GOG – Ironworks (Season of Mist/Underground Activists)

An album called Ironworks, but recorded in Arizona, eh? They should have just set up shop in one of the countless abandoned steel mills in Pittsburgh to get the real thing, but GOG found a proper solution: Read more […]

Abominant – Onward to Annihilation (Deathgasm)

What’s a death metal band from Kentucky to do? Release ten albums since 1993, that’s what. Abominant have long flown under the death metal radar, possibly due to their geographical locale, although Read more […]

Days of Anger – Rise Above it All (Coroner Records)

Weird…if an American band attempted the brand of no-frills/meathead/”attitude” metal that Days of Anger lay out, then DR would probably be having another hissy fit over how dated and unintelligent Read more […]

GWAR – Battle Maximus (Metal Blade)

A rare serious moment for GWAR, as Battle Maximus is dedicated to fallen guitarist Flattus Maximus, aka Cory Smoot, who tragically passed away during the band’s fall 2011 North American tour. It’s probably Read more […]

SubRosa – More Constant Than The Gods (Profound Lore Records)

Non-traditional band lineups are pretty cool when you don’t realize the fact that you’re listening to something non-traditional, until further investigation.  That’s the difference between a gimmick Read more […]

Windhand – Soma (Relapse)

By most accounts, Windhand aren’t unique. They possess a guitar tone that is nearing absolute redundancy, which will one day send yours truly running to the hills in search of a 5150 to dry-hump. They’re Read more […]

Saint Vitus – C.O.D. Reissue (Season of Mist)

The long overdue reissuance of Saint Vitus’s storied back catalog begins with 1992’s polarizing C.O.D., or “Children of Doom.” The first album without Wino (who famously went on to front The Obsessed for Read more […]

Scythe – Subterranean Steel (R.I.P. Records)

Plenty of love for Usurper, not only for their homage to the Celtic Frost song of the same name, but for their unassuming, yet convincing brand of retro death/thrash. (Well, they were pretty assuming wearing Read more […]

Carcass – Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast Records)

After nearly two decades since Carcass’s last studio release, these perennial underground favorites have returned to deliver a new slab of unrepentant extremity, and a new batch of unwieldy song titles Read more […]

Enshine – Origin (Rain Without End Records)

Sweden’s defunct-since-’11 Slumber have slowly started to gain some respect and traction for their lone album, 2004’s Fallout. As one of the few atmospheric melodic doom bands to make headway the last Read more […]

Damnations Day – Invisible, The Dead (Nightmare Records)

Australian metal in general appears to be gaining worldwide attention in a variety of genres. Damnations Day is another quartet who intends to bring their creativity and songwriting wares to the table Read more […]

Emblazoned – The Living Magisterium (Deepsend)

All sorts of firepower (pun intended) on hand for The Living Magisterium, the debut EP from Wisconsin’s Emblazoned. Featuring former and current members of Jungle Rot and Decrepit Birth (we don’t have Read more […]

Bl’ast – Blood! (Southern Lord)

Dave Grohl got his hands on this, which for some, is enough to stop reading/listening right away. (Doesn’t Zakk Wylde hate this dude?) The rather visible Foo Fighters mainman has given Blood!, a collection Read more […]

Onslaught – VI (AFM Records)

This UK thrash act has been through a three-phase career to many fans. Their first two albums Power From Hell and The Force set the British thrash template, while album #3  In Search Of Sanity featured Read more […]

Vattnet Viskar – Sky Swallower (Century Media)

Odd name, unusual locale, and off the post-black metal beaten path, New Hampshire’s Vattnet Viskar on paper appear to be an unlikely source for quality American black metal, or whatever people are calling Read more […]

Church of Void – Dead Rising (Svart)

It’s not uncommon to see former or current members of extreme metal bands trickle down to more simplistic avenues. In their heart of hearts, they probably prefer to play metal that doesn’t require Read more […]

Velnias – RuneEater (Pesenta Urfolk)

Having trudged across Europe with the likes of Agalloch, Helrunar, and Kampfar, Colorado’s Velnias seem to be one of those hand-picked bands headline acts enjoy taking out. They’re just cult enough Read more […]

Front Beast – Demon Ways of Sorcery (Hell’s Headbangers)

With a massive assembly of splits, EPs, and demos to their name, Germany’s Front Beast (who is really one dude: Avenger), have the productivity and slinky sub-blackened thrash template to match. If you’re Read more […]

Grave – Morbid Ascent EP (Century Media)

Now cast in a more revered light given Entombed’s lack of productivity, Dismember’s breakup, and Unleashed’s creative plateau, Sweden’s Grave have quietly become Stockholm’s lead dog when it comes to vintage Read more […]

Fit For An Autopsy – Hellbound (eOne Music)

The knives were out when DR was issued Hellbound for review. We tend not to form pre-determined opinions prior to listening to music, but all we could think about was Annotations of an Autopsy, and not Read more […]

Pentagram Chile – The Malefice (Cyclone Empire)

Not wanting to do battle with the Bobby Liebling-act of the same name, Chile’s Pentagram have adopted the Pentagram Chile moniker, thus eliminating confusion that reigned for several decades. The band’s Read more […]

Diesto – For Water or Blood (Eolian Empire)

Portland, OR is a cool place right now; perhaps the Austin of the Northwest, just with their own basketball team. Diesto happen to be one of the city’s staple sludge metal acts, having been slugging Read more […]

Grimus – Omnicide (Self-Released)

Lots of grime-related names: Grime (who we just reviewed), Frank Grimes from The Simpsons (who was electrocuted during a rant over Homer’s ineptitude), and Miami Dolphins cornerback Brett Grimes, who Read more […]

Annihilator – Feast (UDR Music)

Fourteen studio albums over 24 years, Canada’s Annihilator remain steadfast and true to their metal ways. Morphing their sound to include mid-tempo grooves and ballads over the years beyond their semi-technical Read more […]

Ringworm – Bleed EP (Relapse)

It’s a misconception that being pissed and hailing from Cleveland is part-and-parcel. There’s some really sunny folks in that fine city, especially after one its sports teams actually win a darn game Read more […]

Dichotomy – Paradigms (Self-Released)

Nary a band like Dichotomy coming out of Ireland – we’ve largely whet our whistles (at the pub) on the likes of Primordial and their Darkest Era hatchling, so hearing their viciously modern brand of Read more […]

The Mezmerist – The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty (Shadow Kingdom)

Bill Ward reportedly plays on the first four tracks of The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty, a happening that is a mystery unless one picks up the physical version of this release for an explanation Read more […]

Gevurah – Necheshirion EP (Profound Lore Records)

From the cold winter darkness in…Canada? Yes, Canada. Gevurah (comprised of X.T. and A.L.) formed in 2011, having released their first demo in the same year. Necheshirion is the band’s debut EP and Read more […]

Satyricon – Satyricon (Nuclear Blast Entertainment)

Satyr sure sold this one like it was going to be some colossal advancement on their stoic brand of Norwegian black metal…it’s not, unfortunately. He and his cohort, drummer Frost, are still very much Read more […]

Sarke – Aruagint (Indie Recordings)

Black meta: all grown up.  Sarke is a band comprised of a who’s-who of Norwegian metal, including (most prominently) Nocturno Culto- vocalist of the legendary Darkthrone and Sarke, bassist, of bands Read more […]