Behexen – Nightside Emanations (Debemur Morti Productions)

A little mystery never hurt anyone. In black metal, it’s generally of the serious nature; the cloak-and-dagger style that is supposed to be as visually enticing as it is sonically. Problematic to such Read more […]

Eugenic Death – Crimes Against Humanity (Heaven and Hell Records)

Long considered as the weak part of thrash, the vocals are wisely made an afterthought amidst the style’s main components of angular riffing, moshable sections, and d-beat stints. There are of course, Read more […]

Dethklok Metalocalypse – Dethalbum III (Williams Street Records)

One doesn’t normally equate cartoons and heavy metal as legitimate items. Usually, the two diametrically-opposed entities are met with a healthy barrage of criticism and ridicule, left to operate by Read more […]

My Sleeping Karma – Soma (Napalm Records)

The old adage that “There is no such thing as background music” should be tossed aside when discussing My Sleeping Karma’s fourth album, Soma. About as relaxed as a spa treatment and energetic as a stoner Read more […]

Undercroft – Ruins of Gomorrah (Season of Mist/Underground Activists)

Had this one pegged as some kind of black metal offering, perhaps channeling Old Scratch and friends by way of general and generic tactics. That’s what will happen when you have a fella holding down a Read more […]

The 69 Eyes – X (Nuclear Blast Records)

The current poster boys of modern Gothic rock, Finland’s The 69 Eyes have made the jump to Nuclear Blast for the release of their tenth studio album, the aptly-named X. The band’s crossover appeal Read more […]

Motorhead – Live to Win by Alan Burridge (Cleopatra Records)

A play on the band’s notorious “Born to Lose” credo, Live to Win is a lovingly-assembled book by Motorhead fanclub president Alan Burridge, who has been with Lemmy and crew since 1979. Pictures (vintage, Read more […]

The Sorrow – Misery Escape (Napalm Records)

At least The Sorrow aren’t as bad as Bury Tomorrow. That’s one thing they have in their favor. Plus, it doesn’t appear likely The Sorrow will make such an unintentionally lame music video like Read more […]

Sylosis – Monolith (Nuclear Blast Records)

They say that three is a charm, so I think it is safe to pronounce the latest effort from resident UK thrashers Sylosis as the perfect record. It may not be charming in the strictest of senses, but it Read more […]

Destinity – Resolve in Crimson (Lifeforce Records)

Mutating their sound through the years from a black metal starting point in 1996 to symphonic black metal, and now more of a melodic death/thrash style, French quintet Destinity I’m sure have been met Read more […]

Deserted Fear – My Empire (FDA Rekotz)

Obviously, we employ a points rating system at Blistering, something that was reintroduced to the site in September of 2008 after a multiple year layoff. People like numbers and statistics (ala Homer Simpson: “Oh, Read more […]

Fight Amp – Birth Control (Translation Loss Records)

Before we address the fact that a stick of butter adorns the cover for Birth Control, it’s of note to mention that Fight Amp reminds yours truly of the numerous bands that used to inherit the same Read more […]

Pig Destroyer – Book Burner (Relapse Records)

Widely considered to be one of the more forward-thinking bands in the grind/power-violence scene, Pig Destroyer lives up to their billing once again on their fourth album, Book Burner. The wait for this Read more […]

Dysrhythmia – Test of Submission (Profound Lore Records)

Colin Marston is an inhumanly prolific guy. Playing in and releasing albums with several different bands on a yearly or semi-yearly basis and keeping a full time studio job, it makes one wonder where Read more […]

Revolting – Hymns of Ghastly Horror (FDA Rekotz)

The Swedish death metal pool is highly diluted at the moment – everyone knows that. Because of the 2011-2012 push of retro-inclined bands with little more than Left Hand Path and Like An Everflowing Read more […]

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza – Danza IIII: The Alpha – The Omega (Blackmarket Activities)

In short, this is goddamn awful. If that was all you needed to know, fantastic, you may blissfully wander off back into your life, ignorant of the horrors this album holds. For the rest, proceed at your Read more […]

The Gathering – Disclosure (Psychonaut Records)

When Anneke Van Giersbergen left The Gathering in 2007, fans were unsure what would happen to the band. Would they crumble without the voice and presence that had come to define them or would they rise Read more […]

Pro-Pain – Straight to the Dome (Goomba Music)

The review for Straight to the Dome basically wrote itself, begging for every cliché in the book. We could trot out the line that “Pro-Pain has never sounded this heavy” because it’s true. Or Read more […]

Spheric Universe Experience – The New Eve (Nightmare Records)

I believe this release from Spheric Universe Experience is going to be completely polarizing for fans. All of the band’s progressive metal elements have been dropped for a more accessible approach. It’s Read more […]

Dio – The Very Beast of Vol. 2 (Niji Entertainment)

Not unlike his contemporaries in Priest, Maiden, and even longtime foil Ozzy, the back half of Ronnie James Dio’s career is sorely overlooked. When he got sucked into the infamous 90’s vortex, interest Read more […]

Angra – Best Reached Horizons (SPV/Steamhammer)

Angra have been around for 20 years, despite the well publicized split within the band in 2000. Vocalist Andre Matos and guitarist Luis Mariutti and drummer Ricardo Confessori joined together to form Shaman, Read more […]

Seven Kingdoms – The Fire is Mine (Nightmare Records)

The third full length album in the metal world separates the contenders from the pretenders. Listeners know if they want to virtually go ‘all in’ as if playing Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and invest their Read more […]

Inferion – Aborted by the Sun (Self-Released)

Hard drive crashes. Aren’t they the worst? Ask Inferion main dude Nick Reyes and he’ll tell you, for in 2003, a proposed album under the Farewell My Angel banner was lost thanks to a fire that destroyed Read more […]

Enslaved – RIITIIR (Nuclear Blast Records)

Opening up the autumn season in grand fashion, a deluge of fantastic releases are upon us and spearheading that charge is veteran progressive black/Viking metal titans Enslaved and their newest and likely Read more […]

Doro – Raise Your Fist (Nuclear Blast Records)

The alluring beauty of Doro Pesch once again adorns the cover of her 13th studio recording. This time she strikes a super heroic pose, raising her clenched fist as if to strike with the mystical powers Read more […]

Between the Buried And Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence (Metal Blade Records)

Earlier this year when The Contortionist released Intrinsic, I thought to myself (and a couple friends) had Between The Buried And Me been bested at their own game? Changing the neo-progressive game Read more […]

Pathology – The Time of Great Purification (Victory Records)

Two-fold trend buckers Pathology are. First, they’re releasing an album barely a year after 2011’s Awaken the Suffering, a rare happening in the silly industry standard two-year wait release schedule. Read more […]

Aoria – The Constant (Version Studio Records)

Hard to imagine this one being a misfire considering Aoria has members of Katatonia and October Tide in its ranks. It’s not a crossbreed of the two, and that’s probably a good thing considering the Read more […]

As I Lay Dying – Awakened (Metal Blade Records)

Nothing exciting doing here; As I Lay Dying basically resting on their laurels, eyes fixated on maintaining sales figures, tour billing, and so forth. Can’t really fault Tim Lambesis and crew, for they’re Read more […]

Gypsyhawk – Revelry and Resilience (Metal Blade Records)

The inclusion of Rick Derringer’s infinite classic “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo” was a dead giveaway as to where this one was headed, and headed right to the 70’s we go. Thankfully, Pasadena, CA’s Read more […]