SkyEye – Soldiers in Command

Quickly striking while the iron is hot from their debut full-length Digital God, SkyEye signs with Reaper Entertainment for their new record Soldiers of Light. Upping their collective game in all departments Read more […]

September 2021 Album of the Month – Unto Others’ Strength

There were a lot of massive (and excellent) releases last month, no matter your taste in metal.  In our very close race though, the much favored Unto Others managed to capture the top spot, much like Read more […]

Kryptos – Force of Danger (AFM Records)

Racing rhythms, simplified choruses, supreme tempo control – an all for one mentality towards the cause of heavy metal. Arising out of the India scene, Kryptos now can be seen as a reliable act on the Read more […]

Catalyst Crime – Catalyst Crime (Massacre Records)

An international assembly of some significant forces within the metal world, Catalyst Crime has been brewing and bubbling up behind the works for the past few years at this point.  With drummer Gerit Read more […]

Eternal Flight – SurVive (Metalapolis Records)

Aware of vocalist Gérard Fois through his previous work in the French power/progressive metal act Dream Child, who released two albums in the late 1990’s, Eternal Flight has been his main band since Read more […]

Song Stream: Cutterred Flesh’s “Knife is Not the Enemy”

We are always up for some brutal death metal here at DR, therefore when the offer came up to host a new track from Czech act Cutterred Flesh, we were all ears.  “Knife is Not the Enemy” comes from the Read more […]

Persona – Animal (Self-Released)

Some bands start to run into a trend of simply following what came before them by the time of their third full-length – they have established a sound and are sticking to it.  Not the case for Persona, Read more […]

Black Sites – Untrue (Self-Released)

Containing members from the Midwest with experience in the studio and on stage for acts like Novembers Doom, Abigail Williams, High Spirits, and Glacier among others, Black Sites are a trio active since Read more […]

Paradox – Heresy II: End of A Legend (AFM Records)

Rumors abound years back when preparing for the follow up to 2012’s Tales of the Weird album that German act Paradox would release a sequel to their second record Heresy, one of their iconic records Read more […]

The Agonist – Fragile Extremity

With a stream of high-quality releases, The Agonist has been known for a while to be an act that’s tough to pigeonhole.  For all of their extremity and musicianship, there’s a certain level of grace Read more […]

Invictra – Of Flesh, Steel, and Stone (Self-Released)

Much like veteran artists who chose to be creative while the world went on COVID-19 lockdown, many DIY and self-released metal bands wasted no time diving into fresh tunes, recording them, and waiting Read more […]

Reaping Asmodeia – Darkened Infinity (Prosthetic)

Modern death metal act Reaping Asmodeia have been able to design a version of extremity that doesn’t fall too far out of the box, yet successfully avoids being pigeonholed into one of our many categories Read more […]

Imaginature – Imaginature (Self-Released)

Intertwining ‘imagination’ and ‘nature’ for their moniker, Imaginature from Poland develops an interesting mix of power, progressive, and symphonic metal on this self-titled album. Between the Read more […]

Heirs of Isildur CDs + Goodies!

We are stoked to be giving away some CDs, a patch, wooden logo sticker and comic book from Floridian epic folk metallers Heirs of Isildur. Here’s what one (1) winner will come away with: • Heirs of Read more […]

Cognizance – Upheaving Brutality

A band that really took the time to build themselves up over the years, Cognizance released a number of short EPs and singles before jumping into full-length waters.  That said, they recently released Read more […]

The Agonist – Days Before the World Wept (Napalm)

The Agonist’s sixth full-length, Orphans, saw the band shifting back towards more technical and musically complex waters after some increased dabbling in melody on Five.  Days Before the World Wept Read more […]

Wraith – Undo the Chains (Redefining Darkness Records)

Quickly establishing a presence through a series of EP’s and albums since their 2016 beginnings, Wraith lives for an early, non-compromising thrash sound that devastates. Expanding their lineup from Read more […]

Rage – Resurrection Day (Steamhammer/SPV)

Establishing their trade in the heavy/power/speed metal scene since the 1980’s, German act Rage have expanded back into a quartet lineup for their latest record Resurrection Day – a first since 1999’s Read more […]

Wage War – Going Manic

Florida act Wage War has been raising their own particular flag of metalcore for over a decade at this point.  Their newest album, the recently released Manic, isn’t afraid of stepping out of the genre Read more […]

Demolizer – Upgrade (Mighty Music)

Choosing to stay relevant after the success of their debut album Thrashmageddon, Demolizer from Denmark reaches back into the archives and puts a newer spin on old material for this Upgrade EP. Consisting Read more […]

Sceptor – Rise to the Light (Pure Steel Records)

A cross continental band with members from the US and Germany, Sceptor originally developed from 2009 to 2014, releasing a single and debut album Take Command! during that run. Reforming in 2019, they Read more […]

Aeon – God Ends Here (Metal Blade)

Swedish death metal act Aeon has been away from the scene for a bit.  Their last album was 2012’s Aeon Black, so to say that there’s been a continual uptick in death metal acts would be an understatement.  Read more […]

Crisix – Enjoy a Slice

Continually impressing audiences with their brand of thrash since their start in 2008, Spain’s Crisix have been climbing up the ranks through their energetic records and powerful live presence. During Read more […]

Thy Row – Unchained (Rockshots Records)

Containing members across Finland with experience in the power, symphonic, and melodic death/extreme metal fields, Thy Row hone in on a more melodic metal cocktail of influences for this debut album Unchained. Read more […]

Infrared – From the Black Swamp (Self-Released)

Done raiding the songwriting coffers from the past, Canadian act Infrared develops a new hard-hitting twelve-song album for From the Black Swamp. Touching on personal trials and tribulations that have Read more […]

The Breathing Process – Labyrinthian (Unique Leader)

Long-time purveyors of blackened deathcore, The Breathing Process are one of the first acts that attempted said merger with the release of In Waking: Divinity back in 2007.  Labyrinthian is their fourth Read more […]

Infected Rain – Tour Mantras

Really hitting their stride and making an even bigger name for themselves following the release of their fourth album (and first for Napalm Records) in 2019 with Endorphin, Infected Rain has finally made Read more […]

Trivium – In the Court of the Dragon (Roadrunner)

Seemingly poised to outdo their last album with each new release lately, Trivium returns after last year’s What the Dead Men Say with their tenth full-length in the form of In the Court of the Dragon.  Read more […]

Second Reign – Gravity (Massacre Records)

Original plans for a few single releases to get live shows transformed over the next sixteen months into a debut full-length album for Swiss band Second Reign. Forced to record Gravity separately due to Read more […]

Axxelerator – Heads or Tails (Allegro Talent Media)

Hard to come up with an original name these days, but there’s something special about modifying a specific English word and making it as metal as you get from Swiss act Axxelerator. Originating as Rust Read more […]

Song Premiere: Thirteen Bled Promises “Hell Froze”

It’s the end of the workweek for many once again, and what better way to release some stress than with some frenetic death metal!  We are happy to be bringing you the premiere of “Hell Froze” from Thirteen Read more […]