Psychoprism – Letting Opportunity Knock

Five years after their debut album Creation, Psychoprism returns with another stellar neoclassical-fueled power/progressive metal offering for R.I.S.E. (short for Resistance in Systematic Evolution). Expect Read more […]

Needless – The Cosmic Cauldron (Uprising! Records)

Parallels exist between the vast universe available to express a variety of thoughts and emotions in the realms of heavy metal and science fiction. Choosing to blend the two together in a conceptual album, Read more […]

Enterprise Earth – The Chosen (MNRK Heavy)

One interesting bit in the last few years is seeing how some deathcore acts have evolved from simply firing away breakdowns and occasionally obnoxious vocals, into something more mature and more balanced.  Read more […]

Crystal Throne – Crystal Throne (Self-Released)

A progressive heavy metal act from France, Crystal Throne started in 2019 as a union between vocalist Terry DeFire and guitarist Max Waynn. Fleshing out the lineup as a quartet, this self-titled debut Read more […]

Arctic Plateau – Songs of Shame (Shunu Records)

Circa 2012, Italian post-rock and shoegaze outfit Arctic Plateau scored an unheralded gem in the form of their second studio album, The Enemy Inside. Main dude and sole songwriter Gianluca Divirgilio assembled Read more […]

Shot Down Twice – Energy Injection

Fusing together a killer blend of classic hard rock with bluesy, metal, and groove-oriented aspects is Canadian act Shot Down Twice. Releasing their second, self-titled EP, one can expect a musical stew Read more […]

Fit for an Autopsy – Oh What the Future Holds (Nuclear Blast)

After delivering one of the best albums of the past decade two years ago with The Sea of Tragic Beasts, of course the expectations are high for Fit for an Autopsy’s follow-up.  Oh What the Future Holds Read more […]

Soul Remnants – Raising the Sacrificial Dagger (BottledHead Records)

Four seems to be a primary driver in the eyes of Boston’s Soul Remnants. Releasing albums on a four-year clip, their fourth full-length Raising the Sacrificial Dagger sees the quintet reverting to their Read more […]

Kissin’ Dynamite – Lovin’ the Road

Embracing a fun-loving sound that contains lots of 80’s melodic hard rock/metal traditions, Kissin’ Dynamite are one of the younger bands from Germany that have ascended the ranks for prime-time touring Read more […]

In Mourning – The Bleeding Veil (Dalapop)

With Opeth seemingly forever lost to 1970s prog-rock meandering and indulgence, the Swedish progressive death metal mantle is up for grabs. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher since 2012’s The Weight of Read more […]

Magnum – The Monster Roars (Steamhammer/SPV)

We don’t cover hard rock/metal acts that have a fifty(!) year history very often on this site – especially still driving forward through two original members since their 1972 inception as UK act Magnum Read more […]

Manimal – All About Honesty

Conveying a tough as nails attitude and presentation, Swedish group Manimal aims to appease the ardent heavy metal followers who enjoy traditional and power aspects put into a modern production and tonality Read more […]

Wilderun – Epigone (Century Media)

Just after the release of their third album, Veil of Imagination, one of metal’s most puzzling unsigned acts finally landed a label home at Century Media Records.  So despite three albums of excellent Read more […]

Dark Millennium – Acid River (Massacre Records)

Originally developing their doom/death metal platform in the early 90’s, German act Dark Millennium split after two albums in 1993 – resurrecting in 2016 with their third album Midnight in the Void. Read more […]

Solarus – Triumph Through Tragedy

Canada has an immense multitude of talent across the metal spectrum – Solarus being one of the best acts when you want soaring melodic power metal with progressive, modern, and symphonic aspects. Continuing Read more […]

Infected Rain – Ecdysis (Napalm)

All eyes in the modern metal community seem to be gazing upon Infected Rain lately.  After signing with Napalm Records for their fourth album, Endorphin, they managed to turn more heads.  Couple it with Read more […]

Kontact – First Contact (Temple of Mystery Records)

Featuring members of Traveler and Blackrat, Kontact is a new Canadian act from Calgary, Alberta that traverses a progressive meets traditional stance with left field quirks and sci-fi/ancient atmosphere Read more […]

Wilderun – New Horizons Ahead

A lot to discuss with Wilderun since the last time we spoke with them before the release of their previous album, Veil of Imagination.  Since that time, the band has been signed by Century Media Records Read more […]

2021 Album of the Year: Helloween’s Helloween

It’s that day again! The first day of a brand new year, full of anticipation of what’s to come (and really, what is to come given the past few years).  But now we take one look back at 2021 before moving Read more […]

Solarus – A Dance with Tragedy (Self-Released)

Arriving at the critical third album juncture for a career, Solarus have already established a faithful following through their previous two records Reunion from 2017 and Darkest Days in 2019. Establishing Read more […]

Wreck-Defy – The World Enslaved (Doc Gator Records)

Wasting no time getting down to more recording, guitarist Matt Hanchuck as the driving force behind Canadian thrash outfit Wreck-Defy assembled more killer musicians for this fourth album The World Enslaved. Read more […]

Eternity’s End – As Embers Fade

Taking power/progressive metal to intricate levels of neoclassical / shred measures, Eternity’s End arrive at their third album for Embers of War. Combining a love of fantasy, science fiction, and horror Read more […]

Iron Fate – Crimson Messiah (Massacre Records)

This German outfit has been around since 2005, yet only released one album in 2010 with Cast in Iron prior to this second full-length Crimson Messiah. The quintet possesses a sound that crosses paths with Read more […]

Wombbath – Agma (Transcending Obscurity)

Always a band that has had some solid credibility and backing when it comes to old school Swedish death metal, Wombbath does something a bit unexpected with their latest release, Agma.  Namely, they keep Read more […]

December 2021 Rapid Fires

And so we’ve reached the end of yet another year. One that has been a year of continued lockdowns and health precautions, but at least at this point we are beginning to get somewhat back into the swing Read more […]

Memory Garden – 1349 (No Remorse Records)

Forming in 1992, Swedish act Memory Garden entered the scene with their classic power/doom edge at a time when more extreme genres of metal were all the rage. Developing a cult appeal through their discography, Read more […]

Thalarion – Dying on the Scorched Plains (Uprising! Records)

Slovakia is one of the smallest countries in central Europe: a mere shadow to neighbors like Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Ukraine. Which makes Thalarion special – an act from this territory making Read more […]

Infected Rain and Heidi Shepherd – Emerging from Chaos

With a successful fall US tour in the rearview, things haven’t ended for the pairing of Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd and Infected Rain.  Just recently, a video was released for “The Realm of Chaos,” Read more […]

Victory – Cutting Right to the Bone

A steady staple of the melodic hard rock/heavy metal scene during the late 1980’s, German act Victory made a mark through stellar records like Culture Killed the Native and Temples of Gold. Although Read more […]

Dystopica – Perception (Self-Released)

Hailing from Trumbull, CT (a part of Fairfield County), Dystopica is a newcomer to the scene releasing their debut six-song EP Perception. Coming to my attention due to guitarist Robert Muller’s involvement Read more […]

Three Dead Fingers – All Worlds Apart (Art Gates Records)

Always excited to chart progress in acts previously under the microscope at this site, Three Dead Fingers returns following up their debut album Breed of the Devil with All Worlds Apart – signing a new Read more […]