Entierro – Authentic and Classic

Driven by the desire to play traditional, old school classic heavy metal that these gentlemen grew up on, Entierro has steadily made inroads in the current scene through their discography. Their latest Read more […]

Temple of Dread – Hades Unleashed (Testimony Records)

Three albums in three years – not the norm in today’s metal scene, but a welcome sight for German death metallers Temple of Dread. Gaining acclaim for their previous two outings Blood Craving Mantras Read more […]

Tombstoner – Victims of Vile Torture (Redefining Darkness Records)

Initially just scanning the name quickly, this one was skipped over due to thinking it was a doomy, stoner act. Turns out, Tombstoner is very much not of that ilk and instead plays some straight up death Read more […]

Swallow the Sun – 20 Years of Gloom, Beauty, and Despair: Live in Helsinki (Century Media)

COVID shut down a lot of tours really quick last year. One such tour was Swallow the Sun’s international tour to celebrate their twentieth anniversary as a band. The band did manage to get about half Read more […]

Ankhara – Premonición (Art Gates Records)

Back for a second go around after disbanding in 2004, Ankhara hails from Spain and live within a traditional power metal spectrum for this fifth studio record Premonición. Four-fifths of the lineup continues Read more […]

July 2021 Rapid Fires

Each month continues to look more and more optimistic for the return of music, mostly as we have known it. More shows, and of course, plenty more releases to check out and absorb. This month we look Read more […]

SkyEye – Soldiers of Light (Reaper Entertainment)

Turning tragedy into triumph with their debut album Digital God being pirated by an outside account on Bandcamp to gaining a new label deal for Reaper Entertainment on their second album Soldiers of Light, Read more […]

Fell Harvest – Pale Light in a Dying World (Self-Released)

COVID-19 certainly has thrown its share of curveballs into millions of lives. For doom metal outfit Fell Harvest, vocalist/bassist Joseph Fell suffered lung damage from contracting the virus – forcing Read more […]

Cognitive – Rising From the Depths

An ever evolving and growing force within the death metal community, Cognitive have been providing a death metal experience that is multi-faceted and intriguing. With their newest album, it seems people Read more […]

Powerwolf – Call of the Wild (Napalm Records)

Through tenacious drive, dependable discography, and memorable live performances, Powerwolf has ascended to the top of the charts as well as the hearts of the faithful followers in their power metal niche. Read more […]

Ingested – The Surreption II (Unique Leader)

Continuing the pathway that the band opened up early in 2021 with a remastered/rerecorded version of their first demo in Stinking Cesspool of Liquefied Human Remains, The Surreption II celebrates the 10th Read more […]

Requiem – Collapse into Creative Freedom

Swiss veterans Requiem have been pulverizing their listeners with a fierce style of death metal since 1997. Familiar with a mix of old school veterans from the North American and European scenes, these Read more […]

Death Tribe – Beyond the Red Light District: A Canal Experiment (Blood Blast)

Anthony Kaoteon’s Death Tribe released an interesting debut two years ago (Beyond Pain and Pleasure: A Desert Experiment) which straddled the line among different extreme metal factions in a unique way. Read more […]

Mourn The Light – Suffer, Then We’re Gone (Argonauta Records)

Steady output equals prime real estate in the hearts and minds of your fanbase. In an era where many major bands take three to five years between releases due to the wider touring windows (which generate Read more […]

Neonfly – A New Future

Intent on expanding upon a burgeoning fanbase excited by their melodic power metal ways established on the first two albums Outshine the Sun and Strangers in Paradise, Neonfly have been quiet on the release Read more […]

Thelemite – Thelemism (Sleaszy Rider)

Superlatives often get thrown around when trying to garner buzz or hype surrounding an upcoming release. The problem is – when choosing to swing for the fences, a label or PR firm better hope the product Read more […]

Necrogod – In Extremis (Transcending Obscurity)

Another month, another Rogga Johansson release! Never one to rest, it does seem as if the pandemic has allowed the already prolific death metal fiend to become even more prolific. In Extremis is the Read more […]

Wizardthrone – Necrodimensional Reality

What ever happened to that intriguing combination of raging fury, bombastic keyboards, and elegant melodies that defined the early 2000s, particularly in black and death metal? A question that some tend Read more […]

June 2021 Album of the Month – Fear Factory’s Aggression Continuum

An album that has been stuck, itching to come out for several years now – at times questionable if it could be released, Fear Factory finally make their return with Aggression Continuum. A release that Read more […]

Backlash – World Domination

While many look to the East Coast and West Coast as prominent epicenters for metal markets stateside, musicians often applaud the strong Midwest circuit for support. Hailing from Illinois, Backlash have Read more […]

Dialith – Atrophy (Self-Released)

Choosing to issue a series of EP’s to satiate the appetite of Dialith followers after the outstanding support for their 2019 album Extinction Six, Atrophy is the first of a projected three EP’s that Read more […]

Domination Campaign – Onward to Glory (Prosthetic)

Originally intended as a solo effort for Psycroptic frontman Jason Peppiatt, Domination Campaign expanded its membership to include fellow Psycroptic drummer Joe Haley and thus Onward to Glory was written. Read more […]

Space Chaser – Dealing with Dystopia

Subscribing to a precise thrash mold that takes from more Bay Area influences while not forsaking aspects of punk, hardcore, or extreme metal, Space Chaser have been steadily gaining an underground buzz Read more […]

Times of Grace – Songs of Loss and Separation (Wicked Good/ADA)

Ten years ago, Times of Grace released their debut album, which offered the first collaboration between Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach since Leach had initially left Killswitch Engage. It offered a different Read more […]

Eradicator – Influence Denied (Metalville)

Ideally the development of a band takes specific stairstep maneuvers. The best lineup in place, proper studio recordings, live work, signing with a label, refine, improve and continue to elevate your status Read more […]

EP Stream: World Below’s Dereliction

It’s Wednesday, and you’ve still got half the week to go. If you need a little anger management to make it through, we have you covered with a pissed-off EP stream of Philadelphia, PA’s World Below. Read more […]

Laurenne/Louhimo – Musical Empowerment

With just their own main bands (and outside projects), Netta Laurenne and Noora Louhimo are powerhouse vocalists. In teaming up for a collaborative metal album, they have managed to raise the stakes even Read more […]

Wizardthrone – Hypercube Necrodimensions (Napalm)

A joint effort between members of Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Aether Realm and more – on top of guest appearances with members from Swallow the Sun, Dark Fortress, and Wilderun – means that this is going Read more […]

I Abyssick – Ashes Enthroned (Sleaszy Rider)

Calling Greece home, I Abyssick are a newer quartet of musicians that formed in 2017, recording their debut album Ashes Enthroned over the past several years and finally making a deal with Sleaszy Rider Read more […]

Loch Vostok – Opus Ferox – The Great Escape (ViciSolum Productions)

A steady force in the Swedish progressive metal scene, Loch Vostok has an impressive, versatile discography since their beginnings in the early 2000’s. Solid records like Reveal No Secrets from 2009 Read more […]

Inhuman Architects – Paradoxus (Vicious Instinct Records)

Aliens and extreme metal tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly (or chocolate, if you prefer). The big purple alien and theme, not to mention the name of the Portuguese band, definitely gives Read more […]