Dead Week in Review July 19 – 25, 2014

Saturday, 26th July 2014

Seeing all of the Nuclear Blast-related Comic Con news posting in the past few weeks (see the latest example down below) has gotten the wheels turning thinking about an old issue: nerds and metal. Society doesn’t tend to look at it this way but there’s a certain truth to it, especially amongst the metal fans above the age of 30 (aka the ones that will be lifers). Perhaps not to the point of the ‘D&D man living in parents basement’ extent, but it’s out there and maybe it needs to be recognized and rejoiced a bit. Nothing wrong with nerding out about the upcoming fall release schedule! – Kyle McGinn

General Housekeeping
Check out our Deep in Hate giveaway.

Fleshworld is a band you may have missed.

Live shots of Glass Cloud and Scale the Summit from their Philly set.

Ronnie Monroe talks to Matt Coe about his new solo album as well as Metal Church.

Germany’s Keitzer tells us of their frenetic approach to death metal.

We catch up with Fallujah to discuss their new album, The Flesh Prevails.

Within the Ruins Phenomena proves they have progressed nicely from last year’s Elite.

The music of Exordium Mors The Apotheosis of Death can cause some damage, according to Bridget Erickson.

Bolzer quickly return with a fantastic new EP with Soma.

Matt Coe says that Star Insight’s Messera is recommended for those, “who seek sonic combinations that elevate mind, body, and spirit.”

Entombed A.D. successfully bounce back from name controversies with Back to the Front.

David E. Gehlke describes Lazer/Wulf’s The Beast of Left and Right as, “one of 2014’s most unique albums.”

Vardan’s Enjoy of Deep Sadness might have you feeling down in the dumps (in a good way of course).

Another hidden Bandcamp gem is waiting to be found with Lethian Dream’s Red Silence Lodge.

Folk metallers Eluveitie continue to deliver the goods with Origins.

The news in ten
1. King Diamond sacks bassist Hal Patino.
2. Ex-King Diamond bassist Hal Patino responds to firing.
3. Arsis announces A Decade of Guilt fall North American tour.
4. Drummer Harry Cantwell leaves Slough Feg.
5. Corrosion of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin forced to sit out live dates.
6. Ivar Bjornson of Enslaved curating Roadburn Festival 2015.
7. Nightrage sign with Despotz Records; new album in 2015.
8. Interstellar intellect tour announced featuring Gigan, Pyrrhon, and Artificial Brain.
9. Hasbro teams up with Nuclear Blast and Kirk Hammett of Metallica to celebrate Transformers 30th anniversary.
10. Malevolent Creation announces new lineup.

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