Imminence – The Black (Believe)

Wednesday, 10th April 2024
Rating: 8.5/10

One of those bands that completely throws genre boxes out of the way, Imminence have been hard at work to carve out their own niche within heavy music for over a decade now. Merging together a sound that can be pounding and heavy, and swirling it into an emotionally resonant cinematic landscape sounds like a lot, and it is, but the band has proven themselves up for this impressive challenge. The Black is their fifth album, and it seems to embody all of those images and turning them into something thats even darker, more immersive, and more orchestral. In short, a rare case where more, in fact, is more.

There’s an almost daunting sense of intensity that Imminence has conjured up when they soar to their greatest heights. “Heaven Shall Burn” stands as one of the album’s high marks in that it utilizes a lot of bludgeoning heaviness and battering drums, yet there’s a certain melancholy to all of it that the violin brings to the table. It’s a beautiful dynamic that the track captures, between thunderous riffing and screamed vocals delivering a potent energetic mix, but the chorus escalates it into something more sorrowful without losing that sheer power that the band has built up. “Death By a Thousand Cuts” incorporates a more electronic side to things, giving it a more melodic and almost poppy feeling at times though aided by some heavier moments to ratchet up the energy while the guitars swirl around it. “The Call of the Void” later kicks back up the intensity, as the strings and guitars meld into something truly spectacular and occasionally pulverizing. On the more elegant side of things, the title track serves as a fitting example with it’s gentle strings really ushering in a cinematic and haunting sound that feels very much like it could work as a soundtrack at it’s most tender moments.

The Black is a powerful experience that takes metalcore, progressive material, and even more influences to design an sound that’s both cinematic and incredibly personal. Imminence have really gone out of their way to showcase their ability to wield all of these elements in such a way that makes an experience greater than the parts themselves. Those seeking an immersive experience that never lacks for emotional depth or wall-of-sound immensity, there’s never been a better time to check out Imminence.

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