May 2022 Rapid Fires

The May 2022 edition of Rapid Fires, our short review column, features the usual array of up-and-comers and scene veterans from all walks of metal life. If anything, the column shows the unabated versatility Read more […]

Crematory – Welcome to the Darkness

Originators of a movement during the 1990’s in fusing gothic music with heavy metal, German act Crematory have been together now for over thirty years. Keeping three-fifths of the group together since Read more […]

Imminent Sonic Destruction – Watching the Sun Set

Rare is the day that a five-piece progressive metal lineup start together in 2007 and maintain that same membership fifteen years later – but that’s the case for Michigan progressive metal act Imminent Read more […]

Spheric Universe Experience – Return to Home

Hailing from France, Spheric Universe Experience are a progressive metal act that have been together since 2002 releasing material that fits a lot of what may be traditional relating to the expectations Read more […]

Anvil – Remaining True

When it comes to old school pure heavy metal and rock and roll, there’s no one quite like Anvil. Already infamous for spearheading a lot of the early thrash/speed metal movement for their first three Read more […]

Graham Bonnet Band – Mirror of Excellence

One of the most distinctive voices in heavy rock and metal, Graham Bonnet continues to amaze and astound fans through his powerful range that is as soulful as it is majestic. You only need to look through Read more […]

Motor Sister – Time to Get Off

Ardent heavy music followers are very familiar with the players involved in this act Motor Sister. Rhythm guitarist Scott Ian, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer John Tempesta carved out their niche in acts Read more […]

Morbid Cross – Possessed by Metal

Continuing to develop a brutal form of thrash that contains a veritable influence pool that draws from doom, hardcore, death, and non-metal aspects, New Jersey’s Morbid Cross prove that there’s plenty Read more […]

Evergrey – Aching for Success

Continually churning out high quality albums, Evergrey set the bar high when it comes to their songwriting, vision, and execution of ideas. A power/progressive metal style that has dynamic elements, lighter Read more […]

RF Force – Living for Metal

Brazil has always been a hotbed for classic traditional heavy metal – especially given Iron Maiden’s prowess headlining the massive Rock in Rio festival decades ago. Inspiration often breathes vitality Read more […]

Iris Divine – Tension and Release

Intertwining progressive metal with alternative, grunge, and groove elements, Iris Divine returns after five years with their latest record Mercurial. Featuring a new drummer in Scott Manley, the performances Read more […]

March 2022 Rapid Fire

It’s another round of our Rapid Fire column, this time looking at a few releases from the month of March. Here are our quick hitting takes on a few releases from the diverse international metal scene, Read more […]

Udo Dirkschneider – Leading His Way

There aren’t many iconic metal singers still releasing albums at age 70. Remaining vital in a scene that has gone through numerous shifts, Udo Dirkschneider continues to deliver classic traditional metal Read more […]

Sleepless – Eye of the Beholder

Containing two members of 80’s death/thrash band Dead Conspiracy, Sleepless started with the intention of developing progressive traditional metal with no rules. Composing material full of intricate Read more […]

Space Vacation – Still White Hot

Continually evolving from a traditional, power, and speed metal template, Space Vacation deliver their most ambitious effort to date for White Hot Reflection. Encompassing thirteen tracks at almost an Read more […]

Virocracy – Balancing Brutality and Complexity

Delivering a progressive death metal mixture of songs that are equal parts intricate as they are heavy, German band Virocracy have quickly developed a buzz around their sound since starting in 2018. Their Read more […]

Miseration – Devotion in Miracles and Wonders

Blending a technical and bombastic brand of melodic death metal with timeless myths and stories inspired by Sumerian, Norse, Judeo-Christian and ancient cultures, Miseration returns for their fourth album Read more […]

Skull Fist – Making Payment in Metal

Of the new brigade flying the banner high for traditional heavy metal, Canadian act Skull Fist certainly are near the top for standout songwriting, killer records, and memorable live performances. Witnessing Read more […]

Wolf – Duality in Shadowland

Releasing their last album Feeding the Machine as the entertainment industry grinded to a standstill because of the global pandemic in the winter of 2020, Wolf decided to get to work on the next record Read more […]

Dianthus – Progressive Synergy

Combining a love of progressive rock and metal influences, Dianthus consists of an adept duo of female musicians who also happen to be twin sisters. Jackie Perry handles guitars, main vocals, piano and Read more […]

Eucharist – Still Dissolving

Once right in the thick of the late 1990s Gothenburg, Sweden melodic death metal movement, Eucharist broke up before the scene became a global metal force. The band released two albums in the ’90s, A Velvet Read more […]

Eternal Ascent – Passion and Affinity

Born out of a love for power and symphonic metal, Eternal Ascent is the work of Mark Bellofatto (vocals, keyboards, drums) and Chris Rush (guitars), fleshed out with bass work from Nick Crimarco and numerous Read more […]

Hell in the Club – A Decade of Decadence Returns

Those who wish to relive a lot of the melodic hard rock heydays of the 80’s and early 90’s will find plenty to champion in Hell in the Club. This Italian outfit has numerous ties to other notable metal Read more […]

Hällas – Wisdom of the Past

Adventure rock exists for those who wish to whisk away to a land of forgotten time – where fantasy, sci-fi, and progressive music collide. Such is the case for Swedish band Hällas – coming together Read more […]

Without Waves – Intent and Perspective

Chicago act Without Waves continues to push the parameters of progressive metal album after album – their third record Comedian another shining example of diversity, atmosphere, and power through the Read more […]

Shining Black – Painting Postcards in the World

Stellar singers and guitarists have been a part of the rock/metal landscape forever. For every Blackmore, Schenker, and Iommi dealing out six-string glory, there are mesmerizing vocalists that carry the Read more […]

Oddland – Progressive Dynamics

Progressive metal/rock has gone through major changes over the decades. The modern scene has incorporated varied elements of sound, style, technicality, and influences to mold versatility and variety like Read more […]

Martyr – Raise Those Horns

Dutch act Martyr originally hit the scene during the 1980’s, releasing two albums before breaking up towards the end of the decade. Underground interest sparked a reformation, giving the band a second Read more […]

Evil Invaders – Breaking Down Barriers

Imposing an intoxicating blend of traditional, speed, and thrash influences, Evil Invaders has made quite an impression with their sound over the course of their brief career. Shattered Reflection will Read more […]

Satan – Cleaning Up Earth

Pioneers from the UK in traditional heavy metal, Satan appears to be as active and popular as ever since reuniting over a decade ago. Earth Infernal is the sixth studio platter, another effort chock full Read more […]

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