False Prophet – The Second Death (Heaven and Hell)

Metal bands think they have it rough now, try getting established in Greensboro, NC in the 80’s. That’s Nascar/Merle Haggard country, not metal.  All sorts of visions start to float when thinking Read more […]

Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon (Century Media)

Hey, Iced Earth Stu Block doesn’t sound like Into Eternity Stu Block. Into Eternity Stu Block did whatever he wanted (remember his rafter scaling on “Timeless Winter?”); Iced Earth Stu Block stays Read more […]

Solstice – Death’s Crown is Victory EP (Into the Void Records)

Occasionally tagged as the caboose in the freight train of the holy trinity of British doom (that would be one slow train, though), Solstice have legitimate cred and standing thanks to a meager two-album/multiple Read more […]

We All Die (Laughing) – Thoughtscanning (Kaotoxin Records)

One song, really? Alright, awe our metal minds with just one song that makes Thoughtscanning deservedly deemed as an album instead of a single or EP. When all is considered, these guys did it. Making their Read more […]

One Machine – The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth (Scarlet)

Good enough of a player to do time in both Nevermore and Testament, guitarist Steve Smyth has branched out on his own with One Machine. The primary coupe here is snagging former Mercenary singer Mikkel Read more […]

Morfin – Inoculation (F.D.A. Rekotz)

Everything about Morfin’s Inoculation reeks of classic death metal.  From the band members’ long hair and leather jackets, the gory, horror-movie inspired artwork, to the music itself.  They even Read more […]

Soreption – Engineering the Void (Unique Leader)

Many New Year’s resolutions result in a surge in gym memberships.  Hopefully, you are one of those people who’ve decided they need to get back in shape and have been giving your neck the workout it Read more […]

Arvas – Into the Realm of the Occult (Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum)

Six-hundred and sixty-six percent SATANIC BLACK METAL just about sums it up for Arvas. Raucously shredding guitar, deadly shuddering drums, and devilishly vociferous screams all barrage into inverted hymns Read more […]

Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Holy shit, this is a monster. While admittedly a bit taken aback when this album found its way to me, being a year old rerelease and all, Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius has destroyed me completely. Similar Read more […]

Prostitute Disfigurement – From Crotch to Crown (Willowtip)

With a name sure to invoke the ire of any significant other who happens to ask what you’re listening to, Prostitute Disfigurement delivers their long awaited follow-up to 2008’s Descendents of Depravity, Read more […]

Run After To – Run After To/Gjinn and Djinn (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Of the niche labels going at the moment, few have found theirs better than Pittsburgh’s Shadow Kingdom Records, who continue to haul obscure bands from the grave for re-release. The label’s track record Read more […]

Monte Pittman – The Power of Three (Metal Blade)

Cool back story with this one: Dude leaves home from Texas, holes up in L.A., barely making ends meet as a guitar teacher, gets a student by the name of Guy Ritchie (who was at the time married to the Read more […]

Tempel – On the Steps of the Temple (Prosthetic Records)

It’s kind of interesting to think that after centuries of musical compositions across the span of Western Civilization – from the Medieval to the Classical of the modern age, that a good share of it Read more […]

Nebelung – Palingenesis (Temple of Torturous)

Plenty of metal occupies itself with the forces of destruction and the eventual eradication of all human life from Earth. Enter Nebelung and their entrancing, haunting, melancholy-to-the-max style of dark Read more […]

Sheol – Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Translated from Hebrew, Sheol is a two man group from the UK consisting of A.B.S. (vocals, guitar, bass) and A.H.S. (drums, guitar).  Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple is the band’s first offering, Read more […]

Excrecor – Hypnotic Affliction (Self-Released)

Excrecor hails from New Hampshire, though you’d be more apt to say they sound European if you didn’t know any better.  Hypnotic Affliction is Excrecor’s debut full-length, despite the fact that Read more […]

Cimmerian – Hollowing (Self-Released)

There’s nothing breezy about the quality of metal making its way out of the “Windy City” so far this year.  Released at the same time as Warforged’s debut EP, Cimmerian have unleashed their sophomore Read more […]

Lethe – When Dreams Become Nightmares (Debemur Morti Productions)

We certainly enjoy when something out of the ordinary passes through our hands (and ears) and Lethe’s When Dreams Become Nightmares absolutely fits that bill.  In Greek mythology, Lethe is one of the Read more […]

Throwdown – Intolerance (eOne)

Their time as Pantera apologists apparently over, Orange County, CA metallic hardcore throng Throwdown have made a smart retreat to their no-frills, tough, but not super-bonheaded days of yore with their Read more […]

The Wounded Kings – Consolamentum (Candlelight)

Reading something like “The misty moors of Dartmoor,” and it’s like “Okay, so it rains all the time, the sun is out two days of the year, and when it gets around 20 degrees Celsius, it’s time Read more […]

Alkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues – Dyodyo Asema (ConSouling Sounds)

So, where does the piece actually start? Or rather, where are the verses, bridges, and choruses? When considering this work, don’t even try answering such conventional composition questions, as in this Read more […]

Grand Magus – Triumph and Power (Nuclear Blast)

Traditional metal titans Grand Magus return with a thoroughly jammable record, stuffed with head-banging barbarian tales and rousing sing-along choruses. For those unfamiliar, try to imagine something Read more […]

Battle Beast – Battle Beast (Nuclear Blast)

Is it wrong to like this? Meaning, should we feel ashamed for liking a group that uses every metal cliché known to (wo)man, but writes some infectiously good (and unintentionally goofy) songs? Perhaps Read more […]

Lvcifyre – Svn Eater (Dark Descent Records)

Spell-check be damned, Lvcifyre’s sophomore effort, Svn Eater, represents a death/black metal hybrid that’s rooted in the old but avoids the usual pitfalls.  If you can get past the “too cvlt for Read more […]

Manes – Teeth, Toes, and Other Trinkets (Debemur Morti Productions)

Manes are unpredictable. Shortly after splitting up in 2011, founding members Cernunnus (a.k.a. Tor-Helge Skei, and last remaining original member) and Sargatanas renewed the band under the name of Manii. Read more […]

Lions of Tsavo – Traverser (Toxic Assets)

In the wake of any game-changer, there will be those that ride the waves of influence and echoes, be they malicious or otherwise. In the case of Lions of Tsavo and their newest release Traverser (they Read more […]

Mayan – Antagonise (Nuclear Blast)

Mayan’s debut, Quarterpast, was an interesting experiment that was ultimately less than the sum of its parts.  Unquestionably ambitious, the main problem was that of having the material mesh together Read more […]

Rise of Avernus – L’Appel du Vide (Code666/Aural Music)

Only a year after the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2012, Australian symphonic orchestral progressive death doomers Rise of Avernus rose again in 2013 with their first full length album, L’Appel Read more […]

Culted – Oblique To All Paths (Relapse)

The experimental realm is a dangerous one indeed, especially when mixing the searing palates of black metal (the atmospheres, anyway, not the speed) with that of the crushing weight of doom. For the transatlantic Read more […]

Scythia – …Of Conquest (Self-Released)

There’s a wink and a nod that comes with Scythia’s epic/folk metal trundle. It’s almost as if they’re doing it with a point and laugh directed toward the serious bands of this style, the Ensiferums, Read more […]