ReviewsGama Bomb – Untouchable Glory (AFM Records)

Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory (AFM Records)

Northern Ireland thrash quintet Gama Bomb return for a fifth full platter of quick hitting, humor filled good times the only way they know how. These gentlemen aren’t going to clog up the airwaves with prolonged instrumental sections or extraneous intros/set-ups – the 12 tracks are all about meat and potatoes, blue collar arrangements guaranteed for maximum audience enjoyment.

Mid-tempo drumming and guitar parts usually give way to a rapid fire speed approach, the band supplementing Philly’s main verbal attack with strong gang background vocal support. The lead singer’s style incorporates a healthy amount of Bobby Blitz-oriented mid-range attitude, but then also adds in some sinister warbling and fierce crossover tricks on favorites like “My Evil Eye” and “Raging Skies”. Musically the band certainly have the Bay Area sound and thick guitar riffing down pat – but they also incorporate a lot of galloping tempos and quick hitting segment shifts for “I Will Haunt You” and “Avenge Me” that are more traditional or power-oriented from acts like Iron Maiden or possibly the Teutonic scene.

The lyrics of course are equally worth the price of admission on every Gama Bomb album. ‘You’re a victim of the scene/and a crisis in your jeans’ for “Tuck Your T-Shirt In” as well as ‘it is me who pays the cost to be the boss’ on closer “After the Fire” should elicit many smiles and chuckles – conveying an all-around lighthearted approach to match the energetic thrash foundation. The cover art embodies 70’s fight films, as many listeners will be able to pick out character favorites. Occasional guitar breaks during “Ninja Untouchables /Untouchable Glory” and “Ride the Night” from Domo Dixon have that extra forethought and skilled melodic balance to push the band beyond normal ‘party thrash’ fare.

Imagine bottling up the energy of a toddler or kitten, giving them tons of sugar or cat nap, and watch them go for the next half hour and that will give you an inkling of what Gama Bomb represents. You can’t stop the locomotive – just hitch along for a thrilling ride.

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