Tygers of Pan Tang – Live Blood (Mighty Music)

Monday, 22nd April 2024
Rating: 8.5 / 10

The profile of the NWOBHM movement continues to be strong – not just for the classic albums that get reissue treatment for newer followers to discover, but also the creative vitality on display as these acts often release strong new studio records. Founding guitarist Robb Weir has kept Tygers of Pan Tang razor sharp, releasing a series of quality albums that leads to this latest live effort Live Blood. Recorded in the summer of 2023 at The Patriot venue in Wales, UK, listeners can expect a great eighteen song, 85-minute plus set that spans the MCA first edition years as well as highlighting the more recent offerings – to keep the blazing spirit of heavy metal alive and kicking.

Smartly mixing the setlist between the past and present provides vitality as the quintet delivers guitar-driven, melodic material with plenty of energy, captivating the audience to sing, shout, and clap along to all the key sequences. Ardent followers always rise to the classics such as “Gangland”, the galloping monster “Insanity”, as well as their blistering cover of “Love Potion No. 9”, originally a hit for The Clovers. Supporting the brilliant Bloodlines record released last year, you’ll also enjoy certain key tracks including the driving “Edge of the World” as well as “Back For Good”, the latter containing an infectious ping-pong singalong sequence to start between Jack Meille and the audience, all the while bassist Huw Holding throwing down a thick bottom line for the rest of the band to grab ahold and sink the musical hooks deep into every pore of your body. The incendiary riffs, interplay, and tasteful lead breaks from Robb Weir and second guitarist Francesco Marras possess that proper balance of bluesy foundational spirit and galvanized power/spirit, allowing songs like “Slave to Freedom” and “Keeping Me Alive” to burn white hot.

CD owners will get three less tracks unfortunately due to time constraints, but vinyl collectors will be impressed with a double record that features those bonus cuts – the tiger mascot adorning the cover once again ready to attack. Tygers of Pan Tang see no signs of slowing down, and with Live Blood on the table, who can blame them? Those not in the know need this as a proper gateway to the discography – and others already keen to this group’s abilities are aware of this must-buy status.

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