King – Forged By Satan’s Doctrine (Deathgasm Records)

“Kill the Posers Like Fucking Christians,” eh? So that’s how you want to play it? “Poser” is such a broad terms these days; it’s almost like “emo,” but not as pitiful-looking or pitiful Read more […]

Karnak Seti – In Harmonic Entropy (Self-Released)

Bands looking for an easy entry into respectability should go the melodic death metal route. Next to sloppy old-school death and thrash metal, melodic death metal is akin to “Starter’s Kit Metal.” Once Read more […]

Arctic Plateau – The Enemy Inside (Prophecy Productions)

Those who are moved, swayed, and are emotionally affected by the masterworks of Katatonia, Anathema, and the current French wave of Alcest and Les Discrets should find instant solace in The Enemy Inside, Read more […]

Lord Mantis – Pervertor (Candlelight Records)

Surprised no one has been creative enough to find a tag for Sanford Parker-produced, Chicago-based, sludge metal bands. As if there aren’t enough to begin with, here comes Lord Mantis with their sophomore Read more […]

Mpire of Evil – Hell to the Holy (Scarlet Records)

After a less-than-stellar EP in the form of last year’s Creatures of the Black, Mpire of Evil is hitting us with their milquetoast debut full-length, Hell to the Holy. Guided by former Venom members Read more […]

Epica – Requiem For the Indifferent (Nuclear Blast Records)

Epica, Denmark’s premier symphonic power/ gothic metal sextet stride along gallantly with their grandiose balance between epic, theatrical songsand more streamlined, heavier material on this fifth studio Read more […]

She Said Destroy – Bleeding Fiction EP (Mas-Kina Recordings)

By all accounts, no one is going to do a better one-song album and/or EP than Edge of Sanity’s Crimson from 1996. It was an unfettered gem and pure stroke of genius from a band that peaked at just Read more […]

Legacy of Disorder – Last Man Standing (Black Orchard Records)

One has to wonder how many wife-beaters New Zealand’s Legacy of Disorder has in their collection. Being that the men’s “under-garment” was the thread of choice for pretty much every 90’s metal Read more […]

Black Breath – Sentenced to Life (Southern Lord Records)

Somewhere in Sweden, L.G. Petrov is shouting “Fuck!” Not because he has to rehearse “Out of Hand” with Entombed (which you should look up onYoutube if you are looking for the most fun and raucous Read more […]

Djerv – Djerv (Indie Recordings)

Instead of trying to dance around it (which both Indie Recordings and Djerv are doing), it’s prescient to point out that singer Agnete Kjølsrud sounds like Gwen Stefani. You know, the same Gwen Stefani Read more […]

Barren Earth – The Devil’s Resolve (Peaceville Records)

Gaining a huge buzz in the underground for the sextet’s previous work in groups like Amorphis, Moonsorrow, Swallow The Sun, and Kreator among others, this Finnish progressive death metal act return for Read more […]

Cynic – The Portal Tapes (Season of Mist Records)

Prophets Cynic are not, yet they did see the writing on the death metal wall around the mid-90’s, so that counts for something. At that particular point in time, the death metal scene was swelling to Read more […]

Impending Doom – Baptized in Filth (eOne Music)

There are times when Blistering doesn’t even have to listen to an album in order to review it. Of course, we’d never do such a thing, for journalistic integrity ranks as high on our list as good hygiene Read more […]

Insense – Burn in Beautiful Fire (Indie Recordings)

A ringing endorsement from In Flames frontman Andres Friden doesn’t carry the weight it once did, but we’ll take it, and so will Norway’s Insense. The Swede has been an ad hoc mentor and quasi PR Read more […]

Veil of Maya – Eclipse (Sumerian Records)

Probably realizing its core audience has busy lives (i.e. texting, tweeting, web-chatting…basically anything that doesn’t involve in-person interaction), Veil of Maya limited the running time of their Read more […]

Wykked Wytch – The Ultimate Deception (Goomba Music)

A band that has taken a perpetual beating from the metal press, Wykked Wytch have proven equally adept at getting up from the mat and aping Cradle of Filth at the same time. Granted, they are a female Read more […]

Opera Diabolicus – 1614 (Metalville Records)

Big ‘ole production, concept, musicians…big everything, pretty much. That effectively sums up 1614, the debut effort from Sweden’s Opera Diabolicus. The album follows in the grand (and grandiose) Read more […]

Hellsaw – Trist (Napalm Records)

Black metal bands are smarter than we give them credit for. They do a better job of disguising their influences than most; able to mask their variousmusical deficiencies by slapping them together like Read more […]

Beaten to Death – Xes and Strokes (Mas-Kina Recordings)

“Melodic grindcore” isn’t a term we bandy about very often, probably because there’s no precedent for it. Being that most grindcore bands have little or no interest in sounding the slightest bit Read more […]

Napalm Death – Utilitarian (Century Media Records)

So venerable Napalm Death is at this juncture of their career, that doing something wrong would be utterly shocking. Unlike some of their death metal peers (i.e. Morbid Angel, Deicide), Napalm has their Read more […]

Nothnegal – Decadence (Season of Mist Records)

Never thought you’d be reading a review about a metal band from The Maldives, did you? To be truthful, this writer never once thought about even writing about one. It’s enlightening to see just how Read more […]

The Kandidate – Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death (Napalm Records)

The first album by the new band of ex-Hatesphere vocalist Jakob Bredhal, 2010’s Until We Are Outnumbered was a direct and impactful chunk of European thrash. They have returned for a second album, Read more […]

Zombie Inc. – A Dreadful Disease (Massacre Records)

Zombies have long been a point of discussion in metal, often serving as a fail-safe lyrical reference point for bands who aren’t into pouring out their feelings. It’s a very limited subject, of course, Read more […]

Vendetta – Feed the Extermination (Massacre Records)

An early nod for worst song title of the year goes to Vendetta’s “Ovulation Bitch.” There is no way any of these guys have spouses or girlfriends. Or maybe they do and run for cover when “Mother Read more […]

Xandria – Neverworld’s End (Napalm Records)

Not sure if we’ve stumbled across such a unabashed Nightwish clone like Xandria. It’s as if the band studied at the pedestal of Tarja, back when she wore flowing dresses and had a similarly-colored Read more […]

Lay Down Rotten – Mask of Malice (Metal Blade Records)

“Meat and potatoes” death metal should have its own category. Seriously, we use the term enough and it applies to such a high volume of bands, that it should be used as frequently as Norwegian black metal Read more […]

Desaster – The Arts of Destruction (Metal Blade Records)

As an indication of how deep and expansive Metal Blade’s roster is, this scribe totally forgot who Germany’s Desaster were until The Arts of Destuctionpopped up in our digital promo pool. Understandable, Read more […]

Les Discrets – Ariettes Oubliées (Prophecy Productions)

Quite the wonderful world we live in when Alcest and Les Discrets are releasing albums around the same time. The pair have come to define the neo French atmospheric metal sound, with both finding their Read more […]

Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction (Profound Lore Records)

Fitting that a band with the Pallbearer moniker would create such murky and doomy death marches. Hailing from Arkansas, Pallbearer plays a brand of doom that is totally behind the beat, but hardly lazy, Read more […]

Amoral – Beneath (The End Records)

A tough sell Amoral has to now be, considering they’re fronted by a Finnish Idol winner (Ari Koivunen) and had a once-promising melodic death metal career now fully in the rear-view. Beneath is the Read more […]