Anneke van Giersbergen – Breaking through the Dark

A well-established veteran in the scene due to her work with bands like The Gathering and most recently VUUR, Anneke van Giersbergen has a rich history at this point with solo albums and even guest appearances Read more […]

Moonspell – Isolation and Loneliness

Now approaching 30 years as a band, Portugal’s Moonspell have been an act to watch when it comes to the dark and gothic side of the genre. While the band has continued to grow and evolve, they haven’t Read more […]

Einherjer – Headed North

In existence for close to 30 years now, Einherjer was one of the first names to really carry the torch for Viking metal, fusing black and folk together with traditional heavy metal influences to create Read more […]

Durbin – Raise Your Swords

Most music followers probably know of vocalist James Durbin through his weekly exposure through season ten of American Idol. Educating the public to his love of heavy metal music to a wider commercial Read more […]

February 2021 Rapid Fires

In the midst of regularly cleaning out snow this winter, it’s nice to get some music in to warm up the brain after a good chill. Since we have plenty of music hitting our inbox, we use the Rapid Fire Read more […]

Lake of Tears – Cosmic Seclusion

Intertwining a mix of gothic, progressive, and post-metal/rock styles, Lake of Tears has been marching to their own accord since the 1990’s. We all have our favorite records in the discography – this Read more […]

Iotunn – Venturing to New Worlds

It’s always nice to find a new band that wants to embrace the boundaries and try to experiment. Newcomers Iotunn have an epic sound that falls under the umbrella of progressive, but outside of that, Read more […]

Epica – A Cyclic World

One of the leading acts when it comes to symphonic metal, Epica have made a name for themselves built around bombastic and vibrant dyamics, intelligent songwriting and lyrics, as well as an appeal that Read more […]

Angelus Apatrida – Brotherhood, Tolerance, and Unity

Steadily making headway as one of the new breed of thrash acts since 2000, Spain’s Angelus Apatrida are a vicious four-piece that fuse together a love of the various influences past and present to create Read more […]

Warzaw – Freewheel Burning

Containing members with ties to stoner, doom, and groove metal acts like Shotgun Rodeo and Pelagic in the past, Warzaw is a potent four-piece from Norway determined to deliver high energy heavy metal with Read more […]

Daughter Chaos – Beyond Captivity

Forming out of the ashes of Armageddon, Daughter Chaos contains a strong trio of musicians well versed in the art of delivering melodic death metal with power and progressive touches. Their debut self-titled Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp January 2021

Yet another new year is getting underway, so it’s always good to take a gander over at Bandcamp to see which acts have resolved to put out some new material to start things off with a metallic bang, as Read more […]

Conviction – Emotional Communion

Hailing from France, Conviction lives for the origins of doom metal in their influences and sound. Injecting their epic riffs and deliberate, slow tempos with a sense of melody not only in the vocal presentation Read more […]

Tribulation – The Sound of Gloom

Notably picking up steam with each new release, the unique and evolving sound of Tribulation has no doubt been at least somewhat involved with the band’s lauded approach. A feeling of melancholy permeates Read more […]

Therion – The Leviathan Approaches

A band that has always moved forward to the beat of their own drum, Therion has built up quite a discography over the 30+ years they have been around for. Evolving and twisting their sound, and challenging Read more […]

Michael Schenker Group – Inner Strength for Infinite Creativity

Best known for his melodic and unique guitar play, emotive lead breaks, and stellar hooks/compositions, Michael Schenker has been a part of the music scene now for over fifty years. Inspiring countless Read more […]

Stellar Death – Light Breaking Through

For whatever the case may be, space and heavy metal can make some excellent bedfellows. The vastness of it, the darkness surrounding it, or the intriguing phenomena that occurs throughout it. It can Read more […]

Nervosa – Swirling in Chaos

Maintaining proper vision and focus when you’ve established a dedicated fanbase can be difficult when there are significant lineup changes. Brazilian thrash band Nervosa has expanded to a four-piece Read more […]

January 2021 Rapid Fires

A new year and a fresh start as always, we at Dead Rhetoric look forward to what 2021 will deliver us in terms of new metal music to enjoy. The bar has been set quite high, but we’re sure this year will Read more […]

Iron Mask – The Masters Return

Guitarist Dushan Petrossi adheres to a strong creative attitude and subsequent consistent release schedule for two acts. Distributing his love for melodic, power, speed, and neoclassical metal, both Magic Read more […]

Asphyx – Still Raging, Still Rolling

With over 30 years in existence, wreathing many a line-up change (and even a band name change along the way), Asphyx has been a foundation in the death metal community. For good reason too – with their Read more […]

Phantom Elite – The Race to the Top

A few years back, Phantom Elite emerged with a powerful debut in the form of Wasteland. While it tended to be associated with symphonic metal, it was a far heavier beast and managed to walk its own unique Read more […]

Frozen Soul – Feel the Cold

Frigid death metal that cakes the soul in ice. A brutal description, but one that’s fitting for recent upstarts Frozen Soul. Taking the groovy and bludgeoning old school approach that emphasizes songwriting Read more […]

Accept – Relevant Past, Present, and Future

The Accept train keeps on moving. Five albums deep into their resurrection starting with Blood of the Nations back in 2010, these gentlemen keep the pedal to the metal, never stopping in their quest to Read more […]

2020 Album of the Year: Unleash the Archers’ Abyss

In a chaotic year that was full of disasters and misfortune, there was also a great deal of music to be had. With no touring in sight, there’s a world of music to digest and enjoy. In case you missed Read more […]

Wreck-Defy – Substance & Integrity

On the surface, Wreck-Defy seems like a project assembling some great talent from the thrash scene. Members past and present have had ties to Megadeth, Testament, and Annihilator among others. But Wreck-Defy Read more […]

Gama Bomb – Stirring the Savage Seas

Irish thrash band Gama Bomb keep kicking rear ends and also having fun doing it on their seventh studio album Sea Savage. Now aligning to Prosthetic Records, they have not wavered in their intensity and Read more […]

December 2020 Rapid Fires

Alas, it’s almost the end of 2020 already. While many of us have definitely been counting down the hours until we reach the new year, it’s gone by surprisingly quick considering the amount of quarantine/quiet Read more […]

Communic – Leaving a Legacy

Masters of a moody mix of melodic power and progressive metal that can be heavy and atmospheric/serene all within the same composition, Norwegian trio Communic have often drawn parallels to acts like Nevermore Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp Best-of 2020

With more time than normal this year, it was great to get back into the habit of making sure Sifting Through Bandcamp had a normal monthly release. Even greater was seeing Bandcamp itself offering up Read more […]

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