Children Of Bodom – I Worship Chaos (Nuclear Blast)

Sunday, 20th September 2015
Rating: 9/10

The ninth studio album from Finnish melodic death/power leaders Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos continues the special vicious combination of heaviness and neo-classical fury that put the band on the headlining map quickly. Alexi and the boys of CoB aren’t going to veer very distant from their tried and true formula – if anything, these 10 songs hone in tighter structurally so that the impact from first song to last is like an atomic bomb explosion.

Certain tracks such as “My Bodom (I Am the Only One)” or “Hold Your Tongue” emphasize more of the darker, mid-tempo groove side that promotes lots of fist waving, head banging, or unison screams – while the instrumental breaks from Alexi and keyboardist Janne Warman are more thoughtful and reflective, probably a case of natural maturity. Channeling a lot of their youthful angst, the blast beat, up-tempo “Horns” serves as a potent reminder that this group can still ramp up the proceedings for swirling madness and musical intensity.

If there is a touch of a surprise on the record, “Prayer for the Afflicted” qualifies in sort of a doom-oriented melodic-death ballad way. Softer keyboard strains open, while occasional whispered vocals against the growls and screams give the song chill bump moments. Otherwise, everything you’ve come to know and love continues on I Worship Chaos: double bass chase sequences, neo-classical keyboard and guitar duels, and the jackhammer style for “I Hurt” to “Suicide Bomber” that maintains credibility as the band feel no need to chase the proverbial commercial dragon.

Add in a yellow style reaper theme cover and for my money I Worship Chaos is the logical follow-up to Halo of Blood, and probably their best overall effort since Hate Crew Deathroll. The Scandinavian wrecking ball crushes once again – and should give the legions of followers a lifetime of entertaining excitement.

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