NewsDead Week in Review June 22 - June 28, 2014

Dead Week in Review June 22 – June 28, 2014

Our glowing review of Mastodon’s new Once More ‘Round the Sun notwithstanding, it appears the band is largely immune to criticism from the press both inside and out of the metal scenes. Adopted by Rolling Stone, Spin, and virtually any other mainstream/hip magazine as their metal band of choice, it’s somewhat clear why Mastodon gets a free pass from such publications while other, more dyed-in-the-wool bands take a beating. Mastodon, while a metal band, don’t necessarily look like one, don’t act like one, have album covers that don’t look very metal, and have lyrical concepts some would deem too cerebral for the average metal-goer. That’s a bit of a stretch. However, the critical spoils the band continues to reap shall continue as long as they stay course, which on Once More ‘Round the Sun, they appear intent on doing… – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
Win Humult Tubul’s newest album, Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm is up for grabs here.

After a 12-year layoff, British dark rock/metallers Thine are back with a new album with Dead City Blueprint, and a new lease on life. Read what the band had to say here.

Matt Coe gabbed it up with Novembers Doom frontman Paul Kuhr in this highly-informative two-part interview, which can be read here, and here.

Estonian folk metallers Metastoll have taken ten years to make a dent in North America. Check out their chat with Kyle McGinn here.

Australian progressive/power upstarts Voyager are getting all sorts of attention for their new album V. It was only fitting we caught up with guitarist Scott Kay.

Quite cool to see a band develop in such a manner, The Atlas Moth have reached new heights with The Old Believer.

Metal Church frontman Ronny Munroe has a solo album of quality with Electric Wake.

Mastodon, according to Matthew Bowling, continue their streak of near-unbeatability with Once More ‘Round the Sun.

Much-respected Swedish vocalist Vintersorg (real name: Andreas Hedlund) stays in Swedish-language vocal mode for the enjoyable Naturabal.

Inhuman California death metallers Origin find ample middle ground on their excellent Omnipresent album.

Finnish dark folk metallers October Falls go all acoustic on Kaarna.

The next Emmure? Quite possible with The Hell, as shown on Groovehammer.

Few black metal albums have as much impact as Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse. Now it’s getting the reissue treatment.

Prepping for their full-length comeback, noted U.K. industrial metal noise-makers Godflesh get the Decline and Fall EP out of the way first.

Colorado technical death champs Allegaeon appear to be on their way to the next level (whatever that is) via Elements of the Infinite.

The news in ten
1. Swiss thrash legends Coroner documented their recent run of dates in Australia.
2. Judas Priest to tour the U.S. this fall with…Steel Panther.
3. Accept releases the video for “Stampede.”
4. Mnemic in a state of flux; close to breaking up.
5. Post-Exodus life begins for Rob Duke with Generation Kill, who released the video for “There is no Hope.”
6. Black Cobra can’t get into Canada to tour.
7. Overkill releases the lyric video for “Armorist.”
8. Hiberia releases the video for “Shall I Keep on Burning.”
9. Septicflesh check in with the last in-studio footage piece for Titan.
10. King Diamond announces some long-awaited North American tour dates.