Iron Savior – Energy Overhang

When it comes to steady German power metal with equal aspects of speed and traditional nuances, it’s hard not to place Iron Savior as one of the premiere groups. Immediately impressive out of the gate Read more […]

Countless Skies – Afterglow

We’ve had our eyes and ears on Countless Skies since their first EP on Bandcamp in 2014. Watching the band transform from their more traditional melodeath beginnings to their current status with second Read more […]

Matthew Bowling Best-of 2020

2020. The Year of Plague. It is likely that this year and the COVID experience will be a watershed moment for the world in ways similar to World War II – an event seared into the fabric of society. A Read more […]

Soilwork – A Taste of the Atlantic

After releasing several singles over the course of the earlier part of 2020, Soilwork announced that they would be putting together an EP with said tracks and two additional ones. With the title track, Read more […]

Matt Coe Best-of 2020

2020 will go down as a year in history humanity will not soon forget. Unlike events that only affected a small part of the world, COVID-19 has infiltrated all parts of the globe – causing deaths well Read more […]

Pyramaze – Confidence and Comfort

“There’s not a lot of professional keyboard players who grew up in Montpelier, Vermont.” That is quite the calling card for Jonah Weingarten, who many of you may know from his versatile work in Read more […]

Stälker – Conjuring Majik

New Zealand isn’t world-renowned for their metal scene, but that’s where a band like Stälker hopes to change things up. Especially for those that love their heavy music fast and furious, featuring Read more […]

Kyle McGinn Best-of 2020

No doubt, 2020 has been a tough and challenging year. Lots of crazy stuff going on in the world, and a few personal health things too, made the year one that is going to stick with me for quite some time. Read more […]

Amahiru – East Meets West

Taking fun modern metal music and combining it with some eastern flair, Amahiru is a fresh spark of musical inspiration. While it’s not too far outside the wheelhouse of the norm, those little tweaks Read more […]

David E. Gehlke Best-of 2020

Look at it this way: The pandemic and subsequent quarantining allowed us to listen to more music than ever before. Such silver linings may be hard to pinpoint in an otherwise unusual year, but that’s Read more […]

Hatebreed – Positivity and Aggression

An instantly recognizable name in the metal and hardcore scene, Hatebreed have long been champions of aggressive music with a positive and inspiring message. Brutal riffs meant to get your body moving, Read more […]

Perennial Quest – The Circuits Twist Again

Elevating an uplifting brand of power metal to heroic heights, Perennial Quest as a sextet deliver impressive songs filled to the brim with soaring vocal melodies and equally energetic tempos, plus those Read more […]

Eleine – Empowerment and Honesty

An act that this scribe has found to be one of the more original sounding forces in the gothic/symphonic soundscape, Eleine has also been skyrocketing their way up the metal ladder in recent years. With Read more […]

Sodom – Aggressive as Possible

Returning with a powerful record Genesis XIX, Sodom are not content to rest on their past potent discography. They continually prove their veteran status in the metal realm, choosing to be as pure and Read more […]

Accuser – Smooth Contamination

For their twelfth studio album, German thrash act Accuser decided to go the self-titled route. Which makes sense – long-time guitarist René Schütz returns to the lineup after a decade-long absence, Read more […]

Sanctuary – Revisiting the Dark Mirror

‘Past tense to future tense let history unfold / so ends a decade now what will the nineties hold?’. An interesting sentiment originally delivered in 1990 that could easily hold true of today’s virus Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – November 2020

As usual, this is the last traditional Bandcamp column of the year, as the December one always focuses on the best offerings from Bandcamp in of the current year. So let’s go out with a bang here in November, Read more […]

Angelica – Safe Harbor

Enjoying the exploration of her melodic rock/AOR tastes, The Murder of My Sweet singer Angelica Rylin returns with her second solo album All I Am. Aligning with fellow member Daniel Flores and other musicians Read more […]

My Dying Bride – Dark, Shadowy Journeys

One of the biggest names when it comes to doom and gloom, My Dying Bride have long established themselves as a band that does things in their own fashion. The sense of longing and despair that their music Read more […]

Cadaver – Passion for the Extreme

There’s been a few iterations of Cadaver over the years, since the beginnings of death metal, and the most recent incarnation has stemmed from mainman Anders Odden joining forces with drummer Dirk Verbeuren Read more […]

November 2020 Rapid Fires

The end of the year is starting to get closer in sight, which means we have to get our ears on as many of the 2020 releases as possible before the new year begins. With so much new music in 2020, it’s Read more […]

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons – A Generational Melting Pot

A unique father and sons set up, Phil Campbell (of Motorhead) and three of his sons (Todd, Dane, and Tyla) comprise this act, alongside vocalist Neil Starr. Playing some aggressive rock music that features Read more […]

Doro – Shining Like Diamonds

There is only one Doro. The Metal Queen is one of the most enigmatic and charming people in the genre that one can speak to. She has a passion that simply exudes from her as she speaks of her experiences Read more […]

Fates Warning – Striding into a Long Day

Confidence is high in the Fates Warning camp. Veterans of the progressive metal scene, they can pretty much go where their creative muscles desire – which is why when the group wants to execute a longer Read more […]

Hjelvik – Hel Awaits

Erlend Hjelvik, probably best known as the former vocalist of Kvelertak, is forging a brand new path with his new band, aptly titled Hjelvik. Featuring a wide swath of varied influences into the band’s Read more […]

The Metalhead Box – September 2020

The seasons change, COVID lingers, and a tumultuous election day nears. The Metalhead Box endures. In fantastic form, as it turns out, as the Metalhead Box presents several novel items for the season Read more […]

Harlott – In the Thrash Zone

There’s more to the land down under than koala bears, kangaroos, and Men at Work. Those in the know are well aware of a strong Australian metal scene – and versatile too covering a multitude of styles. Read more […]

Deluge – Drowning in Atmosphere

As black metal is a genre ripe with the potential for offshoots in sound, French act Deluge is taking full advantage of it. Taking the sound as an influence rather than wanting to simply imitate it, Deluge Read more […]

Counting Hours – Carry the Will

When we first got in touch with Finland’s Counting Hours in 2017, the band was fresh off the release of their debut demo, a caressing display of dark metal in the vein of (classic) Katatonia, Paradise Read more […]

Dark Tranquillity – Moments in Time

It’s been a few years since Dark Tranquillity released a new album. 2016’s Atoma was an absolute powerhouse of a melodic death metal journey, and saw the band really delivering a potent and poignant Read more […]

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