Crisix – Enjoy a Slice

Continually impressing audiences with their brand of thrash since their start in 2008, Spain’s Crisix have been climbing up the ranks through their energetic records and powerful live presence. During Read more […]

Infected Rain – Tour Mantras

Really hitting their stride and making an even bigger name for themselves following the release of their fourth album (and first for Napalm Records) in 2019 with Endorphin, Infected Rain has finally made Read more […]

September 2021 Rapid Fires

Welcome to the fall, where there are even larger piles of metal to go through, and a number of releases end up falling (no pun intended) to the wayside.  At least we can check off a few more releases Read more […]

Rage – Ready for Resurrection

An institution of the German metal scene, Rage may not necessarily be as well known in North America as they are in other parts of the world. Do not discount their vast discography though – fueled with Read more […]

Brainstorm – Metal Outlaws

Returning for their thirteenth studio album Wall of Skulls, Brainstorm has nothing to prove to the metal community regarding the quality of their output. Striving to maintain consistency in their heavy Read more […]

Killing – Revel in Madness

Many revered aspects of the metal genre go through specific waves of popularity and decline. For those that love thrash, the 80’s to early 90’s were a peak period – only to wane a bit in the mid Read more […]

Infex – Exile of the Wicked

The Bay Area thrash movement continually fuels followers and musicians through its savage songwriting and primal rage momentum. Infex is a quartet from Vallejo, California that have been delivering their Read more […]

Rivers of Nihil – Putting in the Work

Rivers of Nihil’s last album, Where Owls Know My Name, sent well-deserved shockwaves through the metal scene due to its combination of impressive heaviness and genuine emotional output.  Praised by Read more […]

Edge of Paradise – Finding Strength in the Unknown

An up and coming band within the modern metal scene, Edge of Paradise have been scrappy in getting their name around.  Instead of bending to the current trends, they established their vision and built Read more […]

Doro – We Are All We Need

Delivering melodic heavy metal material since the early 1980’s, Doro Pesch has been through the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of this genre we all hold near and dear to our hearts. Celebrating Read more […]

Employed to Serve – Ready to Conquer

Rising UK act Employed to Serve has worked their way up the ranks on a slowly but surely basis.  We are now approaching the release of the band’s fourth album, Conquering, through Spinefarm Records.  Read more […]

Charlotte Wessels – Building a New Mythology

While the name Charlotte Wessels is bound to draw an instant thought of Delain in many a metalhead’s mind, earlier in this year it was announced that Delain was going to be Martijn Westerholt’s solo Read more […]

Seven Spires – Silver Linings Over Black Clouds

COVID-19 wreaked havoc over the metal industry – shutting down touring and festival opportunities on an unprecedented global scale. Seven Spires felt the squeeze more than most – lining up two significant Read more […]

Toxic Ruin – Obliteration of Nightmares

Hailing from Wisconsin, Toxic Ruin have been establishing themselves with a potent fusion of thrash/death since the early 2010’s. Releasing a previous album and EP, they signed with M-Theory Audio and Read more […]

Beyond Grace – Intellectual Brutality

Death metal act Beyond Grace made some waves a few years back with their debut Seekers.  Eloquent and thought-provoking metal that was still just as heavy as the rest of the pack, but gave listeners a Read more […]

Aborted – A Cult Classic

The fun-loving, crazed members of Aborted are never ones to slouch. Having really hit a stride in the last decade with their bludgeoning yet memorable approach to extreme metal, we are approaching the Read more […]

Warkings – Mounting a Revolution

Seeking the soundtrack to your next major battle?  Or perhaps just longing for a catchy sing-a-long you can raise a fist (or a sword) to?  Warkings have you covered with both angles, with their recently Read more […]

Portrait – When None Becomes One

Establishing themselves in a heavy metal world since 2006, Swedish act Portrait move valiantly into their fifth album At One with None. Consistently striving to add new textures to the heavy metal platform, Read more […]

August 2021 Rapid Fires

The fall release season is at our door once again, and as it can be expected, there’s a ton of new releases hitting our inbox for the fall. Tours seem to be lining up as well, hopefully new COVID variants Read more […]

Spirit Adrift – Effective in Efficiency

Grabbing influences from numerous 70’s/80’s artists across the classic rock, metal, psychedelic, and southern rock scenes, Spirit Adrift have made a steady impression moving up the ranks for their Read more […]

Tuesday The Sky – An Open Horizon

Guitarist Jim Matheos is probably best known for his work in the progressive metal and rock fields. From Fates Warning and OSI to Arch/Matheos, he’s made landmark albums that have influenced countless Read more […]

Phinehas – Into the Fire

Metalcore act Phinehas returns after four years with the new album The Fire Itself. An album that sees them taking a more personal approach, particularly from a lyrical approach, while the music manages Read more […]

Leprous – Creating Special Vibes

Hard to believe Leprous is approaching twenty years together as a group – but that indeed is the case for this Norwegian progressive act. Continually exploring new horizons, atmosphere, and textures Read more […]

Hyloxalus – Keeping Things Fresh

Always looking to expose readers to new bands, Edmonton, Canada is home to this intriguing power metal outfit Hyloxalus. Composing and delivering material that has diversity song to song, you will hear Read more […]

Oxblood Forge – Fear the Decimator

New England has always had a fervent heavy music base with musicians embracing a multi-genre perspective when it comes to likes and influences. Oxblood Forge hail from the Boston, Massachusetts area, a Read more […]

Venues – A Metallic Solace

Injected with some fresh blood after losing two members following the release of their debut full-length, Aspire, Venues returns with Solace. With a new guitarist in Valentin Hahnemann and clean vocalist Read more […]

Sepultura – Spontaneous Intensity

Making the best of a global touring shutdown due to COVID-19, Sepultura created a weekly social media outlet called Sepulquarta – opening conversation to their fans about a variety of topics and also Read more […]

Entierro – Authentic and Classic

Driven by the desire to play traditional, old school classic heavy metal that these gentlemen grew up on, Entierro has steadily made inroads in the current scene through their discography. Their latest Read more […]

July 2021 Rapid Fires

Each month continues to look more and more optimistic for the return of music, mostly as we have known it. More shows, and of course, plenty more releases to check out and absorb. This month we look Read more […]

Cognitive – Rising From the Depths

An ever evolving and growing force within the death metal community, Cognitive have been providing a death metal experience that is multi-faceted and intriguing. With their newest album, it seems people Read more […]

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