Ghost Kill – Ghost Kill (Self-Released)

Friday, 12th April 2024
Rating: 8/10

In modern times, YouTube can feel a bit daunting. But sometimes it reaps some fantastic rewards, in the case of fresh act Ghost Kill, whom this scribe managed to discover through their recent “Heartbreak” video by clicking through some recent similar videos and it catching her ear. The premise of Ghost Kill falls squarely in the modern realm, something that fans of acts like Spiritbox or Red Handed Denial are bound to appreciate. That atmospheric yet heavy, headbang-friendly sound that doesn’t rely solely on the vocals to sell the material (even if they likely could). Ghost Kill are onto some potential with their first eponymous EP offering.

While there’s only four songs on Ghost Kill, it’s a case of quality over quantity. It gives Ghost Kill plenty of time to showcase what their sound is all about as well. Opener “Heartbreak” has that djent-y/modern groove with plenty of bottom end to it and opens with an effective, crunchy appeal. Veering into more melodic territory, the vocals stick to clean territory and mount towards a blurring of hypnotic riffs and a soaring chorus. Of course, things get heavier and some later growls give the guitars some added oomph and fit nicely with the feel of the song. “The Missing Parts” has an intriguing atmospheric feeling through it, as the rumbling basswork playfully interacts with the riffing and sung vocals, and later layered scream/sung vocals are an attractive addition to the sound. But as mentioned above, it’s not just the vocals that are doing the leg work, as could be the case with some similar acts. The electronics that lace “No Escape” quickly draw some attention, as the does the absolute wall of sound guitar chugging and playful riffing that occurs around it. The modern, djent-y chugs have a vibe to them that reels you in, memorizing the listener and easing them into the atmosphere. Likely the strongest example of this is with “So Numb,” with the rolling grooves washing over the listener while an almost calming mood hits them. It’s heavy, but there’s a soothing quality to it at the same time that’s hard to fully describe, which is a testament to what the band is doing.

A short and sweet introduction to their sound, Ghost Kill showcases what should be an up and coming force within modern metal. With elements of heaviness and melody merging together to create something that is headbangable yet hypnotically soothing, there’s a fantastic dynamic to which Ghost Kill can explore as they continue forward. A group to latch onto early, as it seems they’ve caught onto something potentially really special.

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