  Have you ever wondered who would pick up the torch and embody Read more […]

End of Green – The Painstream (Napalm Records)

An unknown quantity on these shores. German alternative metal Goth ensemble (get that?) End of Green have seven albums to their credit, with The Painstream being their eighth, and first to receive worldwide Read more […]

Pantheon of Blood – Tetrasomia (Eldtritch Lunar Miasma)

Hovering around the line where raw becomes a bit too raw (i.e. like it was recorded in a shoebox), Pantheon of Blood’s second EP Tetrasomia is a traditional black metal offering with all parts in the Read more […]

Deadlock – The Arsonist (Napalm Records)

Not a lot of in-between for Germany’s Deadlock; they’re borderline Sonic Syndicate if you think about it, just with a female singer. Thus, the constant wrestling between extra-poppy female vocals and the Read more […]

Black Cowgirl – Black Cowgirl (Restricted Release)

Straight from Pennsylvania Dutch country comes Black Cowgirl and their eponymous debut album. Well, to be fair, the record is a dual EP produced by the band, but now we’re just talking semantics. Although Read more […]

Impiety – The Impious Crusade (Hell’s Headbangers)

Singapore’s strongest entrant into the extreme metal underground, Impiety’s 23 years in the game is not only an accomplishment, it’s an assertion how well the band’s early works still resonate, Read more […]

Wound – Inhale the Void (FDA Rekotz)

Obvious statement for the day: Things in metal work differently in Europe. Case in point, German death metal horde Wound received “Demo of the Month” honors from revered Rock Hard magazine, no doubt Read more […]

Until Dawn – Horizon (Self-Released)

Hey, shouldn’t a skull be on the cover instead of some solitary figure? This is a metalcore album, and such design schematics were such the norm that DR remembers rather vividly Killswitch Engage bassist/artist Read more […]

Watain – The Wild Hunt (Century Media)

Without much of an equal or even a parallel in the 2013 black metal sphere, Sweden’s Watain stands alone in their pursuit as being the by-the-book, be-all, end-all BM band. They certainly look and act Read more […]

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Labyrinth (Nuclear Blast Records)

Fleshgod Apocalypse hails from most epic city in recorded history, and they sure sound like it.  This Roman technical death metal band, with an equally prominent symphonic side, now delivers its third Read more […]

Death SS – Resurrected (Scarlet Records)

Death SS have a Wikipedia page, which came in handy when trying to plot the course of the very review you’re about to read. Long name-dropped and considered one of those revered cult bands, the Steve Read more […]

Orbweaver – Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon (Primitive Violence)

Former Gigan members creating a band that sounds like…Gigan. Interesting. Orbweaver is the product of former Hate Eternal/Gigan guitarist Randy Piro, who is joined in this endeavor by former Gigan guitarist Read more […]

Mindwork – Into the Swirl (Divebomb Records)

Divebomb Records usually takes a flier on 80’s cult thrash bands for their well-received reissue series, so it appears modern Prague tech death metal outfit Mindwork are the exception. The label is giving Read more […]

James LaBrie – Impermanent Resonance (InsideOut Music)

The odd, uncomfortable relationship between Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie and the band’s now-ex drummer Mike Portnoy helped push the singer into solo territory in 2005. LaBrie, often shuttered out Read more […]

ReVamp – Wild Card (Nuclear Blast)

In today’s scene, when a higher profile band calls for your services, you don’t hesitate. In the case of ReVamp vocalist Floor Jansen, when Nightwish needed a touring vocalist in 2012, she has stepped Read more […]

Fueled by Fire – Trapped in Perdition (Napalm Records)

It didn’t take a rocket surgeon to surmise the retro thrash scene’s shelf-life would be a quickie; watching the bands that comprise of it crawl to respectability is another thing onto itself. Whether it’s Read more […]

Carach Angren – Death Came Through A Phantom Ship (Season of Mist)

Does anyone remember long-defunct French black metallers Anorexia Nervosa? DR definitely does, having thoroughly enjoyed their 2004 swansong Redemption Process to the max. AN was one of those bands who Read more […]

Unmothered – Unmothered EP (Toxic Assets)

The origins of Unmothered’s unusual name stem from Mexico City, where a friend of the band’s inquired a cab driver on how to best describe the city. The driver proceed to use the word “desmadre,” Read more […]

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Walk Through Exits Only (Housecore)

Head on straight, out of the fog, coherent, etc. etc., Phil Anselmo has come a long way from those messy, semi-embarrassing Superjoint Ritual days where the band sucked, he was a mess, and no one cared. Read more […]

Norma Jean – Wrongdoers (Razor & Tie)

Norma Jean is one of the more polarizing groups in metal these days. On one hand, the metalcore stalwarts are a critical and commercial success, beloved by their fans for their breathtaking live sets. Read more […]