Summoning the Lich – Fantasy & Death

With inspiration from a number of fantasy series behind them, Summoning the Lich take massive storytelling and world-building efforts and bring it into a throttling death metal experience. Adding to the Read more […]

Coronary – Sinbad (Cruz del Sur Music)

Amazing sometimes how musicians unite and develop into bands. Take Finnish heavy metal act Coronary – the roots of formation occurring at a flea market bonding over second-hand vinyl for drummer Pate Read more […]

Recall the Remains – Dead Dreams (Self-Released)

A relatively new act from the UK (formed in 2017), Recall the Remains is a metalcore act with Dead Dreams being their first EP. When it comes to this particular field, it can be an uphill battle with Read more […]

Marianas Rest – A Celebration of Sadness

Slowly moving up the ranks since their formation in 2013, Marianas Rest capture that dreary, melancholic vibe that pulls us towards melodic death/doom metal. Jumping over to Napalm Records for their third Read more […]

Baest – Necro Sapiens (Century Media)

Continuing to roll forward, Necro Sapiens is the third full-length effort from Baest in just four years. When it comes to old school sounding death metal, sometimes this sort of thing can begin to reek Read more […]

Dreamshade – A Pale Blue Dot (Self-Released)

Evolving from a melodic death metal act to a more modern metalcore one over the years, the road forward has admittedly been somewhat rocky at times for the Swiss band Dreamshade. 2016’s Vibrant seemed Read more […]

Ablaze My Sorrow – Among Ashes and Monoliths (Black Lion Records)

Part of the original Swedish melodic death metal wave in the 1990’s, Ablaze My Sorrow fell just under the radar of acts like In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquillity in terms of popularity as a Read more […]

Saprobiontic – Apocalyptic Retribution (MDD/Black Sunset)

With an EP and full-length behind them (2017’s Science of War), German brutal death metal crew Saprobiontic are back for another round with Apocalyptic Retribution. If bulldozing, steamrolling riffing Read more […]

Sorizon – Arise with Thanatos

Developing a musical stew that is progressive with power, extreme, and melodic elements within their metal platform, Sorizon have been active for over a decade showing their songwriting and recording skills Read more […]

Serenity in Murder – Reborn (Oyster Brothers Records)

It’s been four years since Japanese symphonic melodic death metal act Serenity in Murder released their third album, The Eclipse. Since then, they’ve acquired a new vocalist in Ayumu and bassist Yu-ri. Read more […]

Wizard – Metal in My Head (Massacre Records)

For any band twelve studio albums represents quite an accomplishment – and that’s a feather in cap for German heavy metal act Wizard with Metal in My Head. Gaining a new second guitarist in Tommy Hartung Read more […]

Marco Garau’s Magic Opera – The Golden Pentacle (Self-Released)

Assembling a lineup of players from other power, progressive and symphonic metal acts, Derdian keyboardist Marco Garau created his own Magic Opera solo project. The Golden Pentacle is a bold eleven-track Read more […]

Bonecarver – Evil (Unique Leader)

The name Cannibal Grandpa doesn’t really inspire much confidence as a brutal death/deathcore act, to this scribe at least. It sounds like a quirky grindcore act, come to think of it. Apparently, the Read more […]

Dvne – Crafting Sci-fi Landscapes

An exciting aspect of metal is the idea that an album can take you on a journey. Tying in a concept to all of it, and really playing up the dynamics – without falling prey to genre confines – is often Read more […]

Lake of Tears – Ominous (AFM Records)

After a decade-long absence from the studio, Lake of Tears returns as essentially Daniel Brennare as songwriter and main performer (gaining assistance from drummer Christian Silver and bassist/guitarist Read more […]

Ominous Ruin – Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone (Willowtip)

Much of the technical stuff nowadays seems to be a bit much – too much focus on attempting to be over the top with songwriting and forgetting that death metal is supposed to be brutal. For their first Read more […]

Demon Hunter – Songs of Death and Resurrection (Solid State)

Always championing a sound on the metalcore spectrum that embraced strong vocal melodies in addition to some more aggressively heavy riffing, Demon Hunter have always had a few ‘softer’ tracks on their Read more […]

Deception – The Mire (Rob Mules Records)

No matter the amount of time and effort one puts in, there’s always bound to be a band or two that somehow stay off the radar for some reason. Norway’s Deception is the latest example of this, known Read more […]

The Crown – Hammering to Destroy

Originating in 1990 as Crown of Thorns and evolving into The Crown by 1998, this Swedish outfit continually strives for balance in terms of their melodic death/thrash attack. For their latest album Royal Read more […]

Durbin – The Beast Awakens (Frontiers Music)

Best known to the general public as bringing the ‘metal’ back as a singer on American Idol season ten, vocalist James Durbin has flown the flag for the classic elements of the genre even if he was Read more […]

Malice Divine – Malice Divine (Self-Released)

Just as the icy and cold cover art would lead you to believe, Malice Divine is a meloblack band that hails from Canada by plays by way of Scandinavia. The (mostly) one-man act of Ric Galvez (ex-Astaroth Read more […]

Empyrium – Uber den Sternen (Prophecy)

An intriguing band to watch as they shifted from melodic black metal to integrating more and more dark folk influences into their sound. Their last album, 2014’s The Turn of the Tides, was almost entirely Read more […]

Human Fortress – Epic Tales & Untold Stories (Massacre Records)

Striking hot after 2019’s Reign of Gold success, German band Human Fortress release a double disc of previously unreleased new/rare songs and greatest hits for Epic Tales & Untold Stories. The sextet Read more […]

Sifting Through Bandcamp – February 2021

Even though February is a few days shorter than the rest of the months, there’s no shortage of quality metal output to find on the Bandcamp platform. So for those of us in the north, bundle up and get Read more […]

Moonspell – Hermitage (Napalm)

A band that has been dwelling in gothic darkness for almost 30 years, Moonspell has also managed to try new things and experiment a bit. To that end, Hermitage feels like another new step for the band. Read more […]

Crystal Viper – The Cult (Listenable Records)

Master Polish metal act Crystal Viper have been delivering their brand of heavy/power metal since 2003. Through their seven previous studio albums they’ve consistently refined and evolved as a band sonically Read more […]

Anneke van Giersbergen – The Darkest Skies are the Brightest (InsideOut)

The ever-busy Anneke van Giersbergen seems to have a lot of releases, bands, and even guest vocal appearances that she is juggling. This solo effort is one that should stand out though, due to the fact Read more […]

Sirenia – Riddles, Ruins & Revelations (Napalm)

Once establishing a specific style or sound, artists often in the metal camps lean one of two ways album to album. Either content to churn out more of the same with little spices of flavor to differentiate Read more […]

Tantivy – Throwing Daggers in the Night

Those who think the traditional heavy metal scene is stagnant and that there is no new blood circulating the landscape need to dig deeper into what’s out there. All across the globe, far and wide we Read more […]

Iotunn – Access All Worlds (Metal Blade)

Just as the name would imply (old Norse for “Giant”), Iotunn deliver a massive debut with Access All Worlds. Jón Aldará (Hamferd, Barren Earth) sits at the vocal position while a progressive and Read more […]

Todd La Torre – Rejoice in the Suffering (Rat Pak Records)

Best known for years as replacing Geoff Tate in Queensrÿche, vocalist Todd La Torre has been hard at work compiling material for his debut solo record Rejoice in the Suffering. Collaborating with longtime Read more […]