Extinct – Incitement of Violence (MDD Records)

Monday, 8th April 2024
Rating: 7.5 / 10

Twenty-one years into the scene, German thrashers Extinct stick to a ‘less is more’ output when it comes to their discography. Incitement of Violence is the group’s second album, with previous recordings self-released before aligning with MDD Records. A quartet of musicians with plenty of musical experience behind them in melodic death, metalcore, and black-oriented units, they choose to steer into a heads down thrash with modern death/groove nuances through these twelve tracks – chock full of rage, yet containing the adequate bursts of melodic finesse or circular hooks to carry themselves well to all parties younger to older.

The diversity of attack between straight ahead fast bashers and the mid-tempo machine gun-like precision present in the riff styles of the Dennis/Leda tandem keeps the head whirling action on point. Many will be hard pressed not to lose their collective minds to the triplet chugging in “Mental Disorder” which has that Grip Inc. meets Bay Area charm, while youthful angst fuels “Ilwast”. Small interludes of gunfire/bombing and military soundtrack aspects pop in for dynamic push, before the next proper thrash outlet takes command. The stairstep riffs punctuated by transitional jackhammer syncopation allows “Annihilation by Words” to galvanize the hordes – bassist Helge spitting out his words in that militant, rhythmic delivery that matches the fierce, seesaw musical atmosphere on display. The occasional use of intricate runs next to fluid, progressive double kick / snare action (courtesy of Schulzi for the latter) sets the stage for some heads down Sodom/Slayer-esque intensity – “Of No Account” one of those cuts where the stop/start tempo transitions alluring for the next energy salvo these musicians throw at the listeners. The production values are adequate but occasionally kick-dominant compared to the other tones – probably something for Extinct to temper a little bit on the next record.

It’s been eleven years between albums for the group (although the three-song Downward Spiral EP hit the streets in 2021), and for Extinct it seems like all ships sail to port in a similar, competent thrash manner for Incitement of Violence. An ideal record for those who love neck whipping riffs, Gus Chambers-like vocals, and a sense of authenticity when it comes to passionate thrash no matter what trends seem to be taking place.

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