June 2021 Album of the Month – Fear Factory’s Aggression Continuum

Sunday, 18th July 2021

An album that has been stuck, itching to come out for several years now – at times questionable if it could be released, Fear Factory finally make their return with Aggression Continuum. A release that sees the end of the partnership between guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell, with Bell leaving the act prior to album release. Another words, there was a lot of anticipation and a lot riding on this album. Needless to say, it’s an excellent addition to the Fear Factory discography. In fact, one of the strongest since Demanufacture.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 10/10 review, which posted on June 11, 2021:

That futuristic, cinematic cyber groove that has defined Fear Factory is ultimately at its best with Aggression Continuum. The machine gun riffs of Cazares immediately grab the listener as the electronics swirl around them with opener “Recode,” leading into a big opening by Bell – who sounds more angry and vicious than on many recent releases (like Genexus or The Industrialist). Perhaps it’s the frustration from the then on-going legal issues, but the aggression (hence the title) is at near Mechanize levels when they really go for it. Second single “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” truly captures this essence, with furious riffing and sci-fi atmosphere driving a vitriolic attack. It may very well go down as one of the more iconic songs the band has done since the Demanufacture/Obsolete era, and it feels very much from that time period, really capturing that melodic/heavy dynamic that has defined the band.

If the band was to pick out a fitting tribute to an end of an era, there’s no better candidate than that of Aggression Continuum. The Bell/Cazares combination is at its strongest on disc, and it has some of the best dynamics of the furious rage and angelic melodies that allowed Fear Factory to rise up with their unique and iconic sound in the ‘90s. Even without Bell going forward, the potential is there with Cazares’ leading the attack so one has to hope for the best. Regardless, even though Demanufacture is the band’s definitive classic, Aggression Continuum easily sits alongside Obsolete and Mechanize as one of the band’s best works and an absolute must for metal fans new and old.

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