Allen / Olzon – Diamonds in the Rough

The days of artists only sticking to one musical outlet for their entire career rarely exists – especially if you want to remain relevant plus pay the bills as a working musician in today’s society. Read more […]

Tankard – Pavlov’s Dawgs (Reaper Entertainment)

Beer always flows well when taking in any material from German thrash legends Tankard. Celebrating their fortieth birthday as a band, Pavlov’s Dawgs is the eighteenth album and first for latest label Read more […]

Angmodnes – The Weight of Eternity (Black Lion Records)

Nine years in the making, Dutch funeral doom act Angmodnes release this EP The Weight of Eternity – carving out bleak melancholy through their compositions of woe. Intertwining the duality of clean melodies Read more […]

Trauma – Another Awakening

Best known for Metallica plucking their bass player Cliff Burton to join their group, Trauma would go on to release a debut album Scratch and Scream on Shrapnel Records plus get the chance to play on bills Read more […]

SilentLie – Equilibrium (Rockshots Records)

Evolution is a constant – especially when it’s been seven years between records, as is the case for Italian gothic/heavy metal act SilentLie. Equilibrium is the group’s second album, a four-piece Read more […]

Venom Inc. – There’s Only Black (Nuclear Blast)

Happy accidents occur even in this long-running metal industry. Case in point – Venom Inc. starting in 2015 at the insistency of fan, agent, and promoter demand. There’s Only Black is the second album Read more […]

Splintered Throne – Beware of the Reaper

Excelling at a traditional form of heavy metal with classic and power influences from the 70’s/80’s, Oregon’s Splintered Throne perform in a comfort zone based on a style they were exposed to during Read more […]

Aura – Underwater (My Kingdom Music)

Active as a band for over twenty-five years, Aura from Italy carefully worked on demo material throughout the late 90’s to early 2000’s, finally releasing a debut album in 2008 with A Different View Read more […]

Terra Atlantica – Beyond the Borders (Pride & Joy Music)

Transport yourselves back to 1848 – the British Empire defeated, the Prussian dynasty in power across Europe, a perfect time for the younger generation to fight this oppression guided by a magical stone Read more […]

Song Premiere! Madrost’s ‘Zombie Grinder’

We are streaming “Zombie Grinder,” a cut from Southern California progressive thrashers Madrost’s Lost Lives Volume 1 live album. “This particular version of ‘Zombie Grinder’ showcases it in its beginning Read more […]

Raven – Leave ‘Em Bleeding (Steamhammer/SPV)

Active times for Raven as touring picks up again – no rest for the wicked as they say, and this power trio of heavy metal isn’t getting any younger with the Gallagher brothers Mark at 62, John at 63 Read more […]

Purpendicular – Human Mechanic (Metalville Records)

It’s quite commendable to go from being the most booked tribute show to Deep Purple in the world to collaborating with the drummer of said band Ian Paice in the group as you develop original material. Read more […]

Rage – Back to Life

A victim of multiple scheduled tours that had to be cancelled while the pandemic took away live performances during 2020, 2021, and parts of 2022, Rage has successfully been back on stage during a series Read more […]

Kings of Mercia – Kings of Mercia (Metal Blade Records)

Never one to slow down in the creativity department, Jim Matheos may consider Fates Warning his main outlet over the decades, but he’s also added projects like Tuesday the Sky plus Arch/ Matheos to the Read more […]

SpellBook – Deadly Charms (Cruz del Sur Music)

Incorporating a healthy mix of 70’s rock with the purity of metal at its essence, SpellBook from York, PA conjure up a sweet style for their second album Deadly Charms. The band soldier forward, the Read more […]

Epoch of Unlight – At War With the Multiverse CD Giveaway!

We are stoked to be giving a CD copy away of Epoch of Unlight’s new At War With the Multiverse album to one (1) lucky winner. Here’s the scoop: Their first album in 17 years, At War With the Multiverse Read more […]

Under the Oak – Rabid About Metal

Intertwining a love of thrash and classic heavy metal, Under the Oak are a quartet from Norway that take influences from the old school scene to develop new material through their two album releases. Their Read more […]

Razor – Cycle of Contempt (Relapse Records)

Canadian speed thrashers Razor released an onslaught of material during their first run in the 1980’s to early 90’s – seven albums plus an EP to be exact between 1984-1991. Since that time, the band Read more […]

Gurd – Hallucinations (Massacre Records)

Since the mid-90’s Swiss act Gurd has been an active part of the groove/thrash metal scene, attaining more worldwide attention in the 1997-2000 period during their time on Century Media when albums like Read more […]

Meridian – Entering the Next Dimension

Displaying a catchy brand of melodic metal with throwback 80’s/90’s influences at the helm, Danish act Meridian may not necessarily be the flashiest act around – but their attention to the right Read more […]

Algebra – Chiroptera (Unspeakable Axe Records)

Reliable when it comes to a brand of semi-technical thrash metal with progressive and extreme nuances, Swiss act Algebra return for their fourth album in the uniquely titled Chiroptera (an order of mammals Read more […]

Sinnery – Black Bile (Exitus Stratagem Records)

Together for a decade, Sinnery hail from Israel fueled with the hatred for most things outside of metal on this second full-length Black Bile. They’ve had the opportunity to tour plus play festivals Read more […]

Lost Society – Hold Up the Sky

Younger musicians naturally progress as they gain more seasoning, experience, living out their dreams while soaking in the reality of it all. Although Finnish quartet Lost Society started in their teens Read more […]

Mentalist – Empires Falling (Mentalist Records/ Pride & Joy Music)

With a split country affiliation as far as the musicians between Germany and Sweden, Mentalist is a quartet that contains a prominent drummer in the power metal circles with ex-Blind Guardian’s Thomas Read more […]

Battlesword – Towards the Unknown (MDD Records)

A slow, steady output of releases seems to be the work philosophy for German quintet Battlesword. Active since 1999, they’ve put forth a mix of three full-lengths, one demo and a maxi-single, arriving Read more […]

Purpendicular – Stepping Out of the Shadows

Although originating as a tribute to Deep Purple, Purpendicular musically evolved into an original act – including Ian Paice as the drumming foundation. They’ve released two previous studio albums Read more […]

Assimilator – Assimilator (Self-Released)

Rising out of the remnants of Death on Fire, Assimilator is a four-piece outfit from Indiana – wasting no time establishing themselves through a self-titled debut album. Diverse influences allow the Read more […]

Allen/ Olzon – Army of Dreamers (Frontiers Music)

Russell Allen and Anette Olzon are premiere singers well-established in the hard rock/metal scene, especially through their work over the years with Symphony X for the former and ex-Nightwish for the latter. Read more […]

Asylum – Eliminate the Tyrant

Ripping it up from Australia, Asylum delivers blistering thrash with plenty of gallop, punch, and chops through their steady stream of EP’s released over the past decade. Recently issuing their debut Read more […]

I AM – Eternal Steel (MNRK Heavy)

Genre blending has provided plenty of dynamic fuel to the fire in the heavy music industry as of late. Drawing influence from 80’s hardcore/crossover as much as thrash, death, and Southern groove/stomp, Read more […]

The Erinyes – The Erinyes (Frontiers)

Probably an instant selling point with fans up to date with the symphonic metal realm based on the members involved, The Erinyes merges three up and coming vocalists in that Frontiers-type of supergroup Read more […]