Kontinuum – Earth Blood Magic (Candlelight Records)

Oftentimes, we make pleas against geographical onslaughts, only because the droves that come from the country in question are usually a bastardized version of its originators. Unfortunately, the metal Read more […]

Corsair – Corsair (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Funny how en vogue the term “prog” has become. What was once was a tag designed to accentuate obvious non-metal bands such as Yes, The Flower Kings, and Marillion, prog’s influence on metal has grown exponentially Read more […]

Aeon Zen – Enigma (Nightmare Records)

Forming in 2008, the floodgates appear to be wide open creatively for releasing full length product for this UK progressive metal act. Two albums within two years, as well as a prime support slot for the Read more […]

Sonic Reign – Monument in Black (Apostasy Records)

Satyricon should be bigger, and we’re not saying that because there’s a squishy soft spot for Satyr to snuggle in Blistering’s black, cold heart. As in, if you’re looking for a real commercial black Read more […]

Vanderbuyst – The Flying Dutchmen (Van Records)

I feel like I missed something here with Dutch trio Vanderbuyst. First of all, I had no idea they even existed and secondly I just found out that this is their third release as a band. I must have been Read more […]

Blood of the Sun – Burning on the Wings of Desire (Listenable Records)

Blood of the Sun have gone through some changes since their previous release (Death Ride) in 2008. The band signed to a new label in Listenable Records and changed their lineup with vocalist John O’Daniel Read more […]

Defeated Sanity – Passages into Deformity (Willowtip Records)

Here’s one thing Defeated Sanity’s Passages of Deformity has going for itself: It’s devoid of song titles that only a death metal band would fall prey to, i.e. “Consumed by Repugnance,” “Engulfed in Read more […]

Fen – Dustwalker (Code 666)

If our corpse-painted Norwegian buddies aren’t hiding behind trees, they should be now. In what is arguably the most interesting movement black metal has seen in recent memory (sorry, North American “Cascadian Read more […]

The Resistance – Rise from Treason EP (earMusic)

When it comes to location-specific genres and traditions within metal, I am without a doubt a diehard fan of the Swedes. Whether it’s the sinisterly cavernous death metal of Stockholm, the passionate Read more […]

Attic – The Invocation (Van Records)

The falsetto. When played for unsuspecting listeners (i.e. those not well-versed in metal), it usually elicits laughter, for it evokes all sorts of ball-pinching/groin jokes. Yeah, real funny. The style Read more […]

The Advent Equation – Limitless Life Reflections (Self-Released)

Have to tip our cap to Mexico’s The Advent Equation for utilizing the dream team combination of Jens Borgen (Opeth, Amon Amarth, etc.) for mastering, and renowned artist Colin Marks (Nevermore, All Shall Read more […]

Holy Grail – Ride the Void (Prosthetic Records)

They say you have a lifetime to write your first album, then after crisscrossing the highways domestic and abroad touring to support said product, the record label wants you to deliver a follow-up quicker Read more […]

Shining – Redefining Darkness (Spinefarm Records)

A confession likely to draw a great deal of ire is that before coming into this release I was completely unfamiliar with Shining (this Swedish variation, anyway, I’m well-versed in the Norwegian Shining Read more […]

Antimatter – Fear of a Unique Identity (Prophecy Productions)

It’s been a long and strange journey for Antimatter over the years. What began as a direct off-shoot of Anathema during their transitional period has become the solo vehicle for Mick Moss and perhaps Read more […]

Helloween – Straight out of Hell (The End Records)

The course of time has been kind in the Andi Deris–led Helloween years. Even when the current incarnation of Germany’s long time power metal veterans make a misstep (Unarmed anyone?), it seems to Read more […]

Hanging Garden – At Every Door (Lifeforce Records)

It’s easy for some of us on the Blistering staff to go into full-coddle (or possibly even “cuddle”) mode for a band like Finland’s Hanging Garden. You see, for any drip-drop that comes from the Read more […]

Deceptor – Chains of Delusion (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Thrash needs a good lobotomy at the present time – we all know that. Luckily, the previous 12 months failed to produce the sort of unnecessary onslaught that rubbed many a person the wrong way, but Read more […]

Clamfight – I, Versus the Glacier (Maple Forum)

Have to dig the Red Sonya-like cover for I Versus the Glacier. She’s basically the ultimate metal babe, you know? Adventurous, tough, to go along with the physical attributes to make teenagers in the Read more […]

Diagonal – The Second Mechanism (Rise Above Records)

The joyous world of old-school progressive rock is alive and well in 2012. Already represented well by the likes of Astra and their amazing The Black Chord and similarly with Ancestors’ In Dreams Read more […]

Nidingr – Greatest of Deceivers (Indie Recordings)

Comparing the age of the band (initial demo in 1996) and Teloch’s frequent session work with the who’s who of diehard Norwegian black metal both in studio and live(1349, Godseed, Mayhem, on and on Read more […]

Chariots of the Gods – Tides of War (Self-Released)

There is a new pipeline coming out of Ottawa, ON/Gatineau, QC for bands who toe the line between death and thrash. One of these bands is Chariots of the Gods, and having just released their debut full Read more […]

Mors Principium Est – …and Death Said Live (AFM Records)

The allure, or at least media-friendly story with Finland’s Mors Principium Est was that former guitarist and primary songwriter Jori Haukiohated metal. As in, hated metal like your grandmother hates Read more […]

Shadowside – Inner Monster Out (Inner Wound Recordings)

It has taken some time, but it appears as if the female-fronted pendulum has shifted to power metal. Where once a female siren could only be found fronting a pseudo Goth or symphonic metal band, there’s Read more […]

Von – Satanic Blood (Von Records)

There’s always a race – albeit sometimes pointless – to determine who’s first. As in, who was the first death metal band? Death or Possessed? Thrash metal: Did Accept start it by way of “Fast As Read more […]

Eis – Wetterkreuz (Lupus Lounge)

Wind blowing across what is no doubt frozen tundra…sounds like a sure-fire atmospheric black metal album. The only thing missing was the sound of boots trudging through the snow, so maybe Germany’s Eis Read more […]

Adrenechrome – Hideous Appetites EP (Self-Released)

Refreshing to see a young, fledging band not take the trend bait. The easy option is of course, to learn one or two arpeggios and meld them with incessant beatdowns, ensuring a fast track to more Facebook Read more […]

Deus Otiosus – Godless (Deepsend Records)

The rapidly-closing year has proven to be the year in which it takes zero thought to be in a death metal band. Granted, brain cells in certain segments of death metal were long at a premium anyway, but Read more […]

Kowloon Walled City – Container Ships (Brutal Panda Records)

According to research, Kowloon Walled City was a largely ungoverned population in Hong Kong, where prostitution, crime, and all sorts of miscreants ran amok. The city’s population blossomed after World Read more […]

Ion Vein – IV v2.0 (Mortal Music)

In these digital media-driven times, bands need to rethink their release strategy to minimize costly risks for maximum promotional impact. In the case of Illinois’ Ion Vein, they are employing a similar Read more […]

Desolate Shrine – The Sanctum of Human Darkness (Dark Descent Records)

Every conceivable tag has been applied to death metal, most of which are ill-founded and purveyed with a warped sense of metaphor. Like, when someone says “this is death metal from the bowels of hell!” Read more […]