ANGELUS APATRIDA To Release “Evil Unleashed/Give ‘Em War” 2CD Set

Wednesday, 30th October 2013

Spanish thrash metallers ANGELUS APATRIDA will release a 2CD set dubbed Evil Unleashed /Give ‘Em War, featuring their two first albums, Evil Unleashed (2006) and Give ‘Em War (2007) as well as plenty of bonus material, on November 18th all over Europe via Century Media Records, marking the first time ever that these albums are properly available outside of the band’s home territory of Spain.

The double disc will be made available for the price of a standard album and includes new artwork by Gustavo Sazes, liner notes and a total of 13 additional pre-production demo-tracks as special bonus. A total of 37 songs and more than 2.5 hours of total thrash turmoil.

CD1 / Evil Unleashed track listing:

1. Overture: The Dictate
2. Versus The World
3. Fck You
4. Backbone Crusher
5. Gone Away
6. Time To Rise Hell
7. Negotiating The Clowns
8. The Thornmaker
9. Sons Of Revolution
10.0 Hereditary Genius
11. Killers And Killed
12. Domination (PANTERA cover)

Bonus Tracks:

1. Backbone Crusher (Demo 2003)
2. Supremacy In Chaos (Demo 2003)
3. Sons Of Revolution (Demo 2003)
4. Unknown Human Being (Demo 2003)
5. Give ’Em War (Demo 2006)
6. Energy (Demo 2006)

CD2 / Give ‘Em War track listing:

1. Vomitive
2. So Unjustly
3. Corruption
4. Free Your Soul
5. Never Forget
6. Energy
7. Give ’Em War
8. Collateral Damage
9. Room 237
10.Thrash Attack
11. In The Heart Of Nations
12. The Calm

Bonus Tracks:

1. Vomitive (Demo 2006)
2. Collateral Damage (Demo 2006)
3. Room 237 (Demo 2006)
4. Free Your Soul (Demo 2006)
5. In The Heart Of Nations (Demo 2006)
6. The Calm (Demo 2006)
7. So Unjustly (Demo 2006)


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