Black Cobra – Invernal (Southern Lord)

Funny how two men can create more of a racket than a band with the usual four or five in its lineup, but that’s how Black Cobra rolls. The duo ofsinger/guitarist Jason Landrian and drummer Rafael Martinez Read more […]

Thulcandra – Under A Frozen Sun (Napalm Records)

Sometimes it helps to read a band’s bio. They’re usually informative, mostly full of ill-worded bravado, but ultimately serve the purpose of pointing out things to slow and usually-confused journalists Read more […]

Sinner – One Bullet Left (AFM Records)

One of the busier people in Euro metal, Mat Sinner (real name: Mattias Lasch) is somehow able to squeeze out a Primal Fear record every two years, and a Sinner album when Primal Fear is on break. On top Read more […]

Junius – Reports From the Threshold of Death (Prosthetic Records)

Blistering initially caught Boston’s Junius while on their support run for Enslaved and Alcest in late September. Per the usual, we were distracted, this time by mulling over what Alcest was going to Read more […]

Evile – Five Serpent’s Teeth (Earache Records)

If our memory serves us correctly, the Blistering staff has never been high on Evile, supported by our “meh” reviews of their Enter the Grave debut and 2009’s Infected Nations. Perhaps we have Read more […]

Cipher System – Communicate the Storms (Nuclear Blast Records)

Modern melodic death metal can be a bit of an irritant. Anybody that knows my musical taste knows that melodic death metal is and always will be high up on this writer’s list of favorite genres. It’s Read more […]

Mpire of Evil – Creatures of the Black (Scarlet Records)

The product of former Venom members Jeff “Mantas” Dunn and Anthony “Antton” Lant, Mpire of Evil is another attempt at trying to match what the current incarnation of Venom is doing. Funny, ‘cause Read more […]

Night In Gales – Five Scars (Lifeforce Records)

There are many melodic death metal bands that were beyond brilliant, but never got the adulation they deserved. Groups such as Without Grief, Withering Surface, Julie Laughs Nomore and Ebony Tears come Read more […]

Black Tusk – Set the Dial (Relapse Records)

The sludge metal genre is certainly one that is gaining more attention these days, with bands like Baroness, Mastodon, Kylesa, and the like all bringing the sound to the masses in a very respectable way. Read more […]

Halcyon Way – Indoctrination (Nightmare Records)

Gotta love when a band takes a calculated gamble by putting a cover song from a movie (and a bad one at that) on their album. For Atlanta’s Halcyon Way, the inclusion of “Stand Up” (from the movie Rockstar) Read more […]

As You Drown – Rat King (Metal Blade Records)

A Scandinavian band aping American metal is usually cause for concern. It never works; it’s usually the other way around, and not even that works as much as it used to. Some bands are better off paying Read more […]

Iced Earth – Dystopia (Century Media Records)

About as overrated of a band as there is in the underground, Iced Earth (more specifically, Jon Schaffer) have produced possibly three new ideas in the past decade. They’ve basically run triplet riffs Read more […]

Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination (Prosthetic Records)

One of the real bastions of hope in the North American metal scene, Skeletonwitch stand on the cusp of breaking out of their support status and into true headliner ranking with Forever Abomination. To Read more […]

Taake – Noregs Vaapen (Candlelight Records)

Forever known for mainman Hoest’s “unflattering” pictures (click here if you like to laugh…and be grossed-out), along with his always-genius move of donning of a Swastika, Norway’s Taake have Read more […]

Brand New Sin – United State (Goomba Music)

A classic example of a band that should have blown up big but never did, Brand New Sin have spent the better part of their existence licking their wounds from lineup issues and record label squabbles. Read more […]

Archgoat – Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites) (Debemur Morti Productions)

Hard to be shocked and/or turned off by the cover of Archgoat’sHeavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rties), as we’ve seen worse (and better). Still, it’s a nice way to have one harken back to the halcyon Read more […]

Insomnium – One For Sorrow (Century Media Records)

Five albums in, and you know what you’re getting from Insomnium. The Finns have tweaked their melodic death metal formula ever-so-slightly since 2002’s marvelous Into the Halls of Awaiting, popping out Read more […]

Hammers of Misfortune – 17th Street (Metal Blade Records)

Pledging a path unfamiliar to most in the music world, San Francisco sextet Hammers Of Misfortune align themselves to their own creative desires. For critics to pigeonhole their specific style is ludicrous. Read more […]

Trillium – Alloy (Frontiers Records)

American singer Amanda Somerville has been very active in the coaching, production and vocal realm for many of your favorite gothic and power metal artists through the years. Bands like Avantasia, Edguy, Read more […]

Archaios – The Distant (Dark Canvas Records)

Glad someone remembers Gothenburg melodic death metal pre-1996. And it’s a band from the Dominican Republic no less, although this isn’t your thrash-in-the-gutter because-we’re-from-a-Third-World-country Read more […]

Landmine Marathon – Gallows (Prosthetic Records)

Hard to separate Gallows from 2009’s Sovereign Descent, as Landmine Marathon’s crusty, early-90’s grind doesn’t have a great deal of room in which to maneuver, but there’s some rather head-bashing Read more […]

Anathema – Falling Deeper (KScope Records)

Big-time backers of Anathema we are, regardless of how little they want to do with metal. Falling Deeper is further indicative of that notion, being that the album features re-interpretations of the Read more […]

Isole – Born From Shadows (Napalm Records)

Arguably the next best option in Swedish doom metal next to Candlemass, Isole continue down the same cloaked-in-darkness road with their fifth album, Born From Shadows. Much like 2009’s quite solid Silent Read more […]

Old Silver Key – Tales of Wanderings (Season of Mist/Underground Activists)

An Alcest/Drudkh combination had this scribe foaming at the mouth, or at least performing several cartwheels in the comfort of his own home (not really, but you get the idea). Two of black metal’s most Read more […]

Charred Walls of the Damned – Cold Winds On Timeless Days (Metal Blade Records)

When musicians establish a foothold in certain metal niches, their subsequent efforts often receive additional scrutiny. Take drummer Richard Christy, who many know for his latter work in Death, and Read more […]

The Atlas Moth – An Ache For the Distance (Profound Lore Records)

Always cool to see a band rebound from a subpar effort and churn out an album worth taking notice of. Such is the case for Chicago’s The Atlas Moth, who on their 2009 A Glorified Piece of Sky effort Read more […]

An Autumn For Crippled Children – Everything (ATMF Records)

Yeah, we struggled with the name too, thinking it was some good-for-nothing deathcore band or just some good-for-nothing band in general, yet there’s some serious value to what An Autumn For Crippled Children Read more […]

Voyager – The Meaning of I (Sensory Records)

Australia as a remote country certainly has produced its fair share of unique bands in the metal genre through the years, and believe it or not has quite a potent power/progressive metal scene. Names like Read more […]

3 – The Ghost You Gave To Me (Metal Blade Records)

The best band seemingly no one outside of metal knows about, 3’s superlative songwriting abilities and magnetic presence are ignited again on their fifth album, The Ghost You Gave To Me. Main dude Joey Read more […]

Redemption – This Mortal Coil (InsideOut Music)

Never understood what the fuss was over these guys, even though certain people on the staff (i.e. Donnelly) seem to think Redemption are the best prog metal thing going. They’re not, and while Blistering Read more […]