Leprous – Creating Special Vibes

Hard to believe Leprous is approaching twenty years together as a group – but that indeed is the case for this Norwegian progressive act. Continually exploring new horizons, atmosphere, and textures Read more […]

Hyloxalus – Keeping Things Fresh

Always looking to expose readers to new bands, Edmonton, Canada is home to this intriguing power metal outfit Hyloxalus. Composing and delivering material that has diversity song to song, you will hear Read more […]

Oxblood Forge – Fear the Decimator

New England has always had a fervent heavy music base with musicians embracing a multi-genre perspective when it comes to likes and influences. Oxblood Forge hail from the Boston, Massachusetts area, a Read more […]

Venues – A Metallic Solace

Injected with some fresh blood after losing two members following the release of their debut full-length, Aspire, Venues returns with Solace. With a new guitarist in Valentin Hahnemann and clean vocalist Read more […]

Sepultura – Spontaneous Intensity

Making the best of a global touring shutdown due to COVID-19, Sepultura created a weekly social media outlet called Sepulquarta – opening conversation to their fans about a variety of topics and also Read more […]

Entierro – Authentic and Classic

Driven by the desire to play traditional, old school classic heavy metal that these gentlemen grew up on, Entierro has steadily made inroads in the current scene through their discography. Their latest Read more […]

July 2021 Rapid Fires

Each month continues to look more and more optimistic for the return of music, mostly as we have known it. More shows, and of course, plenty more releases to check out and absorb. This month we look Read more […]

Cognitive – Rising From the Depths

An ever evolving and growing force within the death metal community, Cognitive have been providing a death metal experience that is multi-faceted and intriguing. With their newest album, it seems people Read more […]

Requiem – Collapse into Creative Freedom

Swiss veterans Requiem have been pulverizing their listeners with a fierce style of death metal since 1997. Familiar with a mix of old school veterans from the North American and European scenes, these Read more […]

Neonfly – A New Future

Intent on expanding upon a burgeoning fanbase excited by their melodic power metal ways established on the first two albums Outshine the Sun and Strangers in Paradise, Neonfly have been quiet on the release Read more […]

Wizardthrone – Necrodimensional Reality

What ever happened to that intriguing combination of raging fury, bombastic keyboards, and elegant melodies that defined the early 2000s, particularly in black and death metal? A question that some tend Read more […]

Backlash – World Domination

While many look to the East Coast and West Coast as prominent epicenters for metal markets stateside, musicians often applaud the strong Midwest circuit for support. Hailing from Illinois, Backlash have Read more […]

Space Chaser – Dealing with Dystopia

Subscribing to a precise thrash mold that takes from more Bay Area influences while not forsaking aspects of punk, hardcore, or extreme metal, Space Chaser have been steadily gaining an underground buzz Read more […]

Laurenne/Louhimo – Musical Empowerment

With just their own main bands (and outside projects), Netta Laurenne and Noora Louhimo are powerhouse vocalists. In teaming up for a collaborative metal album, they have managed to raise the stakes even Read more […]

At the Gates – Ongoing Nightmares

A band that has thrived on being experimental throughout their years, despite the massive impact of Slaughter the Soul, At the Gates post-comeback have been really doing their best to avoid redundant waters. Read more […]

Svn.Seeker – Traversing a Fragile Life

Discovering a melodic death metal act in my home state of Connecticut, Svn.Seeker are a newer quartet that are gaining traction due to their impressive musicianship and stellar blend of influences. Pulling Read more […]

Pain – Shelter Party

Things have been quiet in the Pain world for a bit, as mastermind Peter Tägtgren is shifting gears from that to Hypocrisy once more. But not without leaving a few great breadcrumbs for fans in the forms Read more […]

Dead Rhetoric Halfway Through 2021 Best-of

Still here and finally starting to show some emergence from quarantine, things started a bit slowly in 2021 but it seems that a bit of turn around is in order. Releases come fast and furious, as the down Read more […]

Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Frame of Heart

Best known for his decades of work in Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki has been writing and recording a series of albums under the Avalon umbrella since 2013. Originally developing as a trilogy, Frontiers Music Read more […]

Hiraes – Solitary Beginnings

After long-running act Dawn of Disease called it quits, four of the members (Lukas Kerk, Oliver Kirchner, Christian Wösten and Mathias Blässe) merged together with vocalist Britta Görtz (Critical Mass) Read more […]

Silver Talon – Delve into Decadence

Forming out of the remnants of Spellcaster, Silver Talon is a group of musicians who approach the heavy metal style with a darker, power/progressive slant. Signing with M-Theory Audio following their self-released Read more […]

The Absence – Dig out the Coffins

Still doing their thing, now for almost 20 years and five albums, the vicious death metal of The Absence has its addictive qualities. The aggressive melodies and catchy hooks keep you right into it, helping Read more […]

Powerwolf – An Infectious Call

When looking at bands over the last fifteen plus years that have captured solid followings and vaulted up the prestigious international festival lineup programs, especially within the metal realm most Read more […]

Vatican – Metalcore’s Answer to Video Game Boss Music

Recently signing with UNFD, Georgia’s Vatican released a two-song single Become a New God to give fans a taste of new material, as well as give new vocalist Mike Sugars a proper introduction. A massively Read more […]

Lycanthro – Fighting the Good Fight

Ottawa, Canada may not be as well-revered as a metal hotspot compared to Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, but its home to upstart act Lycanthro. The quartet have carved out a power metal style that dips Read more […]

Hannes Grossmann – Away from the Light

A name at this point rather known to many within the extreme metal scene, Hannes Grossmann has been a part of many influential acts, from Necrophagist and Obscura to Alkaloid and more – not even including Read more […]

June 2021 Rapid Fires

Summer is so close it can be tasted, and the promise of leaving the house this year is much higher. So be it metal or no, it’ll be nice to get into the sun and get plenty of fresh air – be it some live Read more […]

Light the Torch – Musicians and Best Friends

Frequently cited as a supergroup, the members of Light the Torch have been through a lot together. Legal battles over previous moniker Devil You Know, in addition to personal problems, such as guitarist Read more […]

Pharaoh – Rise and Ride

Active since the late 90’s, Pharaoh developed their power metal sound during a period when that style fell out of favor outside of the diehards, bands struggling to gain a foothold in the United States Read more […]

Helloween – Pumpkins Aligned

Next to the classic lineups of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden coming back together during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the most welcome reunion metalheads clamored for globally took place a couple Read more […]

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